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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Not in my eyes. The stereotype that we are a party school especially. Most students do attend a party at some point in time, but many people make it sound like it occurs every week . Definitely not the case. It really depends on who you decide to surround yourself with and the decisions you make. Not everyone is going to force you to drink, and you don't need to attend every party. College is definitely not high school, you don't need to do anything risky to be cool. Just be yourself and help throw away the stereotypes. :)


There is no stereotype at Florida State. There is a place for everyone here. FSU is a place where you can find your niche no matter what kind of person you are . There are all kinds of clubs and organizations that you can join to find your home away from home. One of the reasons I chose FSU was because there was no stereotype. I was able to come to school here and make friends with people who are most like me by going to class, joining a sorority and becoming more involved with campus. Florida State is my home away from home.


In a word, YES! FSU, while hiding it better than UF, exudes crapulence, with drunken and half-naked students to be found on any night of the week. Additionally, while exceptions are to be found, the typical FSU student is the model of stupidity, showing no regard for learning or anything outside of drinking, partying, and getting out with a business degree the school will hand out to anyone who can drag themselves to class, hangover or not.


Yes, the student body at Florida State University is second to none.


I myself have struggled with this, but not all Florida State students are party animals. Some only go out one night a week and they study regularly. It is really what you want it to be is how it will be. You get out of it what you put into it.




Not at all.




I can't say that this stereotype applies to everyone, but I've always been a firm believer in the fact that stereotypes are created for a reason. While not everyone parties hard, a lot of the students here at FSU know how, where, and when to have a good time.


No, especially now that acceptance standards have gone up dramatically.


FSU students like to play into the stereotype about drinking a lot. FSU students are, however, very intelligent for the most part.


definitely not


Pretty much so


i guess they are somewhat


Semi accurate




DEFINITELY a party school. Not one night a week where there's not a club/frat party/random house party to go to. Idk about the STDs lol but LOTS of Greek Life :)




Somewhat, it's more just school spirit




there is a lot of greek life, but there is also more to FSU. i am not in a social fraternity, and I still consider myself as having gotten the full FSU experience. also, we don't party as much as people think. if we did then i dont think we would get as great as grades as we do




some are yet for sure the reject one is DEFINITELY not accurate I wanted to come to FSU




There is more partying at our school but it's not out of control. Even though our Greek life is very involved on campus, only a small percentage of people are in Greek organizations. For some students FSU is the hardest school they could get into but a lot of students chose FSU over a tougher school.


to an extent, but people often forget that FSU is a distinguished research institution


no; gators suck. and have no fun.


In my opinion, NO WAY. I know that we do have a high number of good looking students on campus, but I don't know if the STD rate is true and I don't plan on finding out first hand either. We are a huge party school, but we know how to get our work done at the same time. "We work hard and party even harder." I know we have credibility and plenty to brag about, we just choose not to brag about it as much as UF. Also there are students and faculty at EVERY school that do things that may have potentially make the school look bad.


Not always


No. There are plenty of people who enjoy drinking, but there are plenty of people who enjoy other things. Pick the kind of people you want to hang out with, and you'll have tons of fun.


Many FSU students are rejected from UF, but definitely not the majority. There are a lot of programs that are not offered at UF, as well as many that have a significant advantage over UF due to campus location, professors, and reputation with companies, which provides a great advantage when looking for internships. The majority of people that I have met on the FSU campus have all been nice and willing to help. The community inside the dorms is overall very friendly, but there are still minor disputes between people that do not get along well. The attitude on campus isn't significantly different than that of any other campus, and when I visited UF and stayed at a dorm there for the weekend, there was the common banter between UF and FSU students, but they were nice and receptive looking beyond this obvious rivalry. Overall, the campus community is nice and friendly. There isn't any reason that you won't be able to find somebody with common interests as long as you keep an open mind. The campus is really safe, at least as far as the police can go without being inconvenienced out of doing their job. There are emergency poles all around campus, and you can always see another pole from each one. There is also the safe bus, which you can call and it will pick you up from where you specify and drop you off at any other campus location. There are always kids roaming campus anyways, so as long as you make the effort not to walk campus alone in the middle of the morning, you are going to have no risk of any danger.


Not really


Yep, especially that the girls are hot.


Yes, if you do not drink there is not much to do.


See above :-)


Not at all. I've met some of the brightest, most capable individuals at Florida State University. By labeling us as "stupid," others simply fuel our desire to prove them wrong! In regards to the female stereotypes, I've found that every college has it's wild, party girls and every campus has STDs. It is those irresponsible young women that give every campus a bad reputation, but that stereotype is individual-specific and sheds no light on the overall campus poopulation.


NO!! I think that there is soo much to do in Tallahassee. There are a lot of neat people outside of greek life and you are open to other things and people if you decide not to rush or pledge. I know a few people that feel like they miss out on small things because they are involved in greek life. Tallahassee is a really neat town with a lot to do. You just have to look around!


Hell no.


We party a lot but we study just as much so no, they aren't accurate.


yes sir


It depends. Of course there are going to be people who fit any stereotype at any given school. People here do party, athletics are big, and we have a great film school, art school, theatre program, etc. So yes, the stereotypes are true.


These stereotypes are definitely not accurate. FSU is an amazing university where students work hard to achieve their goals and the school keeps their standards of excellence high.


ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! Seminoles have pride in FSU and we dont think, we KNOW that we're SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!! BETTER THAN ALL THE REST!


I would say a couple of them would be to an extent, but that is only the certain group of people, so it doesnt apply to the school as a whole.


Absolutely not. Although, like many of the students here, I also did apply to UF, but my choice to go here was the best one I ever made. Our academic programs are amazing and many of them are stronger than UF's. Just because UF has a good medical school doesn't meant that they're the best school in the state of Florida. As for being alcoholics? I don't think so, I rarely drink personally, and I know many who don't. It's a personal choice and if you want to avoid that scene you can and if you don't then it's there for you. And the girls are not slutty, they're just nice. People at FSU are super nice and down to earth, unlike other colleges in this state where the girls are generally stuck up.


There are a lot of parties but that is at ANY college. And, like any college there are people that are extremely smart and people that aren't. Not all students that go to FSU got rejected by UF; most students didn't even apply to UF because they didn't want to go.


NO! We do party, but not everyone is irresponsible about it. In fact, most everyone has a DD, takes a cab, uses the Night Nole, etc, and there are MANY of us that are NOT alcoholics or binge drinkers. Academics are incredibly important. If they weren't, why would we be wasting our time and money? WE WOULDN'T!!! The differene is we are just better at balancing the two and being successful at both! Athletics and extracurriculars are very important to us, but they are not everything. and FYI- most of us chose to go here because we wanted to, not because we didn't get in somehwere else. I got in to every school I applied to, FSU was just the best fit and right place for me, and this is true for everyone I know here.


- Yes. There are a lot of kids from Miami, but if that bothers you you can stay way from them. There are a lot of different people at FSU also. - While I don't know that it is a fact that FSU is one of the top party schools. I am able to concentrate on


No the stereotypes aren't true. They are to an extent however. FSU students drink and party, but we keep our academics first. If we don't than we wouldn't have success that comes from all of our students. As for the reject school, it really isn't true. Some people may have had another school as their first choice, but for me, Florida State was my first choice. Greeklife is hard to explain. Each fraternity or sorority has a different group of men and women so not all are rich and snobby. Yes it is expensive, but I have met the most warm hearted people in my sorority. Stereotypes can be formed because of one person who represents something. So when someone sees that ONE person who only drinks and parties, that ONE person who only came to FSU because they couldn't get in their top choice school, or that ONE person who is rich and snobby and happens to be in a fraternity or sorority, they misinterpret majority at FSU.


To a point. There are just as many drunkards as there are sober individuals. As a lady I like to think in general we are pretty, but I have to say the guys are pretty good looking in general too.