Freed-Hardeman University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who just wants to go to college to party all the time.


It is a Christian university, and while anyone could feel at home there, people who don't share the ideals of the university probably won't like how many rules there are. Also, most (but not all) of the students do share those ideals, so someone who didn't might feel out of place, but not unwelcome. Someone who thrives on city life probably wouldn't like it either. Henderson is twenty minutes away from the nearest walmart...


1. Someone who likes big schools 2. Someone who hates people


Possibly someone who would have a difficult time messing with the Christians on campus.


Anyone who has even a slightly liberal view of Christianity. You will be very disappointed with the Bible teachers and their lack of love for the Bible.


a christian wanting a great environment for growth and memories that last a lifetime!!


If you don't think you could handle serious conservative Christian emphasis, don't come here, you will hate it.


Really uptight, really liberal.