Evangel University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Evangel Univerisity is that textbooks are sometimes very expensive. The book store can be very expensive as well.


The new Gen Ed program called "Frameworks." (Especially the four "FRWK" classes that are required.)


The most frustrating thing about my school is the strict rules and regulations. There is a very strict dress code, and if you are found breaking it you get fined twenty-five dollars. There is a rule which states that people are not allowed to dance if it's uncheorgraphed on campus. If you are found breaking many of the rules you will be fined at the very least twenty-five dollars. Sometimes these rules frustrate me.


The most frustrating thing might only be that students are required to live on campus until they are a senior or 23 years of age.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the food. I wish there was more of a variety of good food. Sometimes everything in the cafeteria starts to taste the same.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the tuition cost.


It's very time-consuming, and if you miss a class you'll be behind for quite


Being a music industry major, I have had to do work in the music studio and labs. While the technology is almost up-to-date, some devices, such as preamps, create issues while recording.


Evangel is a great academic school but it is extremely expensive and hard to come by academic awards.


What I find most frustrating about my school is the small amount of financial aid such as scholarships available. There are mainly athletic scholarships with a few academic ones as wel; however, the academic scholarships require a student to have a near perfect GPA to gain anything above $500. If a student has a high enough GPA the SAT and ACT scores are added as a factor as well. It would be more profitable if there were a larger variety of scholarships.


Not having as much connection with prospective research or information or opportunities.


The most frustrating thing about Evangel currently is the new addition of the Frameworks program. A new program containing all new classes was installed in the curriculum last year, and is off to a rough start. The problem is not that these classes may not be effecient and beneficial to students in the future, but they leave many current students with lower grades than they deserve simply because the classes are so new and poorly thought out. These are only a few occurrences, however, in an otherwise excellent academic liberal arts college.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is very expensive to attend. It then makes it hard for us to have any breathing room after we graduate because we will be stuck in debt with just school bills.


Some of the rules on campus dissuade lots of social interaction, such as open dorms only 4 nights a week for 4 hours. Also, there is curfew and it is easy to feel like the school is jsut giving a false sense of freedom; we're free to do what we want within the rules, but when we push it too far the school is there to come after us.


At an university there are many things that can become irratating or frustrating; however, at Evangel Univeristy, these frustrations don't occur. Although we are a private Christian College and known for our dancing policy, the professionalism, respect, and attitudes of the students shine brightly. I believe that each student is here for a purpose and wants to further their education so he/she can be the best in their vocation. Evangel University is a place where we can grow in ourselves and grow in God. How can we be irratated when we know what we're doing is right?


I love my school and there are so many great things about it. However, one thing that struggle with is all of the general education classes that I have to take. I do understand that they want us to have a solid general education but alot of my time here is taking general classses and I would rather be able to learn more about becomeing better at my profession so that I can be the best teacher I can be.


It does not offer the classes I wanted to add to my degree.


It is very expensive. My family has had alot of financial hardships theses past few years and its been a strain on my parents. I didn't care enough about my grades in high school and now I am paying the price!!! I know I could have done much better and now its been hard for me to qualify for any grants and scholarships.


Again, as I stated before the money issue. Scholarships are very hard to come by unless you have a really high gpa or have a really good score on your act and for students like me who went to a highschool where the teachers didn't care my ACT scores suffered because I wasn't taught so therefore I don't qualify for much financial aid.


The rules! Although they are enforced for our benefit, it is sometimes frusterating. Freshman and sophomores have curfew, you can only hang out in a room of the opposite sex 3 times a week from 7-11pm. They don't let you drink or go out ever, even if you are 21. Although I think it is very good for some students-because they won't be tempted to do things that could cause them to stumble, it is frusterating because I don't feel like I have any freedom.


The most frustrating thing is the cost. Of course when one attends a private university this is to be expected. However, I would be in favor of the university offering more scholarships to its students.


The rules are the most frustrating. Having to abide by curfew until you are of Jr. status and having to live on campus unless you are a commuter or 23 interferes with academics, financial situations, and of course your social life. Consequences for breaking rules can be pretty steep too - don't expect to get away with a warning - you will lose privileges immediately and may even lose scholarship money if you are so much as caught at a restaurant drinking an alcoholic beverage. If you can't stand strict rules, this is a frustrating school to attend.