Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


You are sitting at the dining hall eating with friends. One table over is a group of males eating and holding some sort of nerdy/intellectual conversation. The next table contains more males from some fraternity. The next table is another group of males, but this time with one or two females in the group, following every bit and keeping up with the males in their nerdy/intellectual discussion, if not leading the group. One table over, someone is typing away furiosly on a laptop over a WiFi connection, either checking fantasy scores or talking on AIM. At the next table, some people have hooked up a television and Game Cube and are playing Smash Brothers Melee. In the corner of the room, someone is sitting quietly studying or writing a paper, again with a laptop on the table in front of them. Meanwhile, back at my table, Scott is standing on the table driving around a remote control car that he has duck-taped inside a Cheerios box, having cut out four holes for the wheels. Andy is trying to trick people into eating styrofoam by cutting a plate into slices and calling it a "pie." Some people are waiting in line because the guy who cooks the pasta is back from break, or this is the morning they cook blueberry pancakes and bacon. Some people are standing around amused at the Cheerios box which is weaving through tables and people, while the lady who swipes buzzcards at the door is giving us the evil eye because she recognizes we are the group that always trys to take way more than one desert from the tray on the way out the door. I've met all kinds of people at Georgia Tech, but the largest minority groups around campus are Asians and Indians. Politically, I was quickly surprised to find the middle ground was further right than I expected. Sure its Georgia, but I'd come to expect the stereotype of major universities as far left havens. Though actually, It is a very laid back environment. Political conversations come up just as often as another other subject, but its often about a particular candidate, and people seem to have a pretty open mind, at least among the friends I made at Tech. "Party of bad ideas vs. the party of no ideas," as a friend recently put it. Extreme Liberals and Conservatives can of course be found among the student body, and there are clubs and groups for those seeking to get involved. Mitt Romney and Obama have recently campaigned on campus.


I am part of Hispanic as well as women organizations on campus. There are many organizations on campus that deal with every subject and every interest. Most students don't really care what they wear to class and you rarely find anyone dressed up or with make up on. Georgia Tech students are very interested in learning and not so much in their appearance. Different students tend to interact but in general they tend to find their own niches based on social or ethnic groups. Most Georgia Tech students are from middle to upper middle class families where education has been enforced and encouraged since very young. They tend to either be from Georgia or from the North East. Students are very politically aware on campus and there are various activities on Skiles Walkway that help show their politically activism. Students here are usually in the center. Students always talk about the fact that they will earn a lot of money coming out of college because they have en engineering degree from Georgia Tech.


Very diverse - not black and white but international. Greek life is more homogeneous.