Franciscan University of Steubenville Top Questions

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God comes with us.


The Catholic orthodoxy makes Franciscan stand apart from other universities. A resolute determination to teach the faith and allow students to grow in their own as well as the integration of faith and academics makes Franciscan a unique university.


Franciscan University of Steubenville is a school dedicated to forming the mind, body and spirit of each of its students. The faculty and staff at Franciscan University strive for academic excellence while remaining firmly rooted in the university's passionately Catholic identity. Student's are encouraged to look beyond themselves and to discover ways to transfrom their communities and the culture at large. Franciscan is so much more than just a university; it is a way of life.


It is the most authentically Catholic school in the country. I just love it!


Franciscan University is a place where the Roman Catholic faith THRIVES and people love one another for who they truly are.


Franciscan University of Steubenville is Academically Challenging and Passionately Catholic.


I am majoring in Theology and Catechetics (Religious Education). The other schools I considered only had a Theology program. If I wanted to learn how to teach I would have to double major in Theology and some form of education. At Franciscan there is a Catechetics program where it teaches you how to specifically teach religion.


Firstly it is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} catholic. Secondly, like mentioned above everyone is just super nice and always has a big ole smile on their faces. Thirdly, the boys at this school are the nicest I have ever met. Lastly, as opposed to other schools where you have counselors and then you have teachers at this school your teachers are the counselors and hence give more efficient academic advice.


The great charismatic sense of the faith. Its a Catholic school, and unlike the school I attended last year which claimed to be Catholic, Franciscan truly lives up to its reputation for being one of the best Catholic schools out there. At most school the focus is on onesself and getting ahead in life professionally. At Franciscan there is a great sense of community. People care about others and that they not only achieve their goals academically but spiritually. Someone is always willing to lend a helping hand or offer a prayer.


My school has a very friendly and religious atmosphere, and wants to ensure that students are prepared for life. They ensure that we use our reasoning and critical thinking skills, and part of the coursework is fieldwork.


"Passionately Catholic, Academically Challenging"


Everyone at this school looks out for each other and encourages and supports each other in all endeavors. It is an accurate statement to say that everyone is one big happy family here. The Catholic faith is lived out everywhere: in the classroom, on the palying field, and in the community. Jesus is present in the Eucharist in every dorm building, in the main chapel, and in the Portiuncula Chapel (a replica of the chapel St. Francis built in Italy).


I have never felt so welcomed by so many people who care for me and my well being. I do not think that I will ever be in another place where so many beautiful people are gathered at one time. This school emphasizes academics, but mainly in the context of the well being of the students life. Everyone here loves being Catholic. Everyone here loves life, in all its stages. What is emphasized the most here is God's will for the student's life.


It is not just religious in name. The students, as well as the faculty, are serious about their faith.


The encouraging atmosphere. The faculty and students here really care about each other. There is a lot of good people that encourage each other to do well and stay out of trouble. There is an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness on campus.


This school is very Catholic and a fantastic place to grow in faith as well as get a fantastic education. This school doesn't just brainwash students to spew out doctrine, they teach us how to think critically and incorporate faith into what we're learn


Good moral choices are encouraged and the campus is focused on the success of the student socially, academically, spiritually, and in the work force.


The Catholic identity of the university.


Student life is the really unique joy on campus with the Households. The people here are the best and I will leave here with life long friends. People that go here all tend to have the same goals and faith and its great to be around that. The deep conversations are awesome Works Cited


The unique thing about my school is that it is very conservative and Catholic, and the education I'm receiving is academically competetitive as well as morally sound and passionately Catholic.


Franciscan is Catholic in word and deed, it promotes and fosters an enviroment of loyalty to the Church's magisterium. It also promotes an enviroment that each student and person's dignity is respected. Students are friendly and engaging and proud of the dynamic orthodxy of the school. Most unique is the hosehold life on campus which is faith centered Fraternities and Soroities that follow a specific charism and challenge each other to live more Christian lives. Professors care about individual students and push them to excell in the classroom and are involved in different aspects of University life.