Goodwin College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Unfortunately in today's day in age, financially this school is expensive. Working full time and going to school 3/4 time the scheduling in my life gets hectic. Their financial aid office is accomodating and will give ideas and suggestions about FAFSA and scholarships. I feel they really want to see you succeed and attend their school, but also be stable financially as well.


The worst thing about my school is the communication between offices. The registrar, departments, and so on do not seem to communicate well with each other especially if missing information.


I would say the only "bad" thing about Goodwin is that in order to apply to the nursing program I am required to take courses that I feel I have comparably taken in the past already but did not transfer over or the level course is not the equivalent to Goodwins. I have my B.S. from Uconn so I have many years of classes under my belt so it is frustrating to feel this sets me back a little further from obtaining my BSN, however I am very pleased with the reputation that Goodwin has in the nursing department!


My tuition is through the roof because they cater to inner city families as opposed to students who have to work for a living. All of the people who come here for free are problematic, often disruptive and professors are suckers for letting them make up work when they skip classes


The worst thing about Goodwin College is their Business Office. Everyone in the school is incredibly helpful and friendly, doing everything they can to help you succeed. The Business Office is the exception. They are rude, unfriendly, and it's difficult to get ahold of anyone when you need help. Maybe they people who work there appear to be rude because all the other staff is so friendly and helpful.


I think that the worst thing about Goodwin College is that it costs a lot and you have to take out a decent amount of student loans in order to cover that cost. I wish that it was a lower cost school but I appreciate that the campus is new and the equipment that we use is great equipment. I feel like I worry less about the cost because I am surrounded by a great faculty and excellent campus.


I consider the worst thing about Goodwin College to be its retention rate, which currently stands at 57%, and its graduation rate, which is currently 27%. These two percentages are way below the Connecticut average, and I do not feel that they make a great statement about the school. What future student would want to attend a college where only nearly half the current amount of students actually graduate? I just do not believe that those numbers make a great reputation for the school.


The only thing I would complain about would be the cost, it is a bit pricey in comparison to some other accredited schools nearby.


There is not enough resources and people helping students with scholarships and alternative ways to pay for tuition beside taking out a loan.


Goodwin College provides many opportunities for the students, such as flexible schedules, on-line courses etc. My only concern about Goodwin College is Financial. I think the worst thing is that school is a little expensive for me.


The worst thing about goodwin is the number of classes offered. Registration is not online makeing it very difficult to choice classes.