Grand Canyon University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


online program


This school is best known for their STEM program.


While Grand Canyon University is known as a private Christian university, it also has an exceptional nursing and science program. Not only do they thoroughly prepare their nursing students to get into the nursing program, but they have specialized classes that are tailored to their degree. They also have some of the most caring professors, small classes, and tutors that ensure that every willing student succeeds.


Christian education; Medical and education programs


My university is best known for its faith based environment. The school is a private Christian faith based university. The curriculum involves the learning and understanding of the Christian faith. GCU is known for encouraging its students to grow in their faith, whether or not they are Christian. It does not force the religion upon others. It just provides an educational understanding and opportunity.


Best known for the nice weather and always something to do!


Empowerment of the student; an affordable private university education; superior support. GCU has the best librarians to assist with research, excellent enrollemnt and academic advisors, and outstanding professors ready to help students to excel.


Grand Canyon University is school that helps bring each of their students their full potential.


Grand Canyon University is a Christian school that makes the transition to college effortless for the working adults and first time students. The faculty provides an abundant amout of support and resources to ensure that the students are successful during the attendance at Grand Canyon University. In addition they pride themsleves on being a flexible univeristy that also cater to the working adults and returning to college students. The enrollment process was completed with much ease from start to finish. The instructors were very helpful and resourceful as well. All faculty responded to inquires in a timely manner.


My school is best known for the sense of community that one feels while on campus, in classes, and in all activities offered by the university.


My School is best known for being a christian campus and very academically based. This means that they have a different set of standards that are expected to be upheld. This is shown both in the expectations of the students in the class room as well as how they act within their social lives becasue what we do as students does reflect upon the university that we attend.


Grand Canyon University is best known for its religious background and nursing programs.


The school is best known for it's campus, teachers, and the feel. The small campus makes things more accessible and you don't get lost.


Grand Canyon is known for being a Christian University. They do not require you to have certain religious beliefs to attend the school, but Grand Canyon provides a Christian atmosphere.


Our nursing program and for being a Christian University




Their retention of students, their support, and their ability to successfully graduate students from their courses that become integral parts of society.


They have a lot of student workers and a lot of events go on.


Christian students working together. You can get your degree online, but you have to be willing to work hard and be consciencious.


Christian studies


My school is best known for its Christian background and its colleges of Nursing, Education, and Business.


Grand Canyon University starts 4 credit classes this year. I'm not really sure what else they are known for. I do know they are a Christian college, and everyone seems to want to help the students suceed in their endeavors to get an education.


Diversification of a Christian School and their teaching, business, nursing and religious programs both on campus as well as online.


GCU is a private, Christian affiliated university.


Providing high quality education whether it be on campus or online. They are involved in helping all of their students in being successful at attaining their education. They provide many tools for students to be able to progress successfully.


Christian Heritage


Teaching degrees there are many people that are currently seeking there degrees for teaching through an online program that is wonderful.


Their religion program. It's a Christian University


Being a private Christian college.