Evangel University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Take advantage of the many activities that help build relationships with other students, but don't get too involved that you can't give your education priority. College time is short in the scope of life, give it your all and you will get the benefits of leisure time afterwards. If you have a problem in any class, go directly to the teacher. They are willing to help and they want you to succeed because it makes them look better. Teachers are there to teach and if you are not processing the information, you have to open your mouth.


The atomsphere of Evangel is the best thing. I say this because everyone at this school wants you to feel welcomed and at home. Professors and other staff member are there to help the students in any way that they can. The atmosphere of this school really does make students feel like they belong here and that this school is a home away from home.


The best thing about my school is the professors. For the most part, each professor makes it a priority to show each student that they care not only about your academics but also about your religious life. I have had encountered many issues upon arriving on campus from classes being scheduled at the same time, dificulties in classes, to roommate problems. After making some of my professors aware of the problem they not only prayed with me, but helped me the the process of getting the problem resolved. The professors at Evangel University are the best thing the school offers.


A small university where professors can know you and challenge you to grow both academically and spiritually.


The thing I like best about Evangel University is that the professors and fellow students invest in the lives of students immensely.


The best thing about Evangel is that your are able to build lasting relationships and network with individuals who share the same faith. The classes are smaller, therefore, its very easy to get questions answered. Professors are willing to offer best practices to ensure student succeed. The best thing I appreciated about Evangel University is in the way the campus gives back to the community. They also offer a wonderful missions experiences for interested students.


The best thing about my school are the teachers-they are amazing. They really care, they are easily accessible, and they are just plain fun. I am going into my second year at Evangel, and I do not have one complaint about any of the teachers.


The best thing about my school is the environment. Evangel University is a Christian school, and some may think this means that there are a lot of rules. While there are rules for good measure, it is wonderful to be surrounded by professors and staff member who genuinly care about the student; also, the peers are friendly and supportive. I know if I have a problem there are many people I can take it to who will help to point me in the direction of my best interest.


I love that before we even started classes at Evangel we had an event called EU Launch where freshmen students get to meet other freshmen students. Today I still hang out with people from that group and I even got to meet other people through bigger events. Our school puts their effort of making sure that the students have things to do during the weekends. For example, we have DVD Bingo every other week where we get to have fun and meet other people. I have asked my friends if their school does this and they don't.


Evangel University is a great university; the campus is very vibrant and peaceful. I would have to say that the best thing about Evangel is the welcoming staff and student body. It is nice to know that the professors care and that their ultimate goal is not to give their students a bad time, but to help the students to the best of their abilities. Unlike many other campuses, Evangels students are very supportive and love to help any way they can. Most of the student lead organizations are to help the community and to help the needing.


My school not only provides quality education, but encourages and uplifts its students. It also provides services that help students find jobs both during and after college. The teachers and staff actually care about their students' lives and try to get involved as much as they can. We all act more like a family than college students.


I like the fact that it gives a religious perspective on different subjects.


The best thing about Evangel University is the fact that they care so much about students doing well in everything and creating a great environment for growing intellectually as well as spiritually. Evangel helps any student who asks, whether financially, academically, when they are ready to start looking for after graduation places to apply.


The atmosphere permits self discovery, close-knit relationships with faculty and friends, and most importantly, a chance to mature in your relationship with Jesus Christ.


Evangel University is a great school to attend. The school excels in disciplining their students both academically and spiritually. I would have to say that the best thing about my school is how the professors truly do care about their students. For example, my advisor will ask me how I am doing- physically, mentally, and spiritually and always has his door open if I have questions. Overall, the Evangel faculty is here to serve their students. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that I am at the right school!


The best thing about Evangel is that is a Christian school with high moral standards and so much of what goes on at secular universities is not present at Evangel's campus. Although it is there, it is not tolorated when found out.


The community on campus is tight nit. It’s easy to get to know a lot of people and the school activities and function thrive on you making long term relationships and lifelong friends. Your professors are easy to talk to and most make the extra effort to make sure that you are doing well in class and in life. It is an invaluable attribute to have at your disposal as a student. There is no way to describe the comfort knowing that you have people around you who are there to make sure that you are prepared for life.


I consider the atmosphere of the school in general to be the best thing about it because there is so much positive energy. The classroom activity is fantastic. The professors truly work hard to make their classes productive and useful to the students' education. The professors' goal is to see their students succeed and they do a great job at it. The people you live with become your closest friends and they are nothing but encouraging and fun to be around. There is also an abundance of activities that relate to personal interests and even your career!


I believe that the best thing about Evangel Unversity is the campus community. Each floor of the dorms is very close. I also love the professors and how they desire to know every student. I think that Evangel is like a big family. The professors have us over to their homes for dinner and study groups and always provide their homes for people to stay if they can't make it home for a special holiday break.


I love the professors; they want students to learn and pass their class. There are many oppurtunities to get acedemic help and tutoring. I also love the community. I feel so safe all the time. Everyone is so friendly and focused on becoming better people and growing within themselves.


The best thing about my school is the community of students. There is a lot of closeness and everyone genuinely cares about everyone else. We are always helping each other out, whether its a car ride to the bank or if someone was sick and missed class and needed the notes. The student number is small enough that we all know each other. The wide majority of us are friends.


It has a spiritual emphasis, but also offers far more academic and career options than an ordinary Bible college.


Evangel is a diverse school with a student body comprised of over 40 different religious denominations. Not only am I getting a top-notch education, I am learning about many different ethnic groups and making friends that will last a lifetime. The campus encourages involvement in many different community service projects, overseas missions, and other cultural activities that promote growth as an individual and as a member of society. I truly feel as though Evangel is equipping me to become a better person and one that will be successful in many areas of life.


I like the small setting, and the christian aspect. For me I learn by listening and interacting and I think this campus is a good fit for me.


I would say that the best thing about my school is the atsmoshpere. I say that because you can always feel the God's presence around you. If you are hundreds of miles away from home, like I am, you really need that feeling around you, saying that you are ok and also you need friends around you to support you and comfort you with what your doing and the choices that you make.


The best thing about my school would have to be the atmasphere. People are very friendly, professors are willing to help you understand what you are having trouble with. It is a very academic school and you will get an excellent education, which is the most important.


I think the best thing has got to be the professor's passion for teaching. The fact that they care for each and every one of their students and want to see them succeed means alot. They exemplify this by staying after hours and coming in early. They are always available for questions and are willing ot set up extra class time for students to do well in their class. I am glad I was not just a number amongst a room of 500 students but that all of my professors throughout 4 years knew me personally.


I love the sense of community on this campus; students feel like they belong here. The faculty are incredibly approachable, and many of them are willing to listen to student concerns and offer mentorship advice when needed. Since class sizes are relatively small, it is easy for professors to build relationships with their students and get to know them on a personal level. Students are incredibly friendly and are willing to reach out and help their peers. I have made some of my best friends here at school who build me up and care about my success.


The Best think about my school is the small classes. I have a hard time paying attention, and with small classes, I get more one-on-one time with the professors and there is less to distract me. I also love the Christian atomsphere and how that is woven into all of the classes. Every professor teaches us not only the required information, but how we can show Christ in that area of study.


I love the teachers and how involved they are in each students education.


Evangel's students have a strong relationship with other students and professors.


The spiritual life and the good friends!


The best thing about this school is the Faculty/Student relationship.