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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When trying to find a college you need to make sure that it is a place that offers what you need for the degree you are working toward. Also check to see what is offered to students as far as extra ciricular activities, meal plans, tutoring, etc. It also needs to be a place that the student feels safe being at & that is well protected by security!!


Do what pleases you


I would tell any student or parent that no matter what school they pick to go in an advance and see what it is the the school has to offer. Also see how it is that you see the life of the students, ask students that are walking by to tell you what it was that they most like about being at that school. Ask questions to teachers, adminstrators, and students they will always guide you in the right path. But most inportant go with what u feel is the right place for you.


My advice would be to choose that best you from cost of tution, your field of study, and the character of the school. There is alway that one factor that a school to stand out from the rest. When you choose the right school, you will know because you will feel good about your decision. College year are one of the best parts of your life, so make the best out of it. You only go to college one time in your life.


The best advice that I can give to parents and/or students is that you have to let the student pick what they want to do. Even if parents believe they know what is best, it is really up to the student. Students, when you go to college, you can't get discouraged. It's going to be hard and your going to miss your family, but stay focused. And remember school is really what you make. If you go to school with a negative attitude or negative outlook on things, your not going to have the best experience that you can hace. And also don't fret about the price. If it's a school that you really want to go to, go. Don't let anything stand in your way.


Some advice that I would give to parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to make sure you have options. In other words, apply to as many schools as you can, the more the better. Also make sure you do your research on the schools as well to make sure they have exactly what your looking for.


Do reasearch on school and see what major do they offer and see if the major is accreditted


I believe that you are the one that has the ability to make the most of your college experience. But of course, finding the right school starts with a lot of patience and your time. I advise that you utilize every resource there is in a potential school to observe it in all aspects--environment, academics, diversity--whichever is important to you. If you really want to know what your classes are like for example, the best people to talk to are the students. When talking to the students, I recommend you go to different parts of the university to talk to students as well as find people to talk to at different times of the day. If you are uncomfortable with talking to strangers, you may also contact an advisor from the school. However, keep in mind that although advisors are people who may seem to understand a school the most, their job is to "advise" and not to convince you. Ultimately, a positive attitude, proper research, and determination will increase your chances of finding a school that can help you achieve your goals or even help you decide what goals you want to strive for in life.


When searching for the right college it is important to find the college the meets most if not all your needs (housing, financial aid, teacher to student ratio and etc). In addition, make sure the school offers your major and will not require you to transfer after 1-2 years to complete your degree. In order to make the most of your college experience it is important to focus on the reason you are in college; to obtain a degree. Next, it is important to get involved in activities, clubs, and organizations on campus. But be careful not to over indulge in activities which would take the focus away from academics. Be sure to make friends and volunteer on campus or in the community to help you become familiar with the surrounding area. Last but not least, have fun but always be safe!


To make sure to do it carefully, and that both the parent and student agrees on the school.


When finding the right college there are several things that you and your family should take into consideration. First is the college it self a good college, is the college best for you. Is the college acessible to you and your family. Choosing colleges you might want to consider the cost and the surrondings. Where the colloge is located. What kind of programs do they offer for freshmens, and what requirements to get in to the school. There finacial aid department and where it is located what kind of programs does this school offer. What is there philosphy for the school.


I would tell parents even though your child is gone off to college still keep intact with them, still make sure they are doing what they are suspose to do because in college it is so easy to get side tract ecspecially when parents aren't over your shoulders telling you what to do and what not to do. for the students the way to pick the best school is go to the campus walk around meet with teachers, students, and advisors just to get a feel of the people and the environment, always surround yourself with a good environment because you are what u are around if you are in a bad environment you will have negative outlooks vs you being in a good environment with poistive outlooks. college experience give you a chance to be independent and on your own it gives you a since of responsiblity. You also meet people from all different walks of life. Enjoy yourself but at the same time don't forget why you there, to learn and grow into your future careers never place that aside, it's your first priority.


DO as much research as you possibly can. Dont attend a school because you like a building or family legacy attended there. Just remeber to keep focused on the education, and make the best out of any school attended.


Look at how fast your paper work is process will be a big fact on what to expect of the school every year.


talk to a family member who has already attended a university


I would tell them make sure its someone you want get tired of because sometime its easy to get tired of school because of what you are dealing with outside school plus the work load and school as a whole so choosing a school you want to be careful do picking a school is deciding whether you want to have a baby its a big responsiblity and you dont want to pick anything you want to do and pick the best as you would for a child. Think responsible and broad for you can get the best results. Because the turn is going to be worth it in the in.


My advice would be to visit the college and ask students who attend that college what it is like. And if you know you would be homesick I recommend you go to a college closet to you and affordable


Balance yourself and do participate in activities. You will never get another chance to do so, or it will never be the same. Also, go where you really want to but at the same time go where they offer the most to take care of you and give you the ultimate college experience without going into debt. I basically went to school for free and it's the best feeling to walk across the stage and not have the loan offices biting at your heels.


The advise I would give to parents and students about finding the right college is make sure it's where the student wants to go. The reason I say this is because if the student chooses a school because of family members the student may not perform to his/her ability because they may not like the college. College goes by quickly, so make the most of it by attending a college that you want to attend and by doing your best. Be involved in your college but not so involved that you forget the reason why you are there and that is to get your EDUCATION!


Just make sure you do a lot of research on the college and tour the campus before you decide to go.


You never officially know what you are going to experience until you experience it.


The college experience in it self is something that will always be never forgotten.....There are days when you dread the existence of the university and you want to give up all hope on yourself and the university, and then there are those times when you convinvce others that the university and the experience is all you have and love....Once you graduate you come to appreciate the choice and the experience, for without both you woudn't have achieved the degree..no matter how long it takes you to get it know that you will do whatever to get it, the future is in your hands for the taking..Any success does not come easy....Choose the affordable price as well as the best choice at that time...Just beleive that its your choice and your experience to endure and take hold of....


Decide on the best college for you. Do not allow your friends or even your parents to be the determing factor for which school you decide to attend. Research your choices, keeping in mind what is important to you (money, diversity, location). Once you have made your decision, embrace your decision and make the most out of the situation. Good luck with your college search.


The first thing I would tell the student is to be aware of what colleges are looking for in general. Then I' tell them to make sure they meet all the criterias and meet deadlines with the schools, financial aid, scholarships, and anything else that involves a deadline. Then I would advise them to be aware of what their parents can afford, as they will be a dependent until they are 24 years of age, unless otherwise notified. I would also inform them about grants and other free money. Then I would advise them to get involved with programs and to keep their GPA a 3.0 or higher. Also I would tell them to pick a major they feel they won't change under any circumstance, the sooner you graduate the better. I would then advise them to be careful about the choices they make and learn how to manage your time, that's very important. In college professors and other students don't care about your personal problems, or anything else for that matter, and they will not help you find yourself, so you will have to do that on your own time. This is college.