El Centro College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider having good working technology at the campus (The Art Institute of Dallas) because when theres homework that i need to do, i know i can consider using any of the computers because they all have the programs i need and a fast speed of internet. Another thing is that we have a cafeteria and when i've been doing homework all day here, i know i can just go there and buy me something to eat (even though is really expensive).


The school lends you a helping hand towards your future. This is because they help transition you to the next level of your educational needs. If you are unaware of what type of career you may want to venture into, there is a class that you can attend that helps you find your passion. In metaphor it is like everyone who works for the school welcomes you into their house, and you talk with them for hours. You never feel like you are being pushed out the front door because you dropped by at a bad time.


The best thing about my school is, how all the teachers won't all the students to succeed.The reason I said the teachers won't us to succeed is because, the teachers continue going over things step by step until I understand the lesson. The teachers even gives homework and bellringers so when the test rolls around I will know the correct answers. Even when that doesn't help me,I can get one of my peers to tutor me in between classes and after school. That is why I am so glad I chosed this school to attend.