Freed-Hardeman University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost, I was able to cover the 1st year fine because my dad is retired Air Force and he helpped me with the GI bill but since then I have had a problem getting loans to cover and my parents are not wealthy so they strugle but have done thier best to help me.


Too Strict on dorm rules and must live on campus


I suppose the worst thing that I canthink of about my school is that it is in a very small town. I personally enjoy the beauty of the old buildings in the town and the small town atmosphere, but it is slightly inconvenient for shopping. You must drive about ten miles to the nearest town for things other than groceries or basic items.


Given the fact that it's a Christian college, I believe that many life experiences are shut out. The administration tries to keep the students inside a perfect bubble of Christian harmony and Christain faith, though the "outside world" is very much anything but harmonious or religious.


The cost of the school is a little bit higher than I can afford. I have difficulty to getting funding, but many others do not have this problem.


I think the worst thing about this school would probably be how many rules there are to follow. Most of the rules come from the Christian ideals the university stands for, but I can see how anyone who didn't share those ideals wouldn't like how strict they can be. There is a curfew, a strict dress code, a no tolerance drinking policy, no men are allowed in the women's dorms and vice versa, etc.


I guess the worst thing about my school is that it is so expensive. I come from a family that is self employed and hit hard by the recession and money is tight. In total it costs more than 20,000 a year to attend. However i do think that i'm getting my money's worth. I'm probly going to end up taking out loans and finish school with a mountain of debt.


not enough diversity


I don't really know, my school is a pretty good one.


The dress code you can not wear shorts to class cause it is disrespectful to the teachers...


The worst thing would be some of the professors. Some of them just do not care about their students as much as they should.


Freed-Hardeman has the reputation of being a "bubble"; many of the rules set in place seem like they are trying to isolate students from the world, instead of exposing them to a broader world view.


The worst thing about Freed is seeing the same people everyday and a few drama problems.


We need to help the community more


The lack of diversity and the closed-mindedness and conservativeness of the students and often the faculty. This is less true about the art department, so if one were looking for a group of forward-thinking people on campus, I would suggest spending time with the art faculty and students.


Sometimes the social atmosphere tends to cause a tension between students.


Too many rules!


It is not really diverse.


The worst thing about my school is that I feel that the restrictions placed on us are a little extreme. The curfews are a little early and we're treated like little kids. Sometimes I think they could let up a little bit on the rules.


Where i play sports its hard to be involved and everyone is very tight knit with social clubs and church groups. Its hard to get involved when you have curfew and so many other regulations that make it impossible to ever go out with sports.


The carrer counceling services are not adequate. They wait until too late to get involved with students and are not helpful with those students who don't fit nicely into a traditional career role.


small town


Freed-Hardeman is extremely closeminded overall, and can be very oppressive about it. New thoughts are completely discouraged, and anything different, at all, is "bad" and not accepted, usually referred to as "sin." It also prolonges adolescence, by not allowing adult students to be adults, such as extremely strict rules, and refusal to adhere to student's needs without their parents stepping in and doing it for them.