Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Probably how much money it costs. It is very expensive


Spread out. The different campuses are over 25 minutes apart. In order to make it to classes, it is necessary to drive.


Some of the programs available are not focused on as much as the larger ones. And therefore, they don't get much attention. More emphasis could definitely be placed on some of the smaller programs offered.


There isn't enough space in the library. They're working on rennovating it, but in the mean time it's flooded with students during finals week, and incredibly difficult to find a space to sit and study unless you get there at 5am; hopefully that will change soon.


How much it costs for one semester.


My school is surrounded by conservative people who live in the neighboring cities.


~ The worst thing about Grande Valley State University is it's lack of student parking and it's lack of knowledgable counselors.


The cops breaking up parties.


We are a very liberal college but we are in a very conservative part of michigan.


There is no diversity on campus at all. Most students are white republicans from upper middle class families.


security wandering around off campus apartments after 8pm on the weekends because they ruin our time to have fun after the hard school/work week by handing out MIPs to minors and giving hosting tickets to those of age


While the 2nd biggest campus is in the city of Grand Rapids the main campus is far removed from everything. It's kinda in the middle of nowhere, it's not that big of an issue but you have to drive a ways to do certain things like go to the movies.


They build new things without upgrading the old things


The availability of classes is tough sometimes because the school is growing so quickly. I've been denied access to classes I needed many times. It gets very frustrating. This growth also makes on-campus housing difficult to find as well. This isn't too much of a problem though since there are a vast amount of off-campus options.


There isn't too much around the college campus. It is located more out in the country so you have to drive or take the bus if you want to go anywhere.


The amount of money it costs


The worst thing about Grand Valley would probably be the amount of snowfall we accumulate, especially since we get lake effect snow. The other thing that sometimes bothers me is that I get looked down upon becasue I'm Catholic and majority of people here are Christian and think that it's horrible that I'm Catholic.


I worst thing about Grand Valley State University is tuition. It is has increased by the most percentage in the last year than any other school in Michigan.


The worst thing about my school is the amount of excitement about sports. Everyone goes out for the begining of the games, but leaves before the end.


The worst thing about GVSU is the surrounding environment. It is located in Allendale, MI which is a very rural city. There are a lot of farms and agriculture around. GVSU has campus's in Grand Rapids and Holland as well, however the main campus is in Allendale, which is probably not the smartest thing when it comes to getting people intrested in this school.


The lack of jobs avalible.


very conservative


It is in Allendale. Allendale is very small and has little to offer besides a grocery store and gas station. There has been an enormous growth of off-campus housing, however, which is very exciting and makes the town seem bigger. Also, Allendale is in close proximity to Grand Rapids, Michigan's 2nd biggest city. GVSU has a downtown Grand Rapids campus and offers free busing between the two campuses every few minutes.


The worst things about my school is that fact that it's hard to meet people. There were many opportunities that the school provided, but nothing that caught my attention or wanted to go to.


I really love everything about Grand Valley. I don't consider anything to be bad. Some students complain about it being away from the city. It is located in a rural area but the drive to get to any cities is not very far. I like where it is located because it reminds me a lot of my hometown.


The location. Allendale, Michigan's main road is M-45. On M-45, there is little activity. Businesses come as quickly as they go. Overall development has slowed down drastically in the years I have been here. In the time Grand Valley has been around, I would think the surrounding community would put a focus on fostering a more social atmosphere, but I have yet to much of anything in that regard. Allendale leaves very little to do outside of class and possibly arrests overall cognitive growth.


Tuition because it is so high that many people I know have to drop out because they can't afford it and can't get financial aid.


The parking permit cost seems to be a little out of the question if you ask me. I just had to pay $150 dollars to park on campus. I believe I am already paying enough in tuition let a lone having to pay extra to park to go and attend my classes.


Campus security. They are too strict in what they do which makes some things boring.


There is not enough diversity in general here.


Some students just don't like to become invovled in activities. These are the students you typically find complaining that they are not having a good time at Grand Valley. They will soley focus on academics, work and go back to their rooms, not socialize then call mom and dad to tell them how horrible their experience is.


After living in a small town and attending an all-Caucasian high school, I was looking forward to the diversity a university would offer me. So far, I have been somewhat disappointed in the variety of religion and races within the student population at GVSU. Although, I have been exposed to a substantial variety of backgrounds and beliefs in my two years, I feel that a greater emphasis on variety and culture would further enrich the students and their experiences at GVSU.


The cost is so high that most of the kids there come from a higher income family and it almost feels as though they look down on the other kids who come from a low income family. Its a very clicky school.


Diversity has always been an issue for me.


The 13% tuition increase that was instated this school year. With the local and state economy struggling and the job outlook not being good at all, it is hard for me to justify my professors getting a pay increase that is directly put on my shoulders.