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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


We are an athletics school. We love our sports teams. Football is religion around here. Joke all you want, but there is no other school with legacy like Florida State. There are so many groups and clubs on campus, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to know them all, and there aren't necessarily any that are more important than another. They are just all different. I have been here for four years and am STILL discovering new clubs. I am a Lady Spirithunter, we are an organization dedicated to spreading Seminole Spirit across campus. We support ALL varsity sports, are active in philanthropical endeavors in the community, we have social functions, and most of all, it provides a unique opportunity to get to know about a hundred other girls who are crazy about their 'Noles! We have a great Student Life Center, where we have free movies for students, good ones too, not lame ones. Most recently I saw 'No Country For Old Men' which just won an Oscar award. They also play classics like 'Breakfast Club' and 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'. I met my closest friends in class and through Lady Spirithunters. If you are awake at 2 am on a Tuesday you are coming from Flippin Tuesdays at AJs!!! We party every night except Sunday and Monday, and even on those nights sometimes! Florida State is rich in tradition. From PowWow and Homecoming, to the lighting of the spear, to the chop and screaming the fight song at the top of your lungs, with live and breathe school pride and tradition. We bleed Garnet and shine Gold! Fraternities and Sororities are important, but not everything. They are just students like the rest of us, it's just another organization to join, they don't recieve any special treatment just because they have greek letters. Last weekend I went on a Hayride and partied it up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and had a BLAST! Then on Saturday, I went to a baseball double header and played pool at night. Sundays are reserved for homework for me.There is a lot you can do on Saturday's that don't involve drinking- just don't drink! I don't drink and I still do all the same things everyone else does, and everyone is really accepting of my decision to be sober. This is high school where you are made fun of or peer pressured into doing something you don't want to. You can play pool, see a movie, go to an athletic event, hang out with friends, go bowling, there's TONS of stuff to do!


- There are a lot of GREEKS (sororities/fraternities) on campus, but there are many many many other organizations as well. - I personally am in Lady Spirithunters. My experience there has been nothing short of AMAZING! I love every second I spend with these girls. We are the largest NON GREEK all womens organization on campus! Our main goal is to promote and support Seminole Athletics. We participate in everything from sporting activities to community service, Homecoming, and socials. - I lived in an all girls dorm so we were more reserved, but most dorms are pretty social. - Athletics are always exciting!!! - I have no clue about guest speakers - or theater - I personally have not dated anyone I met at FSU. There are plenty of good looking guys and girls so I am sure you can find someone if you are looking. I am personally committed to a long distance relationship. - I met my best friend in the dorm. She lived down the hall. Also I met my other two good friends and roommates through Lady Spirithunters. - If I am wake at 2am on a Tuesday I am at AJ's Sportsbar. - Homecoming is a huge event that takes place every fall. It is a lot of fun to be involved with. Also, to major university wide community service projects are Dance Marathon and Relay for Life. Almost everyone participates and they are both for great causes. - I party moderatly. Maybe 2 or 3 days a week. There are some that do a lot more and some that do a lot less. All the types of people are pretty balanced. - GREEK life if big on campus, but people who are not in it have no reason to feel left out. I tried it and it wasn't for me, but I have still had an amazing time and great experiences at FSU. - I partied to much last weekend. However, that is not usual for me. I normally go to some different sporting events, get out and enjoy the weather, and do a little studying. - Not gonna lie, most people will be drinking. But other options include the movies, bowling, the comedy club. All of which are avaliable for FREE on campus! - As a freshman I didn't escape campus much. If I did it was to go shopping. However, now I live off campus. I personally think their is anything you could ever want to do in Tallahasse, but I am from a small town. People from large cities seem to find it a little more boring.


I think that greeklife is the most popular organization. A great majority of students are involved and each year, more and more students join. Athletic events are most popular with football and men's basketball. These two sports draw crowds for the fans and the social scene. The other sports however, are more popular with students who are interested in the sport or watching a friend play. Dating is big around campus. They even hold a speed dating night in the union. Outside of campus, people are socializing and meeting new people all the time. Most of my friends met their current significant other on campus. My closest friends I met at FSU. Most are through my sorority, and friends of sisters. My random roomate is also a close friend of mine. At 2 am Tuesday morning, I am either studying for a test, or just hanging out with my room mates and doing nothing important. A tradition for students is getting thrown in the fountain on your birthday. Career fairs, housing fairs, athletic events all occur and are traditional. People party a lot. I've been to a party on every night of the week the past 2 years. Fraternities and sororities are really what make this campus so well rounded. These are the people who do the most community service, raise the most money or hold the social events for you to meet new people. It is also big because there are so many fraternities and sororities that can make all of this happen. Last weekend I hung out by the pool and tossed footballs with friends and at night partied with more friends. Saturday nights, I can watch a movie with my friends, go out for icecream, sit and gossip, cook dinner with friends, go on double dates,and pretty much anything. I live off campus, and I spend a lot of my time socializing when I am not studying.


I would only leave my door open to my room if I was in it. I do not trust anyone. I study most Saturday nights. Greek is important to the Greeks, most could care less about them and how important they think they are. As an RA my residents in Sororities are the most disrespectful and rude of all the residents.


Sororities and Fraternities. n/a. It varies by hallway, in mine everyone seems a little antisocial. Very popular. Depends on who it is. Not so much. You date whoever, whenever. I knew them from back home. Studying. Homecoming week. Every night of the week. There are a lot so apparently pretty important. Went to friends' parties. Go to a club. Club, house parties, frat parties, eat.


There are so many different types of organizations and activities to get involved in. Athletics is very popular, even if it is on an intramural team. FSU has one of the largest marching bands in the country, so that is also popular. Students in dorms don't usually leave their dorms open for safety reasons, but they are always pretty open to meeting new people. Athletic events are very popular to go to and tickets are free for students. I met my closest friends through my dorm and through the FSU Majorettes. If I am awake at 2 a.m. on a Tuesady, I am usually studying or talking to friends in my room. People party different amounts of time. Some people go out 2 weeknights and the weekends, some people go out only on the weekends, some people go out occasionally and some never party. Last weekend, I went to a basketball game, a baseball game, and stayed in with friends and watched a movie.


Greek life is definitely very popular on campus. Athletic events are very popular. I met my closest friends through the organizations that I got involved with. These include Lady Spirithunters, Student Alumni Association, and Student Boosters. If I am awake on a Tuesday at 2am, I am either studying, at AJs Sports Bar, or at the Diner on campus. I would think that most people go out about once or twice a week on average. Saturday nights could involve anything if youre not drinking, from playing board games with roommates to catching a movie at the SLC.


Frats / sororities rule the campus at FSU. I live in a dorm on campus and most of the girls on my floor leave their doors open and we talk all the time. It's a lot of fun living in a community style dorm. Athletic events are really popular especially football. I met my closest friends in my dorm on my floor. Tuesday night, 2 am, i'm probably trying to finish homework or i'm out. Homecoming is a big event/tradition. people party alll the time. Last weekend I went to a party and did some homework. on a saturday night you can do anything and not drink. Clubs are fun.


Football, football, football. Did I mention football? I met my closest friends in Freshman year. We roomed together. :) The others I socialized with I knew in high school. On a Saturday night, if you don't drink and don't party, there is usually a movie playing on campus or some sort of gaming situation happening at SLB. If you are not a football fan or you don't drink, the SLB is the place to be. Tallahassee is NOT your typical state capital. Sure, we get a lot of speakers and decent bands but besides that, there's not much else.


Last weekend I went to work, studied, went to a birthday party, went to a barbeque and went to the warehouse.


Most popular organizations-greek, seminole student boosters. I was in the Marching Chiefs, a group of 400 students composed of music and non music majors. Many students in the dorms leave their doors open, it depends on the person. Atheltics are VERY important, especially football games. Basketball and baseball are also popular. I met my closest friends through the band, even though we all eventually quit. If you're awake on a Tuesday at 2am, you are just leaving AJ's sports bar flippin tuesday. People party a lot of the nights of the week...not every night, but there is always something going on if the opportunity arises. Last weekend I went to happy hour and then a house party, went to Tom Brown Park, went biking, and went out to the strip. Off campus I usually run or bike, go to a friends house, go to a movie.


we have a lot of activities with famous guest speakers, celebrities and musicians dropping in all the time. i cant even begin to describe what goes on.


Dorms are good for socializing, athletic events are extremely popular, and frats/sororities seem to be of extreme importance. I live off campus, so I don't make a big effort to be involved in on-campus activities.


Seminole Student Boosters is the group on campus that has the most members. Our greek life is also very prevalent. When I lived in the dorm, I always left my door open to talk to people. I noticed a lot of other people in my dorm did the same as well. Athletic events are huge on our campus. Everyone loves to go to them and cheer for our team.


I'm currently involved with the Lady Spirithunters (LSH), which is an on-campus, registered student organization that is a spirit-honorary. Our mission to promote school pride, FSU tradition, participation in support all Varsity athletics, and community service. There's a little something for every one in LSH, and that's a lot like campus in general. There's the Catholic Student Union, the College Democrats, Soar Board, Service and Greek fraternities and sororities, clubs of all kinds and calibers-- there's even a student-run Circus! Not many other schools offer something for everyone quite like Florida State.


FSU has over 430 student organizations. It’s okay I know you’re shocked, so I’ll repeat: FSU has over 430 student organizations! There is something for everyone to do from the Black Student Union to the FSU Pie Eating Club (yes, they get together and eat pies). And if among our vast number of student organizations you cannot find anything that interests you, Student Government Organization offers you the choice to create your own student organization, and all you have to do is get nine other people to join! SGA and the Student Union provide a student-run event almost every single night. These include movies, comedians, and even performances by our FSU School of Theatre and the School of Music. Perhaps the only downfall to FSU’s social life is Tallahassee is the worse place to date in the world. The city and campus is so individual student oriented that it offers little in romance. If you are looking for a sweetie though, get creative. Grab your honey or prospect-honey and head out for Lake Ella or our campus reservation for canoeing and a romantic picnic. Try some of the restaurants on the outskirt of town for a candle-lit dinner. Don’t let our overbearing single-life at FSU prevent you from finding someone special to snuggle.


The fraternities and sororities are one of the most popular groups on campus. They host different fundraisers and events around the university. I am involved with the Women's Center. It is a group that discusses women in today's society, though men are more than welcome to come to the meetings. The women's center is a part of "Stop Rape Week" and hosts speakers such as Inga Muscio. I really love being involved and I look forward to my meetings each week. There is a women's wellness workshop coming up soon that should be interesting. People are very open to new ideas, which is good to be aware of. I know that a lot of my friends who live in dorms don't know many people on their floor, I got lucky because the majority of the girls on my floor leave their doors open and talk all the time. It's really like a sleepover. I think the key to getting to know people on your floor is to be outgoing and friendly. One student described my end of the hall as "one big room," because we are always together and in each other's rooms. Some of the girls on my floor are now my best friends in Tallahassee and I'm even planning on moving into an apartment with them next year! Athletic events are extremely popular and luckily most of them are free for students, including football and basketball games. It's really cool because the sporting events have this spirit group called the "nole zone," where students can sign up for free and receive a t-shirt and have special seating for the basketball games. Traditionally, people are thrown into the "birthday fountain" at Wescott on their birthday each year. Hopefully your birthday isn't during winter because your friends don't usually spare you! It's fun to go out dancing on the weekends. One of my very favorite places is AJ's. Downstairs they have a bar/food area and darts, upstairs is an outdoor dancing area. It's really fun because they play all sorts of music: Tuesday's are 80s nights and Friday's are 90s. Floyd's tends to host Dayglo. It's really at night and everyone is supposed to wear white. You receive neon colored bottles of paint upon entry and when you go inside it's black and there are black lights everywhere, the music is loud, and people dance and squirt paint all over. It's definitely something everyone should experience at least once! There are a lot of guest speakers invited to the campus, as well as celebrities. It's really awesome because students get discounted tickets. Art Garfunkel and Sarah Silverman both performed at the school and speakers like Inga Muscio and Rushdie come to speak. The warehouse is a location where writers come to read pieces of their work and speak to people, it's great-especially for people with majors in journalism or writing; you have a chance to meet a lot of fantastic literary figures. A lot of people like to go out to Landis Green. It is a large grassy area in front of the library. It's a great place to lay out on a sunny afternoon and there are plenty of trees for some shade to study under. A lot of people play ultimate frisbee and football out on the lawn. I once went there at 2am after a night of dancing to cool off in the fountain with some friends, and it was full of people laughing and getting to know one another. The student life center has an on-campus movie theater that shows movies nightly and it's free for any student. They play anything from old movies that students vote on to previews of movies before they hit regular theaters. It varies each night. FSU also is home to a flying high circus. Students can actually take a class that teaches them different circus acts and eventually they will perform under the circus tent in front of an audience. The FSU film school holds auditions for people to be a part of their projects and the theater is always performing plays, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They even sell bags of props at the door! Off campus is the FSU Reservation, which is a recreational area where students can rock climb, lay out by the water, canoe, or camp.


Greek. Newspaper, a great community of smart people getting together and talking about current issues and letting people know about them. Yes. Very popular. Pretty popular, Pretty popular. Dating scene is large. Pretty easy to find a mate or just a hook-up on Friday at Bullwinkle's. In the dorm. Watching TV or bullshitting on the computer. Definitely hanging out with friends. Or getting out of the bar. Seven Days of Opening Nights is pretty soon. St. Patrick's Day is always big. Any excuse to drink is a big holiday. ALL THE TIME! Not that important to most people, but the world to those involved. Hung out with my friends, drank. Saw the wreckage of a plane crash. Anything you want, as long as you're with friends. Most things, live, go out.