Grace Bible College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is very small and personal and full of friendly people and close knit and lovely.


A Christ-seeking community pursuing to successfully graudate Godly invidivuals prepared to serve God in the community and church.


Grace Bible College is an amzing school, it is a very close group of people were all are frineds and the professors care about you as a person not just a student.


Grace Bible College is a small friendly college with a friendly atmosphere; all of the students, faculty members, and professors are very loving and they care for each individual personally.


Grace Bible College is a college devoted to excellence. Community life is above and beyond what most will experience on another college campus. The faculty here expects a high level of excellence with preperation for the future in mind. Much of the projects, papers, and lectures are focused on information necessary for your career and life. A moment in the classroom at Grace Bible College does not go to waste as the faculty and staff are focused on the life of the student and the will of God.


Grace Bible College is a small school with a huge community feel that prepares its students for a life devoted to following Christ in their community, in their workplace, in their home, in their heart.