Freed-Hardeman University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


1. Being a very religious school. Great Bible department, great business department, great students. We host Lectureships every year. Great oppurtunity to hear great men of faith speak on Biblical issues and topics. Many churches come and interview students for internships for the following summer


Freed-Hardeman is known for being a small private Chritian college. It is known for providing a very strong Christian atmosphere. It also has a mojority of bible majors though many other degrees are offered.


The school is best known for it's Bible department in training future preachers and missionaries.


This school is affiliated with the churches of Christ and has a very awesome Christian atmosphere. It is an excellent school to attend and prepares one for many areas of ministry and other areas as well.


Freed is know for the tight relationship among the student body. Everyone gets along.


It has a strong religious affiliation. We have an awesome school of business and education.


My school is best known for having such a great Christian environment. Academics are definitely a high priority, but not without the morals and patterns encouraged all the time. The motto of FHU is, "Learning to live and to make a living".


It is known for its conservative Church of Christ heritage, and for its Bible, Business, and Education degrees.


My school is known for its bible department. They have a really good bible Department and quite a few preachers that leave Freed are accepted as at most churches


The christian values. There is a strong focus on learning about God and serving Him. But also, the school is know for finding a spouse. There is no other opporitunity like this to find a christian mate, so they focus in on that a little too much sometimes.


Christian Education!!


it is best know for being very dedicated to the values and the religous views inwhich this school was founded on the Church of Christ


For the girls, finding a husband. For the guys, becoming men and doing the best we can. For everyone, becoming a stronger Christian and becoming the best citizens and scholars we can.