Evangel University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Evangel University has opportunities to put your practice into action no matter what the major is.


I have enjoyed my my school so far.


Evangel is a university whose primary focus is the spiritual life of its students and their academic life second.


Evangel is an atmosphere for different walks of life to come together and learn all they can in the hopes of achieving a degree worthy of job. It is a place to learn about what you believe about yourself and your world, then question your former beliefs and see if they withstand critism. You will challenge yourself and push through many obstacles before you finish and will be a better person because of it.


Evangel University an extremely challenging school to attend, especially if your morals and/or views do not coincide with theirs.


Evangel University is unquestionably academic. They strive to make students work hard and stay focused on their careers. This University has such a grace and intellectual growth upon it.


A place where my past, present, and future all meet to help me get a job and help change the lives of others.


Evangel Univeristy is a diverse school where people go to get a good enduaction and further their walk with God, making life-long friends and memories that last forever in the process.


My school is a place where you will be pushed to your absolute best, exceed all expectations and limitations you've previoused held, and you'll grow in the ways of God, molding you into the person you're created to be.


Achieving greatness in academics to those who may think it’s impossible. College can be a difficult time for some and trying to maintain a good grade point average can be even harder. This university is one that will show you that working hard will pay off and that the teachers are there to listen and help you pull through.


I plan to transfer to Evangel University this fall. With what I have heard and seen students here seem to be very focused on their studies. It seems like they recieve much help from the school in every aspect. students seem very nice and kind. I look foward to making new friends at Evangel. It makes me very excited to know that they have the same believes as I do. Students seem to get out of Evangel excatly what they wanted.


Evangel is comfortable and it feels like home.


My school is an incredible mix of academic, musical, and spiritual excellence, with amazing professors and hardworking students.


Evangel University, exposed of its joy and spiritual resonance, flourishes friendships at one meeting because unity surrounds the campus, and huge smiles grace every students young face; therefore, this university brings peace among the students and comfort has no bounds.


Evangel is very serious about teaching students in the classroom, as well as encouraging students to get involved in the community to prepare them for future careers.


Evangel is a very focused school, meaning that when you are there you are focused on learning and getting to the degree you want.


Evangel University has the best campus, profesors, and student population for me; focusing on my spiritual, academic, and social growth.


Evangel University strives to create a great learning environment, challenge students to be their best, and to follow God's calling for their lives.


Evangel maybe a little school, but we are a tight-knit community working together, supporting one another in whatever direction you choose to go.


Evangel University is a liberal arts school that provides multiple oppurtunities for its students to pursue careers in various majors and vocations with a Bible based education.


My school provides a liberal arts education from a Godly worldview with the intent of helping students better the world by fulfilling thier dreams and improving their actions.


My school is a small, private, tight-knit community that emphasizes succeeding in the career that they choose and applying their relationship with God to it.


Evangel University is a faith based school that teachess students to pursue education and truth in all areas of study while also learning to be contributing members of the communities in which they are involved.


It is small in size yet large academically. The teachers are friendly and helpful and the students are welcoming. All of the buildings on campus are in short walking distance of eachother and all are up to date. Academics covers everything from science to art to athletics. Every one can find a home at Evangel. The dorms are spatious and relatively quiet.


Boldy Christian and Unquestionably Academic.


My school is exciting and fun.


A place where the glory of God is spread over all who step foot on the campus; and where education is more than just a career for professors but their calling in this life.


My school is amazing, I love everything about it.


Very academic and a fantastic music department.


Evangel is a school where you will definitely grow academically.


Evangel is a place where students are connected to each other, to the community, and to God.


Friendly, helpful, caring students and professors, conservative.


My school in academiclly sound.