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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there would be plenty for me to say. I would tell myself to get off my butt and put some scholarships in. My parents and I do not make much money, so that would help. I would tell myself to get a waiver from the school and pay the application fee. FSU? UF? UNF? UWF? Stetson? Flager? Go somewhere! Please try! You know you want to be in marching band in college, so what are you doing? You want the college experience? Then apply! I would also tell myself to try to learn how to cook and do laundry because if I do get accepted, I would have to learn. I would have to learn to go out of my comfort zone. The last thing I would tell myself would be to CHECK MY EMAILS. ALL OF THEM. I recently checked them and found out two universities wanted me and I could not go. My life would be very different if I could go back. I am happy where I am at though, just wish I could do more.


I have received so much from my college experience so far. My experience has made me so much more of an independent person and how to get my self into the real world. It has also helped me prepare myself for when I transfer to a bigger university.


There are three main things i have gained from attending my college. Habbits, most of my life I chose to cruise by with little effort and still got by just well. Moveing forward in the educational carree that I chose was very feirce I learned quickly about studying, and maintaining knowledge. Devisity, I gained a wider scope of the world around me and not just narrow glimpses at the state of things, but broad overviews of anything that I could get into. Enjoyment, I was never really happy with education, I always felt that I was learning useless things that someone else thought would be the right thing for me to learn, but at my college I get to chose which classes I take, and my teachers and how I am going to learn, and from that i gained great enjoyment.


I have recieved a lot from my college exerience so far. I can not explain how much I have learned in the past 2-3 years at this college. The classroom sizes are an advantage because the smaller classes optimize learning and also one on one time with students and teachers. This college was valuable to attend because it helped me get a feel for the college lifestyle before entering into a larger University.


I think if I could go back to give myself advice I would have told me to stay in school and finish right to the end. It is very hard when you don't take the class you need or have the knowlege to progress at a good speed. Trying to catch up on the knowlege I should have aquired in high school to aid me in my college courses is not an easy task. But there are always sacrifices that have to be made to accomplish your goals, I have had to make those sacrifices, I just keep reminding myself that 45 years old is not to old to go back to school and everything I am doing now will be worth it in the end and make it better for my children. Speaking of children I know that my going back to school is showing them many qualities that they will need to be successful themselves. So you see, not only is going back to school benefiting me, but it is going to benefit my children as well as others who see and know me by showing them that with a little persiverence you can do it!!


If I could go back into time to talk to myself as a senior in high school, there would be three things I would tell myself. One: Don't stress some much about grades because I apparently found a way to travel back in time and should be making enough money to retire by the age of 20. Two: Always keep a good relationship with your parents because no matter how mad you are at them, you need them and they need you. They're not just a great help financially but also emotional. And three: If you don't want to stay at Starbucks making coffee your whole life, stop goofing around and study. College is not as easy as high school. And keep your notes from your algebra class because high school teachers explain it easier and it'll make it easier on you in college algebra.


As a High School Senior, I decided to remove myself from traditional high school and attend Florida Virtual School. Florida Virtual School was a great program, however, there were several things I didn't know going into this program. My traditional high school's guidance office was HORRIBLE! Unlike most schools, I was never brought into the office and sat down to discuss scholarships, SATs or ACTs, or even college applications. I was walking down this road completely blind! If I would've had this opportunity I would have known that as a FVS student I was considered homeschooled which meant that my SATs had to 100 points higher for Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, or that if I stayed at the High School for at least one elective I would have been considered a traditional student and would have received this scholarship. Which meant I would have finished at the Community College level immediately and moved on to a University. However, I have paid almost every penny of my college career and it has taken me a lot longer to finish. If I could do it again, I would have found someone to help me get this information.


To never change my priorities when it comes to school/college and to form an educational relationship with my guidance counselor. In high school i never really asked for information on different colleges and scholarhips so now i'm researching it with no guidance or understanding of the many funds that are available to me.


Don't give up and dont stop learning. No matter what the road ahead brings there is never enough education and improvment is always needed. Be positive, keep going, and remember that a bad mistake is not a means of an end, but a lesson for a new begining.


Hi younger self! I have a few things I'd like you to think about now for the benefit of your future self, me! Try really hard to go back to schoool within a year or two. I know that when Mom died suddenly, your world was shattered, but as you will learn, she left you lots of light in your heart and lessons that will stand you in good stead no matter what you do or where you will go. Right now absorbing new ideas and possibility dreaming is easy, natural. In 45 years it will take a bit more effort and expense. Don't start a family too soon. Children are all absorbing no matter how wonderful they are. Try not to go too fast up corporate ladders. It takes more than money to raise a family well and I've always regretted not having more time with my kids. Try to listen for the unsaid things people want to tell or ask you. Not everyione is as open to change and directness as you are. I'd advise you slow down a bit and enjoy the coffee and the roses- you'll be wiser than I was.