Emporia State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person that should attend ESU is someone that values their education and others. Someone that wants to actively participate in their learning experience with small class sizes, knowledgeable professors, and friendly peers.


A student who is shy or reserved should not attend Emporia State University unless they completely want to fade into the background and miss out on all that college has to offer. The student might struggle with adjustment and, by the time they adjust, they will discover that the university has forgotten them and will no longer feel as though they belong. Students from middle class families will also struggle. They will be overlooked for financial aid and have to turn to the work force, giving up becomming a part of ESU.


I don't think that Emporia is wrong for anyone. They have a wide range of degrees to choose from. It is mainly known for its teaching program, but they also offer other great programs.


Someone who enjoys city life or a very busy lifestyle. Or vice versa, someone who enjoys simple living.


Honestly, I think that everone should give the university a chance. It's a great starter university for people even if they don't know what they want to do later on in life. Emporia State gives students a chance to find themselves in teh lost crowd and to really make a name for themselves. ESU is student centered andthey won't change anytime soon.


Emporia State University is a pretty good school. It's a nice facility. Everyone is friendly. I think everyone can learn alot going to college here.


Any student that is wanting big city life or big school should probably look at other schools than Emporia.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the kind of person who wants a huge campus and a wild social life with a diverse town that provides a lot of eating options and activities. This school is perfect for visual learners, helping professions, and seeking a small class size and one on one professor help.


Someone who loves a big city and a party scene. You're not going to like what you find here if you want a big-town feel.


Prospective students that are looking for a city life, big buildings, many stores, and a big university with over 10,000 students should probably be turning their heads away from Emporia. Emporia is about being one big family, a community not just of students, but also composed of faculty, church members, families, friends, and more. Emporia State University is a friendly and welcoming campus, where students can engage in class as well as out of class. It’s definitely for students who enjoy a small atmosphere, local stores, beautiful scenery, and fun activities on and off campus.


If you are someone who enjoys the great outdoors, I would caution against attending. However, if you enjoy cow tipping then you have found your the right place; I exaggerate a little. You may choose to live in the nearby Kansas City area and take classes at a satellite campus, which would be much more suitable for someone who enjoys more variety with city life. Emporia itself is a smaller Midwest town with fewer options.


Some one who wants to be part of a large school, and wants large class sizes. Also make sure they have the major you want to follow.


I think that everyone should have the opportunity to attend this school. As long as they are hardworking and take their studies seriously. I do feel that there should be more financial assistance to non-traditional students.


Up tight person persuing law type degree.


People shouldn't attend this school if they are looking for a big university feel; also, this school is somewhat lacking in unity and communication, so if that is important, then that should be taken into consideration when choosing a school.


a person who is irresponsible and lazy. a person who blinge drinks and do drugs shouldnt go to college. a person who procastinate shouldnt go to college there. you have to study and be on your toes, people who dont like to write papers and study should not go. a person who not willing to go to class every day and do the class work and assignments should not attend this school. this school give the students points toward their grade for attending. you can only miss class three times and be unexcused. you must be willing to work hard.


Anyone can attend this school. It is pretty small and in a pretty small town, but everything you would need is available for the most part.


Someone who likes having the resources and entertainment that a large city offers should not come to ESU. Also, people who would prefer a large campus environment shouldn't come here.




I dont know if there is anyone that "shouldn't" attend ESU. I mean obviously if they dont have you major or career then you wouldn't want to come here. I do think anyone would be able to fit in here. ESU invites all kinds of people. If you are undecided about a major they try and help you figure it out in any way they can. There are many different things to do and experience to figure out where you want to go with a major.


i believe anyone who wants to attend can