Grand Canyon University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is professional


Most of the students are friendly and have respected my beliefs and opinions, vice versa. However, many students were so determined and motivated to do great in classes and help their peers as much as they could.


My school is on the smaller side but the students are all friendly and very social when out and about on campus.


My classmates are eager to learn more about the curriculum in order to learn more about who they are.


My classmates are good people with great minds and everyone gets along.


Classmates at Grand Canyon University are convivial, communicative, and make the college life at GCU uplifting and enjoyable throughout each semester.


The students at Grand Canyon University come from all backgrounds. As a online student, I always found a tutor that would help me succeed in my classes. Students at GCU were always willing to work together if needed, I really enjoyed working with them.


Every student at Grand Canyon University is friendly. Because of the size of the school, its easy to run into your friends and get the chance to meet new people from different backgrounds.


Due to the fact that I am an Online student I communicate with my classmates in an Online environment.


My classmates are amazing, they are all around my age, getting back into school to better themselves and the world that they live in.


My classmates were very mature and kind. They also worked well in group activities, thus, my classes worked efficiently. When a teacher asks questions, most of my classmates were eager to give answers. Overall, they showed me how different a college classroom is compared to high school classes.


The other students that I have encountered at Grand Canyon University are a diverse of group of individuals haling from all walks of life; many nationalities, many age groups, and many different reasons for seeking higher education.


My classmates are open-minded, diverse, strong individuals that strive to learn not only about the materials covered in class but also about themselves as people and their peers.


Young and inexperienced but most are eager to learn.


I believe my classmates to be determined, skilled, and ambitious.They are Goal-oriented and thriving for a better future. My classmates are courageous student's who take chances in life to reach every peak of there personal horizons within oneself. My classmates are future doctors, business personnel, attorney's and the next new innovative interventionist. My classmates are not just classified as classmates they are my associates in study of recreating education and hypothisis, my classmates are "WE" and we are the next generation of a new world order.


My fellow classmates seem to lack some very basic academic skills, struggle with comprehension, and lack motivation to achieve a high level of academic excellence.


Honestly, I find the students here are intelligent, but I feel they could be more technologically advanced than they are.


i am an online student. Many of the students that are in my different classes have always been very nice and helpful. We often trade numbers, because we come from different parts of the country (which is cool).


Wonderful down to earth and friendly people.


My classmates now were different from the ones I had in high school. They are more educated and passionate to learn. In high school, the students didn't care about their future. So for me it was really amazing to know how many students wanted to succeed in life.


Although I have not met my classmates at Grand Canyon University yet, I can imagine what they will be like. Nursing is a very competitive program and a minimal amount of applicants were accepted. With that being said, I imagine my classmates to be very determined individuals with a competitive drive that will lead all of us to achieving high grades and getting the most out of our nursing education.


i think that my classmates are people that are trying to achieve something for their selves in order to help out others. I take on-line course from out of state, as do most of the other students in my classes, so we're from diverse backgrounds, and a large range of age groups that attend. The other students are willing to work with each other, and aren't afraid to critic another students work, or help them with it.


thye are driven compretetive and intellegent they are helpful when you need help and are ooutgoing.


I can't really describe them. I will be attending via online in the relative comfort of my own home. I suppose you could say they are a series of words, emoticons and binary digits.


Right now I do not have any classmates as I will be starting online classes March 1st 2010.


My classmates are very friendly and considerate people who, for the most part, live by the golden rule "treat others the way you would like to be treated.


All my classes are completed online, so I don't really "know" my classmates.


Most of my classmates are older students juggling work, family, or both.


A wonderful mixture of age, race, religious and social backgrounds.


My classmates are open minded.


I do not have any classmates because all of my classes are online.


My classmates are enthusiatic about learning.


My classmate where helpful to me when I ask for the help.


My classmates are various ages, various ethnicity. They come from all walks of life and live in many different cultures and communities. They are all nurses who are passionate about their profession. They are all willing to put the time and effort to better educate themselves to better the world of medicine. They are all driven to be successful . They are caring, compassionate nurses.


Since my classes are online I really can't phyically see them, but from their responses they are detailed and are go debaters.


My classmates are supportive, educated, and support my efforts in obtaining my degree in Education.


Most of my classmates are hard working, focused, and determined as most of them also work full-time and have families to take care of like myself.


Helpful, respectful, polite


Eagerly willing to assist and help those that struggle.


We all had different practices and learning styles related to the field we were studying, but we grow as a whole, learning from each other and working together.


Most of my classmates have been helpful, serious, friendly,studeious,creative, cooperative and christians.