Fort Valley State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When it comes to picking a college, pick the college that is best you you not you parents. Of course, you parents are paying for it, but you're the only one that truly knows what you are going to do in you future and you need to do whatever you need to do to get there. Also, pick a school that is best for the field that you would be majoring in and not the popularity level. College is all about having fun but you can't have fun if you don't do your work.


Make sure you visit the school on non visitor day so you can see the school how it really will be when the student is there and if you know what your major will be, make sure you talk with the staff in that department to see if not just the school but the department is right for you. Talk to students around campus to get the real view of the campus, not just what they show or tell you on preview day. Consider the location of the school as in how far it is from home, and also how far the school is from stores and eating places because this would make a difference if you don't have a car. Parents should let the college choice be that of the student because it is the student, not the parent, who will be there for the next four years so if you want them to do well they have to have input as well.


Decide on a University that will not only give you a superior education but will also impart an experiential social atmosphere.


I would tell them to make sure that you should go to a school that you are comfortable with and love. We focus too much on the name or location of the school, rather than it being right for you. When you are comfotable at college, all of the fun, academics, and everything else will fall right into place.


Make sure that the school has the appropriate major with good possibility for careers after graduating and make sure that the school is on top of all housing and financial aid, make sure that the school has the right type of social life that the student it looking for


Make sure it has what you want and need for your college and dont let this college thing stress you out


In finding the right college for a student, the student must first figure out what does he/she plan on majoring in. When this decision is made the student should look at schools that offer the major that they look forward in majoring in. Once these colleges are selected, the student and his/her parents should go visit the schools that are in the student's interest. The student should then pick the college that he/she thinks they will be comfortable in. After the student has been accepted and enrolled in the college of their choice, he/she should try and go to all of orientational events as a freshman. As a freshman, the student should manage his/her time. Time management is the key source in having a succesful college career. Once the student can master time management he/she can enjoy the college life including parties, sports events, and etc.




Try and find a college that best suites the student and will provide a great educatopn for the student.


Finding the Right college isnt easy because you dont know what the school is like until you are actually experiencing it for yourself. You can have the best college experience as long as you make the best out of it. Its not all about having fun but if you dont have fun and overload yourself with work you might have some emotional breakdowns. The best advice is too stay focused but also have fun just not too much!!


Doing your research.


Know what your major goals are coming into college. Also, determine the quality of education you want and how much aid, if any, you will need. Pick a college based on you and you only. Don't go to a school because of friends or boyfriends/girlfriends.


Go and experience the campus life fro yourself. Don't go off what other tell you.


In order top make the right school choice, the prospective student must be the one comfortable with the choice. Do not base your school's selection off of one thing such as finances. I believe that you should be able to go anywhere you would like to go. If you cannot afford something, don't be afraid to take out a loan. Remember that it is for a great cause, your education! It is definitely worth it. I'd rather see a student who is having financial struggles happy at their school who loves being there, instead of one who is unhappy struggling and doesn't even want to be there.


I would tell them to not only visit the college but visit the classrooms and stay a night or two in the dorms so that you may recieve the full experience of your chosen college because just going to a college via word of mouth may soon become disappointing.


When finding the right college, always consider other options besides your number one pick and dismiss the idea of attending a college or university that is close to home. I know for me, I didn't even want to consider attending Fort Valley State because it was so close to home and I thought I would always be bored. Before I started school, I said I would spend two years at Fort Valley State then transfer to a school that I really wanted to attend. However, alI of my plans have changed; I received a fully-paid scholarship from the school, mad new friends, enjoyed my first year there, and decided to stay until I graduate. It is all about what you make of first year in college that will determine if you love the school and want to stay there or if you hate the school and want to transfer.