Florida State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we party a lot, that this is only a party school.


bad football team, a lot of partying


That we are a party school. That all of the girls who go here are ditzy, blonde, airheads.


Nowadays, a lot if people think that FSU is not a very good school in comparison to the University of Florida. They think that people that go to FSU didn't get in to UF and that is why they are going here.


That it is an easy school to get into; FSU students aren't as intelligent as other Florida colleges


1. FSU is a party school and the students are drunks. 2. FSU students are the rejects of UF. 3. The classes are way too easy.


The stereotypical sorority girls and frat boys. The boys who only want to get girls drunk and sleep with them and the blacking out party girls.


That this is a party school. FSU students only go here because they weren't good enough for UF


The most common one, I'd have to say, is that they are all jocks/cheerleaders and do nothing but drink and sleep with one another. :)


Some people say that FSU students are the ones who couldn't get into UF.


Party school


they all drink and party without ever going to class.


They party a lot.


The sorority girls are sluts and we're all really big alcoholics and party all the time.


Many people believe that FSU students are partying, football-crazed fanatics. Florida State University has somewhat of a party-school reputation due to its geographic location- it's located in the State's Capital along with another University and a Community College). Florida State is known for beautiful people, big fun, and Bobby Bowden.


The most popular stereotype about FSU is that it’s a big party school. College students are constantly tailgating, drunk, and generally making fools of themselves.


There are a lot of stereotypes that FSU is a huge party and drinking school and the student's are full time 'partiers'. It is thought by many people that the football teams "suck." There have been stereotypes that claim FSU is easy to get into. FSU is 'known' for it's hot girls and large greek life.


Party school, lots of "Miami" people, not the smartest group of kids in Florida