Evangel University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If a person does not like a big campus then Evangel is not the place to be. Evangel also has very strict rules as far as the housing life goes. Also if you do not like small dorms and suite style bathroom this would not be the place to live on campus. They also require you attend chapel services so this is a religious school.


People who have no interest in their spirituality or who have a disbelief in God would not enjoy this school


If you are not interested in a spirit filled life, then you shouldn't attend. Evangel emphasizes the spirit and is wonderful with their academic growth. You shoul not attend if you are not super serious about your education either.


Someone who doesn't like to be around happy and fun people should definitely not come to Evangel. Someone who doesn't want to meet people that are genuinely kind and loving, faculty and staff included. someone that is not a Christian should not come to Evangel because teachers and professors incorporate the Bible and its teachings into almost every lesson.


Someone who does not believe in God. I think it would be an uncomfortable enviroment for that person.


A very liberal, non-Christian student who likes to party should not come to Evangel.


Someone who does not believe in God will not enjoy going to this school because attending chapel is required, and God is normally mentioned in every class, no matter what subject. Because of the faith base of the university, there are reasonable curfew times, no coed floors, and strict rules about alcohol and drug use.


Evangel University is a school with core christian beliefs and values. This is far from a party school; there is no drinking or drug use. Therefore, partiers or slackers will not fit well.


Evangel University is a Christian Assembly of God school. So someone that does not want to be associated with Christian beliefs probably should not go here. It would be an awesome experience for them though. We have chapels, which is like mini church services three times a week and our professors pray with us before classes start. I also do not think this is a place for somebody that is not serious about their education. If you are going to spend this much money on tuition you should use your money wisely.


All individuals should attend this school, and no, I am not being bias. Evangel University has individuals from all 50 states and several countries around the world. Evangel is a smaller university, but has a big mind set. The school prepares its students for the next phase, whether that be the workplace, graduate school, or a professional program. Evangel University is an Assemblies of God affiliated school; however, if an individual does not have a relationship with God, do not let that hinder the possibility of coming here. By the time you leave, you will have a relationship!


Evangel University is first and foremost a Christian university. To be able to thrive at this school you must have a desire to grow closer to Christ. While it is not a necessity that the student is a Christian, most of the classes are based on Christian beliefs. The school is a liberal arts university so that gives the student the opportunity to major in what they would like, and while the classes may be Christian based that does not mean that the information will be altered for the sake of Christianity. Evangel will challenge you to grow, period.


A person who is more interested in partying or just fooling around should not attend this school. Evangel University is for students who are interested in pursuing their career goals and dreams and strengthening their spirtiual walk as well.


If you are not a believer in Christ and do not want to grow spiritually in the Lord, then Evangel would not be the school for you. Evangel is a spirit filled Bible believing school, that help students grow and prepare them when they enter the real world. Not only do they have Degree Programs in almost anything, but the spiritual emphasis make Evangel worth coming. The relationships, and spiritual growth is the core of Evangel and if you do not believe in that, then Evangel may not be where you want to attend.


I think anyone could attend Evangel University. It is a school whose values and rules are based on Christianity, but they do not push their beliefs on you. I'm a non-traditional student, so I'm not sure if there is a party atmosphere amound undergraduates. From what I can tell it is a very friendly school that encourages hard work.


A person who lacks motivation in general. Students here are full of life, love God and go to class. Everyone graduates with the best grades possible and they go out and change the world.


Evangel is a school for those serious about a Christian education. Evangel is not a school for those not interested in strengthening their Christian character. Evangel is also not for those unwilling to hold themselves to a high moral standard.


Some one who isn't going to take time for studying. The teachers at Evangel put thier time into you, and if you can't give them the time and the respect I don't know why you would come to Evangel. One other things is, if you don't want to grow in your relationship with God, why would you pick Evangel? Evangel is huge on developing your relationship with God, our Creator!


Someone who doesn't value a Christian worldview.


If your not a christian i would not adivse going here and if you like to party and drink and all that this is not the place for you either !!