Grand Valley State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A small college where one on one attention is easy to get.


Grand Valley is a hyper-conservative metropolis of the farthest-right-wing Christians I have ever met in my life; the administration seems very disorganized and the campus food is overpriced and mediocre, but the professers in the department of music are easily some of the most brilliant people I have ever been fortunate enough to learn from; the teachers care a great deal about their students and want, above all else, to see them succeed; I greatly value my ability to study with them, and their presents offsets the terrifyingly close-minded religious conservatives.


A very liberal and engaging community.


My school helps you prepare for real life challenges and gives you many oppertunities to explore your horizons.


A friendly beautiful campus that is student focused and football crazy.


An awesome school with the best bang for the buck in a fairly rural, yet close to urban setting.


The best school ever.


It is very big


Grand Valley is the perfect university for working students who do not have the time to involve themselves too much in extra-curricular activities; it has just the right mixture of a valuable education for the working and a social environment for those who can be involved.


A school with a lot of promise in the future.


Grand Valley State University proudly provides an affordable education while instilling quality education, school spirit, a wide array of activities, and most importantly a dedication to improve the lives of students who attend.


A very positive experience.