Fox Valley Technical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The programs a student can chose a career from, are more diversre than the other campuses I have attended. I had the ability to get into an Individualized Technical Degree Program, which is a perfect fit for my future goals. The staff is great, and have a laid back kind of teching style, that makes students more apt to ask questions if they need to. The enrollment staff, do an awsome job each semester, even though they are swamped by the number of students that enroll. I graduate in 2011, and will continue to recommend this college.


When I began my "quest" to look for colleges I first began with what I knew my family and friends expected of me . I applied to Augsburg University, University of Oshkosh, Northwestern University and St. Norbert College. I was accepted to all of these, however I found that Fox Valley Tech was much more accepting in other ways. They give people second chances every single day and never treat anyone like they are "second class citizens." FVTC is not only challenging for me, but has also been extremely sympathetic to my personal wants and needs in many different ways.


The thing I like the best about Fox Valley Tech is the flexibility to have a job and go to school. From 7am - 9:30pm Monday through Friday the Tech has classes available. You may have to put in some long days but it?s worth it in the end. If you?re looking for advancement in your current career or looking to change fields completely you can accomplish it at FVTC.