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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Gettysburg College students seem to follow the motto work hard, play harder. There is not much to do in town, since the main focus is tourism. Therefore, there is a lot of drinking and partying on campus, especially on the weekends. You do not have to be Greek to go to frat houses, so most people feel included, even if they are not Greek. Students who prefer not to drink are in the large minority, but it is still possible to find things to do. There is a group for students who prefer not to drink called "R.I.S.E." and they often host events. The campus also has a nightclub type establishment that hosts dances, parties, etc. and serves free drinks and alcohol to students of age. If you want to find something to do on the weekend, be it with drinking or not, you will certainly be able to.


Gettysburg has a second year rush: meaning first-years can't be members of Greek-Life and pledge at the beginning of their Sophomore year. If you pledge, you will get into a fraternity or sorority. Despite the second year rush, 40% of students are involved in Greek Life. Its a big part of campus life, and if you're not a part of that scene, you're on your own for night time activities. Any girl can get into the frat parties, however independent men may have some problems. There are usually dances most weekends in the on-campus 'nightclub' The Attic. However, Gettysburg is not a dry campus. We have a thing called 'host provider,' aimed at getting students to do social as opposed to binge drinking. The way it works is if you're over 21, at most school sponsored events you'll get a wristband good for a couple free beers. We recently had a comedian on campus (we get 3-4 of those a year,) and laughed as he realized that the school was giving kids beer at his show. Anyway, there are a lot of clubs on campus: community service is huge- with over 50% of campus volunteering in the community or in DC. Over breaks the Center for Public Service offers immersion projects to cities all over the US and to South America. I'm involved with Dance Ensemble, a completely student run organization that offers dance classes to all students (with or without experience dancing.) You can take a swing, belly dancing, hip hop, salsa, jazz, tap, ballet, African... anything, then at the end of the semester we have a big show. I'm also involved with Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity dedicated to leading service projects and offering man-power to people needing volunteers. Both clubs have over 130 people, but there are so many more clubs; and, you can always start your own. Three of my good friends have started clubs on campus. We have guest speakers all the time, usually standing room only. Each department brings people in. Athletic events are popular with the athletic crowd, not very many other people go; and its the same with theater. The first-year resident halls are the only traditional 'dorms' on campus, the rest are refurbished houses or motels or college apartment buildings. In the dorms people leave their doors open, but few others do. If you're awake at 2 AM on a Tuesday night, you're probably up doing homework. Gettysburg is not an easy school, you have to do your work. There are a lot of little traditions- one of the first you'll run into on campus is the "First Year Walk," when, during orientation, the entire incoming class walks to the cemetery where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. Other traditions include crab fest, snow ball and spring fest.


Don't be a freshman guy and expect to get anywhere near the inside of a fraternity your first semester unless you are surrounded by more females than you have fingers. There are many school-sponsored activities on campus and at host provider events, alcohol is served to those 21+. The freshman dorms are completely dry and RA's on every floor enforce this policy. Last year there was an RA who served a little wine with dinner to a few of his residents, when Residence Life found out, he was fired. The RA's function more like police than community builders. You can't trust them anymore. As an upperclassmen involved in greek life, G-Burg has plenty to offer and is one of the most enjoyable schools to party at.


campus events - anything from sporting events, greek events to theatre events and campus speakers are very popular - everyone is very relaxed and very friendly on campus -


Inside the residence halls, most students leave their rooms open.


Gettysburg has millions of things going on at once. Traditions include Thanksgiving dinner at the dining hall where you get endless turkey, stuffing, pie and more and professors serve you; Springfest happens in late April: a weekend of music, drinking, food and fun. On any normal weekend, you can go to any number of frats for a party, and you'll get free beer or jungle juice, but most people pre-game frat parties. Older students are at the local bar, Mamma's, or $2 pitchers of Natty on Tuesdays at The Pub. Because almost no one lives off campus, you don't have to walk far to find something fun.


Mainly revolve around Greek system. Little social activity exists outside of fraternities and sororities.


Greek life is popular if you're into that. Personally I hate it. There are a lot of clubs to choose from, and many are very active. Dance Ensemble is a completely student run club that is choreagraphed and taught by students. Students who join learn dances and have a performance at the end of the semester. You don't need any experience to join. I did this a couple semesters. I'm also part of Japan Club, and we hold a lot of Japan-related events throughout the year. We have a Pocky Sale as a fundraiser, and we plan trips to Sakura Matsuri in the spring in Washington DC. We also hold bi-weekly movie nights and have had sushi parties in the past. Students I think only leave their doors open freshman year. Many upperclassmen housing isn't good to leave doors open anyway because then you're just open to the public for everyone to see. I'm not sure about athletic events, because I never go, but I think our lacrosse team is good, so those games are popular. Guest speakers are sometimes popular, depending on who it is. I personally love going to the theater productions. I can't give any firsthand experience about dating on campus because I've had the same boyfriend from home for the past 3 years. I met my closest friends from Japan Club and classes we took together. Also some mutual friends. If I'm awake on a Tuesday at 2AM, I am either procrastinating and don't want to sleep or staying up to finish homework. A lot of clubs and organizations hold yearly events, but probably the main campus events I can think of are Crab Fest (the cafeteria serves crab legs), the fall concert (one of the organizations on campus books a famous band), the Snow Ball (an annual semi-formal dance), and Spring Fest (bands, clubs with tables, free food, caricatures, etc.) I think there are a lot of hard partiers on campus, but there are also people who don't drink at all or only occasionally.


The social scene at Gettysburg is mainly run by Greek life. People are very social at Gettysburg and athletic teams are also very social as a group. I do not know much that is offered on campus during the weekend that alcohol is not present at but the parties with alcohol are open to those who do not like drinking but maybe stop by a fraternity to dance.


Greek organizations are pretty large, but there are plenty of independents. There are lots of people who party, and also many who don't drink. Many people go with their friends to events on campus, whether it is a play, guest speaker or football game.


Fraternities and sororities are a pretty big part of this campus, I think. I didn't realize it until I decided to join one. When I first came to Gettysburg (and even before) I never considered joining in the greek life. I was actually against it. I saw movies and tv shows that made the greek life look stupid in my eyes: drinking all the time; getting drunk and doing stupid things, followed by getting in trouble; being loud and obnoxious to the people trying to study and sleep; hazing; fraternities making rude comments to girls as they pass by the houses; sisters being nasty to other girls and being flirtatious with every boy that crosses their path. However, not ALL the sororities and fraternities are like that. Despite the stereotype, the greek life that I've experience is much different. I would have never known how wrong the movies are if I hadn't joined the greek life. I see friendships that will last me for a long time. I see support when I feel like I'm falling. I see love for who I am. I see respect and politeness. I see a light when I'm lost. I see my family. I would definitely urge people not to dive head first into this life, but to definitely look into what it has to offer. Yes, the greek life isn't for everyone, and you may think it's not for you. But after having a negative image of the greek life and then giving it a try, I realized that going greek is one of the best choices I've made so far.


(frats = the only good parties at G burg) so let what works thrive


-all sports teams and most fraternities enjoy a degree of popularity -in order to survive you need to have some connection to a team of frat


There are many opportunities for involvement on campus.


There is no dating scene here. Guys cheat on their girlfriends, even when their girlfriends go to this school. Fraternities are extremely important, as our sororities. The statistics Gettysburg gives about how many people are in them are very unaccurate. Sororities also have an asburd rush process, leaving many girls out and getting away with things such as ripping up bids of girls they don't personally like. People party 3-5 nights a week and some probably 6 or more. There is nothing to do on a Saturday night that does not involve drinking, as our library closes at 8 pm and does not reopen until Sunday at 10 am. The only non drinking Saturday activities are staying in and going to bed, real fun.


Intramural sports are huge on campus. Almost everyone I know has played on at least one team. Greek life is also a big thing on campus. Springfest happens every spring and is amazing.


people are very friendly here, especially freshmen year. there is a lot of greek activity, 70% of the people pledge or are somehow involved. sports are pretty popular. they do try to offer non drinking activities but its not as easy to find as beer.


The campus activities board at Gettysburg does a fairly good job of bringing interesting movies and concerts to Gettysburg. However, the vast majority of students do go to the fraternities, some up to five nights a week. Binge drinking is huge here, and if you don't like getting drunk and going from fraternity to fraternity then you won't like it here. I personally have been "out" once or twice here and its not fun or relaxing. Girls dress in short skirts and guys dress in their best polos, and everyone gets very drunk. Playing beer pong is a common game. Fraternities and sororities are huge here. If women were allowed to live in sorority houses, the problem would be even bigger here. The fraternities are the only source of entertainment here, unless you like to sit around and play video games with other like-minded people. I personally have had a difficult time finding friends who don't want to go out at least twice a week.


There are some things to do without alcohol, but not much. I personally do not drink. Although I am of age, I cannot take this risk because it could hinder my chances of receiving my teaching certification. People party all the time. It's hard to go anywhere on any day of the week without finding someone with some excuse for drinking. It's not so much because people are in fraternities or sororities, but people just get trashed here. To be honest, I'm concerned about some people's well being when they graduate college. They drink so often and so much that it's going to be problematic after they have left the "college scene."


I've met so many different people in the past three years, which has been a great learning experience. Even though the majority of the population is from the East Coast, there are students here from all over the U.S. and the world. I work with students from as far away as Nepal and Japan. Gettysburg students are very politically involved and there is Friendships that last forever are formed in first year dorms. That's where I met my closest friends. Our sophomore year, 10 of us lived in a theme house, where we had a lot of independence and were also responsible for planning campus events, which made us incredibly close. Four of us studied abroad together and for our senior year we will all have an apartment. Gettysburg is very tradition oriented. Every fall we have Crabfest, where we bring in 600 pounds of crab and have a huge picnic. We also have Thanksgiving dinner, where faculty and staff serve the students a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a whole turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Every winter we have Snowball, our campus formal dance with a live swing band and the last weekend before finals we have Springfest, a huge party with games, concerts and lots of food. If it's 2 am on a Tuesday night and I'm still up, I'm in the library studying and enjoying the free hot chocolate and coffee that they bring out at midnight.


There are several groups on campus for any student to get involved in, from fraternities and sororities to interest groups. There is something for everyone. Several of these groups provide activities on the weekends so that students who don't drink can still have a lot of fun. Some of these activities have included bringing a comedian to campus, bands, and game nights, and everyone's nights.


Gettysburg is best known for the men's lacrosse team, however, almost all athletic programs are very strong. many students attend campus activity events or even travel for playoff competitions. Most students are also athletes. students will lelave personal belongings in the library for extended periods of time, but would not leave their dorm rooms open. my closest friends lived in my freshman dorm. people party about 2 or 3 nights a week. fraternities and sororities are relatively important, but not a must.


Many students are involved in Greek life on campus but students cannot rush a sorority or fraternity until the start of their sophomore year. Because of this, first year students get involved in sports, intramurals, student senate, the campus activities board, and community service organizations. The students generally remain members of these organizations throughout their four years at Gettysburg. Many first year students develop their friendships through their first year dorm and attend sporting events and other social events together. A party can usually be found every night of the week at Gettysburg but there are non-drinking activities offered every weekend through events at the Attic and The Junction as well as local activities and events in town.


Fraternity life is a huge part of campus and most people are involved in it. I am an SAE brother and am best friends with everyone in my pledge class. We hang out pretty much everyday of the week. People at Gettysburg party Wednesday Friday and Saturday, however, pretty much every day during the week there are a group of people drinking and you can always find someone to drink with. However, if you do not want to drink, it is very easy to find something else to do, like going to the movies or watching a movie.


Gettysburg is great for any kind of social life. If you want to drink and party, there are definitley places to do that. If you don't, there are other things to do, but you'll probably be the minority on most weekends. I met my closest friends at Gettysburg through the floor of my dorm freshmen year. I still live with people I met on my floor. I also met great friends through Bible studies I'm involved with and through the tennis team. The tennis team is something that I think is special to my Gettysburg experience. The men's and women's tennis teams act as one big team and we have a lot of fun. We're not the best teams in the conference, but we're good players and we work hard. Every year we go to South Carolina for spring breaks and I'll take a bunch of memories away from each trip. Being captain my last two years of college has helped me learn leadership skills as well as how to get along and lead all different kinds of people. I've learned to be less judgmental and more understanding of people's needs. If you saw the men's and women's tennis teams out to eat, we probably just look like a bunch of random people; you wouldn't know we all played tennis. However, that's what makes it so much fun. We probably wouldn't have hung out together if it wouldn't have been for tennis, but the mix of different people provides for a ton of laughing, which is my favorite thing to do.


Gettysburg is a VERY social campus and students generally are able to find their closest friends through whichever activities they choose to become a part of whether that be Athletics, Theatre, Greek Life, etc. Greek life is very popular on my campus, but that's not to say that if you don't join a greek organization that you won't have friends or a social life. Although some of my best friends are also sisters, i still have some AMAZING friends who have different affiliations than me. Although there is definately a party scene on campus it is balance with academics - but you can usually find a party if that's what you're in the mood for. But in addition to partying, the campus activities board (CAB) hosts plenty of events for students both during the week, and on the weekend. These include concerts, movie nights, late night programming, game nights, and a bunch of other stuff that i can't really think of right now.


There are many activities on campus for students. A LARGE majority of the student body participate or at one time participated in either the club level or DIII intercollegiate athletics program. Gettysburg's sports teams are all very successful. Greek life definitley has a presence on campus as well. On any given night, students can usually find something to do. House parties are not very common, because most students do not live off campus until their senior year. (and off campus usually means renting a house - a half mile, at most - from the center of campus) Fraternities host most of the parties on campus, and occasionally senior's houses.


People work hard and play hard here.


Being in a rural area in a small town, Gettysburg College has the reputation of being a party school. Luckily for those of us who aren't into the party scene, there are three movie theaters in town and many attractions within driving range. Washington DC is only 75 miles way. Baltimore is an hour away, while Philadelphia and New York City are 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours away. Since Greek life is such a large part of campus, most parties are at the frat houses. There is always something going on at the frats every night of the week. Being part of the softball team has been a great experience for me. All the girls on the team get along very well. Coming to a school where I knew no one, I quickly made friends with my teammates. Having this constant solid group of friends has been a great support while at college. I love being part of a team here and it has made my college experience worth while.


im involved mostly in athletics. yes people leave their doors open. athletics events vary in popularity depending on the opponent, but they are not that popular, guest speakers can be but mostly for classes, theater is not. the dating scene is hard to penetrate, but there are a large amount of couples. my closest friends are on my floor and my team. i'm not! there are a large number of traditions. people party depending on the amount they want to, the average is probably 2 nights a week, but it can range from 0-6. frats are very, sororities moderately. partied and whent to the lax game. movies, the attic, hang-out etc. nothing off campus except shop.


Greek life is a huge part of social life on this campus. You don't necessarily have to be a member of a frat or sorority but it certainly doesn't hurt because most of the parties on campus are in the frat houses. The school always has things to do on the weekend that don't involve drinking and some students choose not to go out on the weekends, but most students party on the weekends and sometimes during the week. There's not much to do off-campus, unless it's a party in someone's house that is technically off-campus (meaning about a block away). The school does a nice job of creating communities within the first year dorms (that is how I met some of the good friends I still have now), but don't do the same for upperclassmen buildings.


Sports are very popular to take part in here!


Most friends at Gettysburg are made within the first year. First year halls are not only a breeding ground for illness, but for friendship as well. As soon as you receive your email address from Gettysburg, the first thing you do is make/update your facebook account. This leads to excessive amounts of friending, and many of the people you meet via facebook won't actually be your friends in real life. Of course, due to the small nature of the school, you will know all of your facebook friends, but just not hang out with them. There's honestly not much to do on a weekend that doesn't involve drinking. The school (bless it's heart) tries to prove alternative activites for it's students, but let's be honest, no one goes to Midnight Madness sober. Much of the partying at Gettysburg revolves around Greek Life. It's certainly not necessary to be part of a greek organization to get into parties, but it definately helps. Plus, if you're a member of a greek organization you're allowed to attend mixers, which as any greek life student can tell you, are a never ending source of stories and bad life decisions. However, if you want an activity that doesn't revolve around drinking, you just have to be creative. Take a drive into Baltimore, catch a mainstream movie at one of the theatre in town or an independent film at the newly rennovated Majestic. Take a ghost tour, attend bluegrass night at the bluegrass store, have a scavenger hunt at the 24 hour Walmart, go to the also 24 hour Lincoln Diner (or LD's, for short), bake cookies ... Whatever you can think of. Finding something to do is just a matter of being creative. Spring Fest is probably the highlight of the year at Gettysburg. There's hype about it months before it actually happens, and although so much hype would normally lead to disappointment, Spring Fest always delivers. To be honest, much of the fun of Spring Fest comes from doing Jell-o shots for breakfast an not being sober until 2 days later. But the college gives us bands to listen to, blow-up carnival rides to puke on, and carts and carts of delicous fried food to settle our stomachs. If you're 21, you can even go to the beer cart and get free drinks. Hoorah!


Greek life is a big part of G'burg. I was a member of a sorority and enjoyed every minute of it. However, all of my roommates were independents. So by no means does Greek life dictate a person's social group or their experience at Gettysburg. My roommates had an awesome time on the weekends too! I actually met my closest friends my freshman year and my sophomore year through the sorority recruitment process. The dating scene is good, I met my boyfriend my freshman year at a party, and we are still together. If I was awake at 2am on a Tuesday my freshman-sophomore year, I was probably at the library. But senior year, Tuesday night was LIT night at Mama's! (a local bar)


The most popular organizations on campus are the various Greek organizations. Greek life dominates the social scene, and is basically inescapable when looking for something to do on the weekends. There are 13 fraternities and 5 sororities, and generally there is some party going on where one can enjoy themselves. As sororities cannot have houses, fraternity parties tend to define weekends, but Greek life is certainly not as sports- and wealth-centric as it is portrayed either in film or in rumor. Athletic events tend to draw a lot of attention from about half of the campus, the other half staying astoundingly unaware of anything going on. Despite the influx of alumni for football games, it is remarkably easy to never realize there is a game being played on campus. Shots in the Dark, the improv comedy club, has been a huge factor in my college career. First semester of my freshman year I lived in a theme house with other upperclassmen from the club, and my role as one of the six regulars in our performance troupe has earned me what reputation I have on campus. I am also heavily involved with the Pan Fried Funk, the ultimate frisbee club, both the coed and men's teams. In a large sense, the Funk has been my family at college, taking me in the second week of my freshman year, when practice started, and giving me a standing invitation at their house. This extends to every member of the club, and every friend of the team. You could say that it is clique-ish, but I find it more to have been a foundation, from which I can branch out and experience the rest of college, while having a large group of friends that I can fall back on. The frisbee players that live in the Funk theme house often go to meals at the dining hall together, prompting people who live on their own to join up with them for meals there, which is a welcome cameraderie in the crowded dining hall. Dating at Gettysburg is hard to define. Some people date for a few weeks, some people form semester or year-long relationships, and other people seem to just hook up at parties and never speak again. My freshman year was spent in a long-distance relationship, and this seems to be typical, maybe as many as 25% of freshman disinterested in the dating scene. On a saturday night that doesn't involve drinking, your main option is to hang out with your friends, and hope they don't decide that beer pong is the only thing left to do. If you plan to not drink or party, it would be a good idea to come to Gettysburg already with ideas for things to do alone, or things to do with other people who don't drink. My freshman year, I mostly watched movies with my friends, or played board games. Now, I party a lot more, but it came with the realization that there are fraternities that are worth being around.


Yes, we leave our doors open. This was one of my favorite things about my hall freshman year. Because you live with the students in your seminar, you all become friends very quickly, and at least in my experiences, everyone is welcome in everyone else's room. I live my life at the library and the theatre, essentially. This is not to say that I don't have a social life. I spend a lot of free time during the day at the library because it's one of the most productive places on campus, and I am, with one B+ as the exception, a straight-A student. Otherwise, I tend to over-commit myself to rehearsals, but that's alright because since coming here I found that I love to perform. There's a huge music program that holds frequent concerts in The Majestic theatre in town. There are movie nights in the College Union Building and dances at The Attic. Snowball is a yearly tradition, a semi-formal winter dance with a live swing band, held in the college ballroom. A lot of more typical weekend nights are spent just hanging out with friends in the dorms, watching a movie or playing games. Off campus, there are lots of restaurants and shops and a movie theatre not too far away. It's very possible to have a social life without partying too hard. Greek life is big, and people drink, yes. But if that's not your thing (it's certianly not mine) you won't be bored, I promise.


Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity, is a huge group on campus, and do a ton of volunteer work and other sorts of service. Personally, I'm involved in Amnesty International, which has really been increasing in size and is an active part of the community. There is also Peace Club, which draws in a lot of students, GECO (the environmental concerns group), NAACP, and Black Student Union, all of which get a lot of support. In the dorms, they're really open, people leave their dorms open and hang out all the time. If I'm awake on a Tuesday at 2AM I'll be hanging out with a few people chatting in someone's room, or watching a movie. I met my closest friends on my freshman hall, which was really convenient, so I had a really great dorm experience. Greek life here is huge. About half the student body pledges. There is life outside of it, though, both myself and the majority of my friends avoided that scene. Last weekend I had a party in a friend's room one night, and the next night I went out dancing at a frat and then just hung out. There isn't much to do outside of drinking; there are movies, video games, being weird with your friends, which all works well, but if you get bored easily, then you will. And there's nothing to do off campus.


The social life at Gettysburg revolves around the Greek system. There are approximately 800 Greeks out of 2600 total students. There really aren't many "house parties" or anything. If the fraternity houses aren't open than the party scene is pretty dead. Every spring the biggest party weekend of the semester is Springfest. The school usually brings in sponsors and the fraternities are allowed to set up fences and drink outside all weekend. The Campus Activities Board arranges events on the weekend for those who do not want to drink, such as movie nights, concerts, and Midnight Madness, where the dining hall is open until 2 AM with hot dogs, chicken fingers, etc. Since the majority of students on campus are either on an athletic team or participate in intramural sports, athletic events usually garner pretty good attendance figures, especially football, basketball, and lacrosse games.


I leave my door open if I'm staying on the hall. We haven't had any problems with theft yet this year which makes me feel a lot more comfortable do that. I don't even think about it any more. My two best friends are my roomate and someone I met completely randomly. My other closest friends are my next door neighbors. Greek life is huge on Gettysburg campus - all my guy friends are either brothers in a fraternity or plan to rush in the fall. I sometimes feel pressured to pledge a sorority, but I know I don't want to and won't be looked down upon if I don't. All parties that take place on campus are frat parties.


People are really open here. dorm doors are always left open so wander in and say hello. frats dominate the social scene. socializing is centered around drinking so get your tolerance up! poeple usually go out about 3-4 nights a week depending on what they have the next morning. On any given day you can find a party if your looking. This school likes to have a good time. weekends are slow and nothing really happens. theres always speakers to go see if your interested/motivated i ysaw a hip hop speaker talk about todays music recentltly t was really interesting. nothing goes on off campus.


intramural basketball, colleges against cancer, fraternities intramural basketball kept me active, met a lot of new kids on campus yes, from my experience the doors are open because students want passerbys to stop in never been to theater, athletic events are pretty big, guest speakers are sometimes manditory you will meet many people around campus and especially going out on weekends, so many relationships, some serious some not, will develop roomate, his friend from back home, kids next door, my friends from back home watching tv or on my laptop you can find a party every night of the week if u want, wed. fri sat are big fraternities are the social scene, especially as a freshman hung out in the dorm, went to frats, went to lincoln diner to eat activities such as midnight madness, snowball, and such are always available walmart, food, occasional movie


Social life revolves around the frats. Weekends start on Wednesdays and so does drinking. There are other activities (coffee houses, movies, midnight madness) that offer alternatives to drinking, but most students don't choose to participate in them.


Greek life is big on campus - but you dont rush until your sophmore year - which i think is nice because it gives you a chance to get to know people and your surroundings before being rushed into one frat/sorotity. then you can think about whether you want to join one / which one. also gives you somthing to look foward to your sophomre year I am part of Collages against cancer - great small club working to spread awarness People party in different amounts. it is common to go out both fri and sat and even once pr twice during the week. In these cases you would be going to frats and there would be lots of drinking. there are other things to do tho - pleanty of nights organized by various clubs to attend.


Athletic teams are a big part of campus as well as greek life. Fraternities and soririties are a popular choice and many people are involved. I am a part of the dance team at Gettysburg that performs at half time of men and womens basketball games. Dance team is tryout based. I am also part of dance ensamble which is the dance club on campus that anyone can be a part of. It consists of many different classes that meet once a week and put on a show at the end of each semester. I met most of my really close friends on my floor and the others i met through various groups and classes. one of the most popular tradition is the first year walk where the freshman class walks from campus to the graveyard and there are speeches and a recitation of the Gettysburg address. There is also convocation in the first few days of orientation.


most students leave their doors open, despite what you may think halls become a close knit family... yes you dont like some people but everyone seems to fall into place. if your athletic you will go to athletic events and drag your nonathletic friends with you. my closest friends live on my floor- a couple doors down. awake at 2am on a tuesday? i lost track of time laughing in my room with friends about everything, or im playing video games with the boys down the hall, or i heard about a good party and decided to go and be back early enough so i could wake up for class in the morning! GO TO CLASS. people party often- im sure if you felt like partying, any night of the week, you could find one somewhere- wednesdays, thursdays, fridays and saturdays are most popular. greek life is big at gettysburg. last weekend: friday- went out to dinner and a movie (girls night), i went to a frat party and then went to gettysburgs diner at 4am- busy night- saturday- did laundry and went to bed early! on a saturday night- there are many events hosted by the college, such as non alcoholic parties hosted at the colleges nightclub the attic, or movie nights in the junction, going out to the diner or pizza house, hanging out with friends in the dorm, exploring campus, ghost hunting? theres always something to do!


If students decide to join an activity outside of academics, I'd say that they most common choices include an athletic team (be it varsity, club, or intramural), Greek Life, campus activities board, or finding a job on campus. Students in first year dorms tend to leave their doors open so by the end of the first semester, many close relationships have developed between students. I've met my closest friends so far through my first-year housing assignment and by playing on the women's soccer team. People party on all days but the most popular are Wednesday and the weekends. Fraternities are where most people go on the weekends because sororities aren't allowed to have community housing. It is rare that I need to go off campus but when I do, my friends and I go to Walmart or Giant to get out errands done or a cafe for breakfast on Sunday mornings.


I am not envolved in anything on campus nothing has really peaked my interest.


Greek life is a major part of the social life of Gettysburg. Sports teams are also very popular and each team becomes very close over their season. I am part of the track team and we are very much a "family" so to speak. Certain events like football games, soccer games and basketball games are very popular. The doors on my hall are always left open and we are all usually crammed into one room hanging out. It is very open and friendly. Gettysburg college is not known for its dating scene. It has the reputation of being a "hook up" college and that is very much true. Long relationships usually are not found here. I met my closest friends during the first week of school when we did bonding activities with the people on my hall. We all live together and we get along great. During the weekdays people do stay up late and usually watch movies or talk in the hall. On Wednesdays and Thursdays have traditions of opening up so many people choose to go there as well. Some of the traditions include Relay for Life (cancer event) and Spring Fest. Spring Fest is when all the fraternities set up fences around their houses and play games and hang out all weekend. People party a lot but most of it is on the weekends. I only party on the weekends and when I do I got o the fraternities. There are other things to do besides party though. Every weekend night there is a special movie and there are themed parties at the Attic (the schools club). Occasionally there is also game night. Off campus there are nice eating places and when it is nice out there is a nice park near by to bike in or hike.