Franciscan University of Steubenville Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Franciscan University of Steubenville is that it is easy to feel out of place if you are different from the norm. At first glance it seems as if everyone is the same because a majority of the students come from similar backgrounds. It's easy to feel like your differences make you stand out even if no one else notices them.


The surroundeing area is disgusting. It is right next to a factory, so the air is fowl. I've woken up during the night because the air is so bad. Steubenville, Ohio is just plain ugly!


Personally, I don't think that there is any particular thing that I dislike about my school because it is such a wonderful place. But if I had to pick one thing it would be the location because the city of Steubenville is not as up and coming as it used to be, but hopefully with the help of the University Steubenville can grow into a blossoming town like it once was.


There is not a lot of financial aid available.


Because it is a fairly small school and very focused on academics it is lacking in sports. I have known of people who wanted to go to the school but were dissapointed to find that they would not be able to continue competing in their sports at a higher level if they decided to attend this school.


As cliches as this sounds I honestly cant think of a "worst" thing about my school. If I have to get picky about it I guess I would have to say the price of tuition. What is leading me to apply for this scholarship. The school offers so many great things for any young Catholic, and even non believers, that it is a true shame that a student would have to decline attendance based on financial inability to pay.


The worst thing about Franciscan is the lack of ability to grow up. There are so many rules, understandably put in place to protect students, however, there is no room to mess up and learn and grow on your own. there's no room to make your own decisions as an adult and learn from them, right or wrong.


Franciscan University spells FU so we have to say "of Steubenville" FUS.


The lack of diversity becasue the students are not well rounded or seem very motivated to have different views or a more global mindset.


Because it is not very large or well know outside of Catholic circles it is hard to recieve outside finacial aid.


The worst thing about my school is that they have begun to sacrifice fulfilling their mission at the cost of progress in prominence and upsizing their numbers. It's ok to have a slightly less accomodating environment if you're all suffering together because, even though it is unfavorable on the surface, it brings about a bonding among the students.


sometimes we live in a world disconnected from the current events.


If you do not have a conservative attitude, you will probably feel very alone. Along with being 'passionately Catholic', this student body is overwhelmingly pro-life, and it permeates many of their actions- although not in a bad way, just in an exclusive way. Also, it's a far cry from a party school, so if that's your idea of fun, you'll be hard-pressed to have a great time on this campus.


The lack of social diversity.


It likes praise and worship too much.


There is not much tolerance for alternitive lifestyles, and if your political views differ from conservitive republican you will find yourself in the minority


Some people have a negative attitude and the administration can be a bit tricky to work with when you have a problem. And the city of Steubenville isn't exactly paradise - there's a high crime rate, it isn't beautiful, and it's just not a very endearing place.


Sometimes the bureaucracy of the administration is a pain and some of the rules go over and beyond. They really try to keep the image they are going for so rules are enforced. Fines are given liberally. Housing can be a problem for some students if they are not in a Household.


The worst part about going to Franciscan University is adjusting to the weather. As a Southern California girl, I was used to 80 degree weather with zero humidity and no chance of unexpected rain, year-round. In Steubenville there truely are four seasons; each one distinguishable and very different from the west coast.