Gannon University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Keeps you mentally focused in school but also encourages you to participate in school activities to enjoy the college life


My school is great, the professors are helpful and I have a ton of rescources at my fingertips, everyone here wants me to succede.


Tries to collectively tries to meet the needs of the diverse student body at large.


Gannon university is the perfect school for me and my personality.


It is a small school, which makes it easy to make friends and work independently with your teachers.


Gannon University is intended for students who want to excel in a competitive world with the help of its caring professors, beneficial environment, and opportunities.


A small Catholic school that emphasizes unity and friendship, where you can always find support and guidance to lead you on your way to your career


My school is great at communicating the neccessary things that I need to know in order to furthur my education.


Gannon University is a Catholic university that cares, develops, and edcautes their students to the best of their ability, while providing support and service when needed.


Gannon is a great school for health and business programs and has a great job placement rate for graduates.


Gannon University has very good academic programs and there are many activities for students to partake in.


A very welcoming campus that accepts everyone.


Gannon University is a school where you, the student are the main priority, where your success is the most important thing, while making sure you are having fun while learning.


Gannon University is a combination of core liberal values and strong academics geared towards creating future leaders.


Gannon is a friendly school with small classes and plenty of opportunities for students to succeed.


Gannon is private university built upon the Catholic tradition, allowing its student to show their creativity, while also givingthese students on of the best college educations in the nation.


Gannon University is student-oriented allowing each individual a value-centered education.


Gannon is a highly diverse, close knit university.


My school is a small, private Catholic University where all the people are friendly and you know you are going to get a quality education.


Gannon is a small school where you know who you live next too and who everyone in your class is.


The college is small campus, very friendly area with small or decent size classroom.


Gannon University is a small, Catholic University providing a spiritual, intellectual, and fun learning environment.


Inviting, friendly people who focus on your needs and your future. Tutoring and job placement services are available. Faculty and staff are very helpful to students. Housing is better than other colleges.


A small university with small class sizes and a lot of things to be involved in.


Gannon is a fun college where you meet people you will be friends with for life, teachers are willing to help you if you can and the president is very involved, there are alot of activities on campus but there could be more but overall it's a good school to attend


Diverse and unique.