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Gannon University is in the great location. The cost for housing is cheap here. Academically, you will learn more than what you expect. Professors are great. They are always ready to help the students.


Gannon offers a wide variety of majors that include anything from the health sciences, to engineering and fine arts combined with a phenominal Division II sports program. The university is set up in a city with plenty of opportunities to work on and off campus to explore your major. It is a school to be considered on the 'smaller' side but still has a lot that most big schools have to offer without the overwhelming class sizes. The smaller class sizes provide for better relationships and more advanced learning opportunities.


Gannon University has an exceptional health science department and as a university it offers a wide selection of degrees. Also it is located in downtown Erie and is comprised of buildings that the school has bought from various owners and companies. This gives it more of a homey feel since its not some mass commericalized area.


Gannon University has a very unique campus setting. I loved the way the campus is very clean and the grounds of the campus are well maintained. I chose Gannon over the other colleges I considered because it has a very strict Physician Assistant program which is ultimatley the program i want to get into. Another reason I chose Gannon was because the class sizes are not very big and you have the opportunity to talk to professors about questions you may have. I really like the fact that the professors are so helpful and you arn't just a number.


Gannon is not one of the biggest schools, but that is why I love it. Just walking down the street you can see many people you know. The classes are also smaller which allows for more student/ professor interaction. The faculty and students want to see each other succeed and will help someone do so. There is also a beach not far from campus which allows for extra fun in the warmer months. There are many layers to Gannon and I am glad that I chose to go there so I could experience them.


Gannon University is unique, because they are a Catholic liberal studies University. This school makes their students diverse. Students take Theology, Philosophy, and Fine Arts classes. This school makes a student well-rounded. Gannon is very active in the community. Most of the clubs at Gannon University invovled community service and raising money for the community. Gannon has a lot of diversity not only with classes but also with students.


Gannon university is just big enough to get the hands on experience. Gannon is not to big and not to small. The class rooms are just about as big as a high school class room. This gives us stedents the opportunity to ask questions and get help from the professor. The facaulty and staff here are very helpful and wise. They give great advise on situations that college students go through. With Gannon being a Catholic school it gives the surrounding area a very nice religous atmosphere.


I got a lot of financial aid, but still cannot afford it.


I love the fact that my school is releivly small. That means smaller classroom and the fact that the teacher are easily contacted. Also this school was the only school in my area that offered a social work program.


There is always something to do in Erie!


What's unique about Gannon is that they offer something for everybody looking for a bright future. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, there is something for all types of students. Gannon gives you the skills to succeed in whatever you choose to pursue. All of the professors are willing to help you if you're having a tough time in a class. In addition, Gannon is a diverse and close knit campus. It's that type of campus where everyone knows each other and comes from different cultural backgrounds you can learn about.


All the other schools I looked at were known for their football team/program or other sports programs over their academics. I didn't want to go to a school where the faculty and staff cared more about football than what is going on in the classroom. At Gannon, there is a balance between academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities. Life is all about balance and one part of our lives should never drastically exceed the other parts of our lives.


everybody knows everybody


I like the location of is located in the heart of Erie. i like the student and teacher ration. the unique thing about Gannon is that it is a loving environment and they have great faculty. gannon university is great college.i am glad i chose it.


Gannon University is rated as top tier one university by US news and also compared to the course offer by it are more specific including the embedded system which os my prior of interest. It also has many live projects going and also the university is investing 28 millon dolaar for the research work.


There are a multitude of things that contribute to Gannon's individuality. Being a moderately sized university, Gannon prides itself on the ability to establish professor to student relationships. There are a variety of co and extracurricular activities ranging from academics, athletics, and music. Also, at Gannon, students are able to exercise a sense of independence without necessarily having to be far from home. Being located in the center of the city of Erie, students can be emerged in culture. Above all, Gannon University has a safe campus with academic buildings strategicially placed within a brisk walk of one another.


Gannon University is student oriented on a personal level. With around 2000 undergraduated, specific attention to the student's needs influenced my decision to attend. As a Catholic Liberal Arts University, Gannon University is geared towards you. Arguably one of the best institutions in Northwest Pennsylvania, I chose Gannon for this factor. My decision was complemented only a few days into my first semester. Individual detailed meetings with advisors and career analysis mentors and surveys helped define me as a student individually with utmost care.


Gannon University is right in the heart of the city of Erie. The campus is small, but since it is throughout the city, there are buildings like the county courthouse, churches, and a hospital all interdispersed within our campus. There are about five buildings where a student will have class, and all these classes are just two blocks way from State Street. This makes it easy to run to the store for food bewteen classes or go to the post office without having to drive. Gannon is unique in that it isn't built in the usually campus setting.


Gannon is very proud to be a Catholic college. It offers very many Catholic or Christian activities, holiday parties, religious services. There are opportunities to party and have fun without alcohol (for under 21's). Also, there is a great night-life available for the older students who can go out and party in the bars or clubs. It has a wide range to satisfy all the student's social needs.


Gannon University encourages not only academic interest, but that which creates a totally rounded person to face todays world.


It's a Catholic school, but they're not in your face about religion all the time. There is a wide variety of things to get involved in on and off-campus, but some people say that the school administration is too conservative.


My school is unique in that it is my home away from home in a way. I couldn't picture myself anywhere but Erie. I love the social, academic and leadership opportunities that I am presented with and I believe that I have the world at my fingertips here. I've met many, unique people that I never would have seen myself being friends with and I love what each day gives me.


Gannon is a very small catholic school with small classes so students can get extra one on one help from teachers. Its not like most schools in that it's located in the middle of downtown Erie, so you you don't have to travel far to get to the fun spots. That being said Erie is realy small and if you are used to the city it may be a shocker.


I feel the characteristics unique to my school in comparison to others are the student body?s ambition to succeed and to be so competitive amongst each other. Other than our institution being a small catholic, inner-city university I would say we are comparable to other private facilities other than our tuition exceeding $32,000.


The strong Business School., and the ability to play college


The high quality of programs from such a small urban school.


The area is the most unique part of Gannon University.


The small classrooms. The maximum number of students per class is 30, which I consider to be a decent size class.