El Camino Community College District Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


ECC's MESA-STEM facility is perfect for prospective engineers and people pursuing STEM related fields of study.


El Camino College is a community college that give each student the opportunity to reach their educational goals. The staff at ECC is always helping dedicated students with financial aids,list of scholarships,counseling, clubs depending of the majors and many more things that are helpful to keep on track in college. ECC is very helpful for those students who want to transfer to different Universities in United States. All the components that ECC has makes it the one of the best Community College in California.


School is great, everyone is so laid back.


El Camino is a helpful environment that includes a variety of ways to accomodate to their students.


El Camino is a well organized, popular community collegge.


If you want to strive and become a well rounded individual, El Camino is the place to grow in individuality and knowledge.


My school is a wonderful learning environment with professors who are very skilled and knowledgeable in their fields and a very diverse and interesting student population.


El Camino is a truely a mixing pot-full of people from different socio/economic, religious, ethnic, and lifestyle backgrounds.A school which gives life to singers, artists, scientists, writers, and great leaders. I'm honored to part of a nationaly ranked debate team-a family-which has given me the tools of communication, confidence, and continuous intellectual stimulation. Its a school that provides the oppertunity to learn from a variety of disciplines, travel to far away countries (to experience other cultures), and to discover who you are. And all in a comfortable & secure atmosphere.


El Camino College is a motivating and exciting environment to learn in because there are many opportunities to better oneself, such as: the MESA center, The Honor Transfer Program, and plenty of clubs.


El Camino provides students a great oppritunity to save money while earning general education units for two years, and a great transfer progrm to help select a four year university.