Florida College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Florida College Is Best Know For Its Godly Qualities and Being A Friend To Youth.


It's Christian based values and small school atomsphere.


Flroida college is one of the best schools to be found in the United states the one thing that stands out to most people is the family like atmosphere that is created by students and faculty.


Florida College is best known for its conservative environment that it provides students. Being a private Christian college, its students are held to very high standards. Both on and off campus, we are expected to always be dressed appropriately and to act and speak in a manner that reflects positively on our school. In the community, our student body is known for being very involved in community service, blood drives, and we have obtained a very high respect from the members of our community.


How everyone is friendly and inviting.


The biblically based atmosphere. It is AMAZING! The professors care about you and the Lord, there is a chapel service every morning, and the modest dress code is awesome.


Florida College is best known for its close knit atmosphere. The college is small, compared to other Universities; actually the college is smaller than some high schools. With only five hundred students, it makes it hard not to be close with everyone. I believe that because of its size it allows people to connect in ways that larger Universities cannot. I’ve began my second semester at Florida College and I can confidently say that I know every face; but not only their faces but their names also. Because of this, I am more confident in every aspect of college.


Its more Godly focus.


Florida College is best known for the spiritual teaching and growth of young Christians. A lot of the young men attend Florida College and receive a degree in Biblical Studies, and plan to preach God's Word.

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