Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




Primarily nerdy, but other than that into everything one can imagine.


My classmates are very intelligent and dedicated to their work, but some are socially awkward and can be annoyingly nerdy. For the most part, they are very nice and helpful, and its always easy to find someone fun to hang out with at this school.


While my classmates prove to come from very diverse backgrounds, we all enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of the insititute, and thrive off of the difficulties presented to us as well as the accomplishments we garner from pushing ourselves to succeed at this fine learning establishment.


Students at Georgia Tech are smart, diverse, focused and driven.




They are really focused on their studies.


Georgia Tech students are extremely racially and ethnically diverse but artistically stifled and creatively lacking (i.e. lacking right brain capability).


There is a huge variety in the people who go to Georgia Tech; for the most part the classmates I associate with are extremely helpful and prefer to work on homework together in class and outside of class love to socialize together.


My classmates are highly intelligent, analytical, and helpful.


My classmates were nerds.


Being black, I have a little bit of a different perspective. Most of my close friends do happen to be black. This is mainly because all the white girls I was cool with freshman year joined sororities so they always had stuff to do after class. That made me get more involved with AASU. Also, I didn't declare a major until my 2nd year so I'm only just now starting to have classes with the same people. You will notice, especially in lecture classes, that you are one of maybe 3 little brown spots. 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time though, it doesn't make a difference in how you are treated (hey, there's always that one prof or adviser...). White students tend to do better here because they do things like join study groups, and don't have a problem asking for help. I've noticed that we black people sometimes feel a need to prove ourselves and won't admit that we're struggling until our grade is already trashed. All in all, students here aren't too much different than anywhere else. Maybe a little smarter (just joking!). We wear the same sneakers, sweatpants (PINK by Victoria's Secret is a must-have for girls), and school logo hoodies.


My classmates are all very academically smart, very diverse, and will all have extremely bright futures.


My classmates are bright, intelligent, and competitive.


Georgia Tech student rides the dryers!


Somewhat nerdy and all very competitive. No matter what I can count on someone being better than me and someone trying hard that I am.




the food sucks!!!


mostly non-white people. Alot of athesists for some reason. Frats are very gay/fake people.


First and foremost, there is a club for EVERYTHING at Tech, including any racial makeup/combination, sexual orientation, religious belief, sport interest... anything. That being said, for there being so many different clubs, everyone really gets along pretty well. There are always conflicting beliefs, but I think most of us know how to respect each other's opinions and beliefs. The only out of place student I see is one who is not really up to par, intellectually. All different types of students interact on a daily basis. Although there are cliques, everyone talks to everyone at some point. There are no completely defined black and white social boundaries. Students at Tech are mostly politically aware, although we don't always have the time to participate as much as we may want. The dress for class: mostly sweats and t-shirts. Dress up if you want..


Students at Tech are very diverse: You can meet people from around the world, literally. This provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures. I remember last Thanksgiving/Christmas season: talking with other students about their holiday plans. A lot of them don't celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas or one or the other, but they celebrate other holidays. Religious views are very diverse too. But I have not noticed any pressure to conform to any other religion, everyone is very open. They just accept that you believe what you believe and they believe what they believe. There is most likely a religious group you can join to meet other people who have a similar faith to yours.


I don't think anyone would feel out of place at Tech. There are too many different types of people around. Different types of students interact all the time. You have to. Not many people can get out of here on there own. I know a lot of my friends are not Mechanical Engineers either so that means if I want ME help, I've got to branch out to some other people. 4 tables of students in the dining hall.....1) Freshman hall mates that became friends 2) Two people on their way back from the Campus Rec Center 3) Some fraternity brothers with a sorority girl or two (mind the ratio of course) 4) A kid by himself just grabbing a bite before class or the library


Simultaneously the best and worst thing about the typical Tech student is their work ethic. Most are so focused on getting that A and getting that job that they forget that part of the reason of going away to school is to live. Most different groups of students seem to interact ok. When I say that, I mean that there is very little interaction with people that don't directly know eachother, and its tough to have conflict if you act like noone else exists. Most Tech students are from the southeast and the eastern seaboard. They are typically upper-middleclass, and tend to lean right. However, not that many are actually politically aware or active. Many students here talk about how much they're be making in the future, I mean its the sole reason most are here, and its kinda depressing. When I say its depressing, I mean most students are so concerned with the future that they forget to have a good time in the present.


Very diverse crowd. English is spoken clearly about half the time. The rest is a rough attempt at English, or any other language imaginable. There's a huge split between Greek and non-Greek students, which is really lame, but the gap is shrinking. So there's the social kids who are either greek or not. Then there's a clique for each culture. Then there's the anti-social bookworms who sit alone, unless they find their nerdy soul's equal to accompany them since no one else can put up with them.


The student body is fairly diverse. Most students are obviously from Georgia but you will find quite a large number of minorities and international students. Despite all this, it's actually quite hard to meet people who are actually social and active. Someone who is expecting a typically outgoing college life will seriously be disappointed. There is pretty much nothing to do if you are not in greek life sad to say. Most ppl often hang out in cliques. Theres the CS majors, the frat guys, the internationals, and the average joes.


Georgia Tech is extremely diverse- you can find any type of person on campus. There is a huge variety of nations, races, and religions represented anywhere you go. Hence, there are clubs for just about any interest you could have. For instance, there are Indian student clubs, Muslim associations, Pride Alliance, etc. All types of students interact, partly because they have to be in situations with other students. However, most are glad to get to move outside their social bubble. There is also a wide variety of student financial backgrounds at Tech. Since the students pride themselves on being intellectual, they are usually quite politically aware. There is no predominant political view, but there are organizations for whatever position you take.


There are many different religious groups represented at tech - in my apartment there are two christians, one jew, and one muslim and we're all best friends. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at tech. We've got a little bit of everything from popular girls to frat boys to nerds to kids born in the wrong decade to athletes. Different types of people definitely do interact for example, in my freshman dorm, we had every type of person you could think of from classic tech nerds to gamers to sorority girls to druggies to varsity athletes to band kids and all of us were basically best friends by the end of the year. Most gt students are from georgia, but there are a fair amount from out of state as well; since it is a very well known engineering school, it draws in a lot of out of state-ers. Students are very aware that, coming out of gt, they can make a lot of money, and there are often heated debates about which major will make more money out of college.




The student body at Tech is really diverse. There were two international students on my floor, and someone of every race too. There are 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} boys and 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} girls at Tech, but guy/girl ratio evens out once you get involved in extracurriculars. About half of the kids I met were In-State students, and the rest were from all over the country. The moral makeup of the students is just as diverse as the students themselves, and no one should have a problem finding like-minded (or different-minded) people.


Tech has a very diverse student body. You'll find every type of person here. There is a place for everyone.


While most colleges tend to be on the liberal side, the GT student body is closer to being conservative. Clothing is very relaxed, jeans & t-shirt are the common uniform with hoodies in cold weather. Anyone coming from GT has the real potential to earn a decent salary in the work place, so there is no bragging about earnings.


No one feels out of place at Georgia Tech. When they tell you on the tour there is an organization for everyone, they mean it! From Rho Epsilon Delta (the fraternity of people with red hair) to Georgia Tech's philanthropy GT Heros, or the Indian Club and fashion club, there really is something for everyone. Attire to class depends on the students. You have the typical people who rolled out of bed and forgot to brush their teeth to the students who wouldn't be caught dead in anything that didn't look fratastic. Due to the large variety of cultures, different types of students are forced to interact. There's lots of group projects and depending on your major you have Senior Design which forces you to work with everyone. Most Georgia Tech students are either from out of state or out of the country. People come to Tech from literally all over the world. Students are very politically aware and active! Tech is so known for being active that Barack Obama came and spoke at our school! At the time, Tech gave him his largest crowd to the date! There is a large mix of political preference including Independents! Students always talk about how much money they will make one day since most students start off making more than most students will EVER make at other schools, like UGA.


There are so many different cultures mixed together on the Tech campus as well as a mix of personality types. In others no one would really feel left out on campus. Popular topics of converstions include academics, and future careers and wealth.


The Georgia Tech community is very diverse in race, culture, and religion. There are many nerds or socially awkward people. Many that never leave their dorm except for class and meals. Student organizations are good to meet "normal" people.


I love them! GT students have changed my life!


The best way to describe the student body is smart and hard-working.


Tech students come from all over the world, literally. My roommate this past year was from Indonesia. Being on Tech's campus, a student is offered a multicultural experience by just walking outside! Such a diversity serves to better Tech's campus and to open a student to new experiences.


Georgia Tech is VERY diverse. If you feel in need of expanding your cultural horizons, Georgia Tech is the place to do it! There are student organizations for every type of person. I can't imagine a single person feeling out of place at Georgia Tech...except maybe someone unintelligent?...or a UGA student...some Tech students will argue that that's the same thing! :) Most students wear whatever they want to class. Some students wear PJs, others wear business casual, but the common attire is T-shirts and jeans.


There are a lot of Asians here and that includes south asians. There is usually someone in your class in the dining hall, and most are friendly, as in you can sit down and have lunch with them. For the most part though a lot of students who are by themselves on occasion, keep to themselves.


The student body is very diverse. The fraternities are... well Fraternities. There are odd people, ok several odd people who I would not spend time with outside of class. The four tables in the dining hall in my opinion are.. foreigners, geeks, withdrawn people who eat alone and then the goof offs. No hot girls eat in the dining hall as they are all in Sororities. You never see hot girls after the first week again unless you are in a fraternity.


The Pride Alliance is very active on our campus. Atlanta has the third largest gay population in the US so we get a lot of controversy surrounding homosexuality on campus. My roommate freshman year was the Vice-President of Pride Alliance and she was always inviting members back to our room to hang out, so I got to know a lot of them pretty well. The biggest controversy is that several times every year, we get a large group of protesters on campus that march around holding signs that say "Homo Sex is Sin" and they yell it through mega-phones. Most students don't like them and they stop to argue with these people, but there is no reasoning with them.


Georgia Tech is a great place, full of diversity. There is every kind of person. The only kind of person who would feel out of place is one who isn't comfortable with diversity. If you can't handle different nationalities, personalities, religions, anything like that, it might be a struggle for you. We have students from all over the world.


one word... Diverse


Campus is very diverse, but I've never really seen any clashing between ethnic groups or anything like that. We had some evangelical religious protesters last semester, but there were counterprotesters, too. I don't think there would be any type of student that could feel out of place here, except someone who wasn't willing to do any work to earn their grades. People wear a lot of Georgia Tech clothing to class-- sweatshirts, free t-shirts, sweatpants, whatever. It shows spirit. In the dining hall, everyone pretty much sits with whomever they want. It's very common to see friends in the dining hall. I'd say about 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of Tech students are from Georgia, with Florida being the next-best represented state. There are a lot of international students, though! Financial backgrounds are usually middle-class. Many students are politically aware and active. We have a smattering of Libertarians, but most are either Democrats or Republicans, predominantly towards the right since we are in the religious south. Students do talk about their eventual salaries, but not terribly often.


They say that GT is so diverse, and that's true to a certain extent. There are dozens of countries represented here. But, also, there's a lot of middle class white people. So, it's not as diverse as they claim. We're in Midtown Atlanta, so the LGBT crowd feels comfortable. I think a lower class student would feel out of place. I kind of did because there are students with Mercedes! I'm by no means poor, but I felt more lowly than some, I'd say. Students wear whatever to class. Mostly jeans and the bazillion free shirts you get. Some come in pajamas, and some try to look nice. It's all about the personality of the student. Different types of students interact for sure - we're pretty much forced to because of all the projects we do. Four dining hall tables: one will be sorority girls and fraternity boys, another will be the male "gaming" crowd, a third will be Indian students and the fourth will be Chinese students. Most Georgia Tech students are from the US. Probably the Southeast (GA in particular), but not a majority, just most. Most students come from the middle class. Greek students tend to have more money than non-Greeks. Students are politically active and aware, but not as many as I would like. College students tend to be in a bubble of their own and maybe don't pay as much attention to the outside world until the end of college. Most students are Conservatives. After all, this is Georgia (part of the Bible belt) and it's mostly white kids with money. Students discuss money, sure, but it isn't the focus of why we're here.


I attend a Greek Bible study and am in a sorority. I think someone who is artsy and less engineering minded would feel out of place at Georgia Tech. Students wear jeans and t-shirts to class. Yes, different types of students interact though group projects. If there were four tables in the dinning hall, they would all be filled with freshman, because after your first year you never want to eat there again. One would probably have Greek students, two would be filled with random groups of friends, and the other would have people sitting alone doing studying or reading books. Most GT students are from Georgia or at least the south. Most students are from the upper class, but there are a fair amount from the middle class and very few from the lower class. Most students are too politically active and I think we are pretty even across the political view spectrum. Yes, students talk alot about how much they will be making when they get out - I think the average is around $55,000 a year, so that is really nice.


Most Georgia Tech students are from Atlanta or from Georgia somewhere. A person would feel out of place at Georgia Tech if they didn't enjoy studying and they didn't make friends easily.


Georgia Tech has a very diverse student body. There are also a lot of international students from areas in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Students of different backgrounds interacted fairly well, but there were certainly a lot of cliques. I thought the biggest social division was between "techies" and "non-techies." Just walking down the sidewalk you could see the divide fairly quickly, among both girls and guys. At the dining hall, people actually did enjoy interacting with their dorm-mates, and so there was a lot of ethical and social mixing. Even in my major I found myself interacting with a lot of different types of people. Most students at Georgia Tech are fairly apathetic and quite conservative when it comes to politics and other hot-button issues. There are definitely clubs to join if you want to voice your opinion on campus, but these groups tend not to make waves here compared to other campuses with a more liberal student population. Even though GT is a technical university, it's still in the Deep South. People who are vocal about their race, religion or sexual orientation do not have a huge influence on campus. While social clubs devoted to separating people by these characteristics had a large following, some of them did very little to reach out to the rest of the campus community -- except of course when there was a political, racial or sex-oriented controversy in the media. Most (60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}) of GT students are from Georgia. Among these Georgia residents, there are people from a wide range of financial backgrounds on account of GT being a public school. Among out-of-state students, most seemed to be more financially "comfortable." From day one you could pick out the people who came here because of a sincere interest in advancing the technical world and those who came here in hopes of earning a high-paying job. In this way, there was a lot of obsession with becoming professionally and financially successful, but I liked it because it fostered a healthy level of competition.


My experience with most other groups has been minimal. Occasionally, we see rallies or protests from one of them, but thats it. I honestly don't know who would feel out of place, but my best guess would be someone who is just looking to party all day and doesn't want to do any work. Most students wear very casual clothes, such as basketball shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and hoodies. Yes, different types of students interact. One table has all the athletes, one has all the freshmen and their PL's, one has the students who are upperclassmen, and then there is one table with the people that are anti-social and don't talk to anyone. Most Georgia Tech students are from within Georgia. Most students have solid financial backgrounds and are middle class. Students are politically aware and active. I don't know which side students favor politically. Yes, students talk about how much money they will make one day, but who doesn't?


Being an out lesbian on campus I have found Tech is very accepting to different social and racial backgrounds. At Tech I believe all students are accepted on campus.