Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Florida Atlantic University has good rankings for peer assessment, retention rates, student selectivity, faculty resources, financial resources, graduation rates, and the amount of alumni giving. It is known as one of the best universities in the Southeastern United States. It is known for its accounting program and business program.


My school is best known for it's wide variety in students and staff.


FAU is best known for the diverse student population. You will have the opportunity to make friends with people who come from different backgrounds then your own. You will learn a lot about different cultures and their norms. FAU also does a great job in offering students various options for extra-curricular activities. You will never be dull at FAU. They offer clubs, sports, recreational fitness classes, etc. If you enjoy soaking up the sun or just like going for a swim, FAU is located just minutes from the beach.


Florida Atlantic University is best known for it's massive growth and improvements to all campuses in the Broward County and Palm County.




Eating Chinese after a really hard exam. ^-^ Makes me feel better!


I believe my school is best known for the diversity and the excellent nursing program they provide.


My school is best known for the diversity among the students. "Florida Atlantic University was ranked one of the top 100, four-year colleges in the nation conferring bachelor’s degrees on to minority students, according to a survey in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, a magazine published bi-weekly that informs leaders from academe, industry and public policy about current trends and issues that are going on in the United States." we are also known to be the home of the legendary football coach Howard Schnellenberger.


My school, for now, is not really known for much, unless you want to count how our football team is not at its top just yet.


I believe our FAU is best known for football, but not in a good way. FAU students are paying the most money to have the worst team in DIvision I Football. FAU just raised activity fee's to be the highest of the state schools to help afford the new $70 million dollar stadium, which is beautiful, but that money could have been better used. I say this because in our current economy, raising tuition just to build a stadium for a losing team when we have an excellent basketball team that plays in a HS gym just seems ridiculous..


FAU means Find Another University


FAU is best known for their Graduate programs, ability to take in students who are trying to complete their degree (older people), and having absolutely no parking. Most people park on the grass, or drive around being late for class trying to find parking spots in every spot on campus. They cut the budget back, lower classroom sizes, and lay off professors every year, but raise tuition rates and make it more difficult to come to classes. This school is basically just a get it over with and get your degree ASAP school.


My school is best known for having really good teachers who know what they're doing and how to do it. The teaching here is very simple and to the point, and the teachers are all really friendly.


My college is best known for its wide selections of majors offered to the students. FAU has four different campasses which provides education to students for major of interest. I am currently persuing a B.A. in Public Administration, once I get my degree I can return and continue a Master and a Doctoral Degree in the same field. There are many options in majors and continued eduation in the same field to become an expert.


Florida Atlantic is best known for its friendly atmosphere for on-campus students.


The school is first of all known for its beauty and size. Second, I encounter individuals who do not attend the school but have a highly respected view of it; sometimes more than the very students value the university.


My school, Florida Atlantic University, is best known for its outstanding education at an extremely low cost in tuition. Usually students pay an outstanding amount of tuition to provided with a good education, but at Florida Atlantic University a student can not only get a great education but low affordable tuition as well.


FAU is known for its accounting degree. It has one of top percentage of students passing the CPA exam. It is also known for its entreprenuership degree.


My school is best know for...well i don't know.


FAU is mostly know for it's wonderful business program as well as the area in which the school is located. Boca Raton is beautiful and is considered a wealthy area


Florida Atlantic University is well-known for being the first public university in South Florida. Also, it's known to be a growing campus in several different cities with a lot of great programs for all students.


F.A.U is best known for it's friendly atmosphere, and the reletive closeness to the beach.


My school is best known for, well honestly I do not know.


they are best know for their football team, their business and nursing programs.


My school, Florida Atlantic University is best known for their Business Management program. It is a fairly young university, but it really has alot to offer and is progressing towards being even better.


My school is best known for its location. Its campus is in the heart of beautiful Boca Raton. Full of life and energy, the campus sits ten minutes away from the beach and just minutes away from a great mall and movie theater. The people here are for the most part nice and finding social events in this city are never hard to come by.


business and bocas beautiful women


We have one of the best nursing programs in the nation and an up and coming football team.


The recent football victories have increased the popularity of Florida Atlantic University. Prior to the victories, the school was known to be small, yet effective and accredited, which to me is most important.


Their high academic achievement and sports.


I think our school is known for they quality of education you get for your money and the job placement assistance after graduation.


not really sure that we are known for anything at this point.


It's known for it's football team.


Our football team is gaining popularity


FAU held a 2008 Presidential Debate on campus and it is known for stressing the importance of the students involvement in politics.


I feel that FAU is probably best known for the relaxed laid back lifestyle that it offers. You can pretty much do what you want to do whether it be going to the beach, partying, or doing work I dont feel that there are many distractions to take me and others away from work, FAU offers many alternatives to relax and take our minds off school when needed. I also feel that FAU is becoming know for its exponential growth over the past few years as it develops into a top florida university.


I attend the Harite L. Wilkes Honors College at FAU which is a small, all honors, Liberal Arts college.


FAU has an outstanding variety of cultural diversity.