Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the class sizes. Majority of the classes only have a maximum of 35 kids, and I think that is a great thing. This allows the professors and students to really get to know each other, and allows students to ask as much questions and get help when they need it; rather than being in auditorium with 100+ students.


The way proffsors engage students in their classes. Campus life, they always try to keep students involved


The best thing I consider about my school is the many options of dining. There are sit down restaurants on campus, cafterias and food courts. Everyone could find something they would enjoy eating while on campus.


The department I'm enrolled in is amazing. Everyone knows everyone and is friends. I have made life long friends here who have helped me study and much more.


I think i like the comfortable feeling of the school, i also truely love all the varieties of clubs they have to offer. My freshman year, i was part of a rock climbing club. We had a rope course, a rock climbing house, and a four sided rock wall that buldge out so it could give more of a challenge. This year, i am part of the Ballroom club. I'm learning all types of dance, from swing, tango, rumba, foxtrot etc... I am even part of the competition team and will be competing in ballroom.


The flexibilty to attend more than just one campus. I live closer to the Davie FAU campus than the campus in Boca, this allows me to take more convienent courses for my schedule as well as visiting the campus for academic advising. I am an online student so I communicate mostly through email and the response time from various divisions throughout the university is very quick, I appreciate this.


The availability of the classes ( times, days ) there are a lot of options for classes and different days and times of the week.


The best thing about FAU is that you can walk anywhere in 10 minutes or less.


I loved the atmosphere of the big university. It was very liberal and mostly open-minded, and most of the teachers were educated in their fields of study.


The best thing that FAU has to offer are the beaches outside of the campus. There are about 3 different beaches in a radius of 5 miles!


The best thing about my school is that it has a laid back, fun, and inviting atmosphere. I think this is the best thing about my school becuase it fit well with my own personality and how I am.


Everyone is there to try and help you better your education so they have a lot of centers built to help you in many ways.


The best the about Palm Beach State College is the small class sizes and the accessibility of the campus.


FAU gives lots of oporotunity to students who are willing to go the extra mile, as there are a wide variety of clubs to take advantage of. The campus is large and comfortable, with a very spread out layout in the beautiful city of Boca Raton, so there is alot to do in the area and even on campus.


I attend the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, FL. The HLW HC is a small liberal arts college with small classes (15 - 20), constant support and encouragement by the faculty and stringent standards of excellence for admission and during the course of study. This attention and focus creates an atmosphere of high expectations from the faculty and among the students. The small college setting fosters a very supportive environment as we quickly bond into our school family.


FAU is a very laid back kind of school and because of this, it helps the transition into college. There's alot of different people on campus and even with the diversity, everyone is pretty friendly. With this in mind, its easy to meet new people and make friends. The professors are all there to help you achieve your goals and are always willing to lend a helping hand if you're having trouble in class. Because of the location, naturally everyone is a well rounded person.


The best thing about the school is finding the right professors to help you get through your academic career.


I love the atmosphere of FAU; I think the campus is beautiful, and there is always a great vibe walking to classes or strolling through the breezeway. We have some amazing professors who have been extremely influential in shaping my future academic and career choices.


The best thing about Florida Atlantic University is its close proximity to the beach. Every weekend, students that live on campus or nearby usually visit the beach. It is literally two minutes away from campus. A mall is located within walking distance from one entrance of the campus as well/


The campus, is in my opinion, the best thing about the school. All bulldings are within easy walking distance, and there are great facilities for students to use. Also, you don't have to go very far to get groceries, toilet paper, or anything you may really need. It is a perfect size and in a perfect location.


its location


The best thing about school was the food court because it offered a very good selection of food at a good price.


The best thing about FAU are the instructors. Flexible, understanding and full of knowledge.


Florida Atlantic University is capable of establishing a entry-level student as myself in an organized, profitable and highly reputable environment. The campus is clean and free from crime activity. It hosts students along with a community college for greater social and academic interaction. The technology used is up-to-date and is frequently invovled. Also the school makes use of greener solutions in terms of energy alternatives.


Florida Atlantic University is the place to be if you are looking for school spirit and staff members that want to help you succeed in life. My school has tons of school spirit with our winning football team to our rugby team. We love them OWLS! Hoot Hoot! The staff at my school really wants to help the students succeed and for me that was an important factor when I was selecting a school to go to. So come to FAU and be a part of the owl family.


The greatest part about going to school in south florida, is the diverse community that you find on campus. The beautiful location, and the well-known area around FAU means that this university is attractive to people from all over the country and the world. these students want to have the best of both worlds; get an excellent education in our world renouned facilities during the week, and the nightlife, and sunny beaches associated with our area, during the weekends and holidays.


The flexibility of completing courses and degree requirments.


The overall surroundings and atmosphere of the school is great. Although most people are commuters, you still have time to meet new people and relax and have fun while learning in an higher education atmosphere.


The best thing about my school is that it has many branches. I live in west palm baech. My schools main campus is located in boca however, it also has a campus that is les than 30 minutes from my house.


I love how close it is to the beach - 10 minute bike ride! Also, it's about 20 minutes away from the major cities like Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale, so there's always somewhere new to go. All the buildings are (comparatively speaking) very new and as of 2010 they are almost done with the brand new engineering building. They are also building a stadium and more on campus housing starting this year.


The best thing about attending FAU are the career guidance councelors. They will assist you in choosing the correct career path, even if it means that it does change twice. They are very helpful with helping you discover where your true passion lies, and what career would be best suited for you; And if it just so happens that you no longer want to persue one course, they do not give up. They also do a very good job to give you a realistic job outlook for your career so you know what to expect after graduation.


Greek life has to be the best thing at Florida Atlantic becuse it has kept me busy all the time. Besides that it has also kept my GPA high because of required study hours. It has enstilled a sense of brotherhood and accountability inside of me. The Greek life is still continuing to grow and we are working towards unity in the Greek community. Instead of being "enemies" we all want to be one and work towards a bigger picture.


I consider that the diversity is the best thing about the school. The reason why I think this is because going to school with so much diversity, gives me a chance to learn about other cultures and traditions. I love to meet new people, expecially people of other cultures because I get to learn so much more than just a academic education.


The professors and location of the campus I consider to the best thing about Florida Atlantic University. Also, I believe its save enviorment and accomadations are the one the things that makes Floirda Atlantic University stand out from other universities. Moreover, the faulty of Florida Atlantic Universtiy, is always there to help students (like me) who are new to campus through e-mal and through appointment. A student can expect to recieve an answer from the professors and dean within 24 hours. Also, Florida Atlantic Unviersity has great programs and clubs which sets the university apart from other universities.


Just like with any school, the people here make this campus what it is. Between the students, the staff, and the teachers there is just an overflow of diverse minds and cultures. Sure you'll find a few negative people here and there, but ultimately people here have been quite friendly in my two years here. The teachers are interesting and the students are upbeat and enthusiastic, and highly opinionated. You will find yourself testing the strength of your own beliefs and feel more confident when you come to the conclusion that you were right after all.


I go to the Jupiter Campus Honors College, I love the small campus and academic focus as well as the very easy access to professors.


The best thing about my school is that it is small so I can leave my room 10 minutes before my class starts and still be on time. Also, everyone knows everyone because it is so small.


The best thing about the school is probably that there seems to be alot to do on campus, it was nice to walk through the breezeway and it was full of clubs and organizations trying to reach out to the students.


The best thing at my school would have to be the professers. They really like to get the students involved and you can see that they actually love their job and know what they are talking about.


my school is small but rapidly growing!


Location! It is in south florida, but they have other campuses fruther south and north of the main campus. The great thing is not having to travel all the time to a remote campus but to attend a class at a campus near me in person or hook into the internet for class.


Besides the location, FAU is the perfect school for me. It offers a good competitive Biology program which is getting me ready for Dental School. There's always advicing when I need some guidance. FAU is just the best!


not with al the people i grew up with


Cultural diversity and location.


Its nice and clean.


The close proximity to the beach which offers a variety of activities.


Availability of extra help for my Major, which is Biological Sciences. The department knows that the material is extremely difficult, there are additional resources for help. Each professor ENCOURAGES you to see them if you need help. There is also additional help called SI Sessions, where students who have already taken the course help those who want extra help. The Chemistry courses are structured for success! The Labs almost always correspond with what you are learning in lecture, are extremely helpful, and actually fun.


I consider the amount of diversity at my school the best thing about it. People become more cultured and aware of different people from all different walks of life.


The best hing about my school is that it's cheaper than many of the other universities.


That is close to my house (Port Saint Lucie Campus)