Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus.


My classmates are a diverse group, but all with very high levels of intelligence.


My classmates are driven, hard-working, and ambitious young professionals. Georgia Tech is incredibly rigorous and every student there is extremely determined. Being successful in such a demanding school is a huge accomplishment for all of us.


Georgia Tech has fairly large international presence in terms of racial demographics, although mostly white, of course. Many of the other kinds of demographics are also fairly balanced. If you get accepted into Georgia Tech, there is definitely some kind of group, club, or clique to be apart of no matter what.


My classmates are extremely driven individuals that give off a sense of intimidation, but in reality they are more than willing to help.


My classmates and peers are several of the world's brightest, most ingenious, and cultured students in the world that strive to become successful not only in their studies at Georgia Tech, but also incredibly successful in the community, whether it be working on philanthropy projects or becoming involved in student-led organizations.


Very intelligent, but most struggle socially.


Georgia Tech students are very driven and motivated; they strive to excel academically in their 4 or 5 years at Georgia Tech because they know they will be rewarded upon graduating and receiving a degree from our prestigious university.


Student are very studious and have a straight forward goal to be successful in life.


Students in my class mostly keep to themselves and form their own groups.


My classmates are extremely ambitious and goal-oriented; students who attend Georgia Tech are mostly analytical thinkers and excel in math and sciences.