Hamilton College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Hamilton stupids piss excellence.


Light Siders are rich white assholes. Sporty types who go into finance, working for a friend of their parents. Dark Siders are pretentious indie kids who lord their art/music/whatever knowledge over everyone who doesn't look cool enough.


Has a reputation for being conservative, preppy, a lot of drinking and greek life.


That there aren't enough minorities.


We're incredibly preppy, have lots of money, and are almost exclusively white.


Everyone here is white, preppy, and have Platinum AMEX cards paid for by parents. Most students tend to come from Westchester County, NY or Connecticut.


Hamilton students are rich, white snobs who drink too much.


White, Rich, Ignorant


People picture Hamilton kids in general as being preppy, popped-collar WASPs. There are also Dark Side/Light Side stereotypes. Lightside (being the Hamilton side of campus) is for preps who like to drink beer, play sports, and pop collars. Dark side (the old Kirkland campus) is for artsy types, hippies, and other miscellaneous individuals.


One big stereotype about Hamilton students is that they're all rich preps that drink a lot.


Rich, preppy, spoiled, annoying


Preppy, rich, heavy drinkers, WASPs, apathetic


All Hamiltonians are collar-popping rich whites who wear pearls, plaid shorts, and north face fleeces.


Preppy, Rich, Racist


One of the big streotypes are Hamilton is that everyone is rich and snotty.


White, rich, preppy, drink way too much. All from boston, westchester, and fairfield county.


We are a campus of pot-smoking hippies and preppy, boarding school legacies. We binge drink and do hard drugs every weekend. Everyone here is wealthy, stuck-up, and white.


rich and preppy, athletic, drinkers




Extremely preppy, raging alcoholics, and a serious stick-up-the-ass attitude about a lot of things.


People think that Hamilton is filled with rich, snotty kids, with lots of money to throw around. People think that because we are in the middle of no where, all we do is drink, specifically Keystone Light. Everyone is either from New York, Boston or New Canaan.


Hamilton kids are stuck up rich kids who look like they popped off the page of a J. Crew magazine.


Hamilton students are rich kids that don't know what is going on in the real world. They think that the majority of the world is well off and just a few people are struggling and if there struggling it's their fault. Most of the students are from the middle of no where. A lot of the students hadn't seen a person of color until they came to Hamilton. Then they we're shocked they saw some at Hamilton.


The most prevalent stereotype at Hamilton is that the majority of the students went to elite private boarding/day schools, come from well established families in Fairfield, Manhattan, or the nicer parts of New Jersey, and drink like there's no tomorrow.


Most Hamilton men are better looking than average, while the female ratings can fall anywhere from decent to "what was that". There is also a sharp divide in the mind frames the j.crew and sandal wearing "light side" and that of the crunchy birkenstock totting "dark side".


drink a lot of beer. rich kids. all really preppy


That Hamilton students are wealthy and snobby


Hamilton is a collection of relatively wealthy, vaguely liberal, mostly preppy individuals with a fondness for fitness and alcohol.


We are white, rich, preppy kids who only care about ourselves. We are elitist and apathetic.


Rich white alcoholics, rank with the stench of entitlement. don't let the independents fool you - they all went to posh new england boarding schools.


Rich Preppy White kids who drink a lot.


Hamilton students are wealthy. Hamilton students drink a lot. Hamilton students marry other Hamilton students.


-everyone has a ton of money, expensive clothes, and nice cars -everyone drinks all the time -everyone is from New England -everyone is preppy -the school has more money than it knows what to do with


they are WASPy rich white kids


Hamilton students are known to be preppy, nyc-trust fund, private school children who take advantage of the college experience by drinking as much as possible before they have to go onto the real world to hold jobs on wall street provided by their family connections.


Hamilton students stereotypically are snobby, rich, obnoxious students who come from pretty good families but who aren't smart enough or good enough to go to Ivy League schools. Most are incredibly pretentious and use their money and labels as a way to make themselves feel better about the fact that they are never going to be the smartest or most successful person in the world. Upon graduating, many students are placed in companies or into jobs which their parents, their parents' friends, and friends of friends have secured for them. Most students work somewhat hard but on the weekends are nothing more than drinking, immature, sex-starved idiots who run around trying to get trashed and hook up with the easiest girl/guy at the party.


That we're preppy white kids from Northeast prep schools.


WASP, insular,


rich, preppy, intellectual, love to party, drinking very popular, friendly environment


Some stereotypes would include very preppy people who are rich. The people on the dark side are very "artsy".


Hamilton students are stereotyped as rich, collar-popping, bibliophiles from Westchester County, Fairfield County, or New Jersey who work hard and party even harder.


Hamilton students are often classified as "preppy," "rich" and "snobby." We are also supposedly one of the most attractive student bodies in the United States - but the males are notoriously short.


That we lean towards the right, politically


All students here are from Westchester County or Fairfield County. Everyone is rich and preppy.


We're all preppy drunks, and Hamilton is basically a country club for the privileged.


Hamilton is definitely known for being too preppy. We're also all supposed to be ridiculous rich and WASPy. We're known for being kind of a party school(even though we work pretty hard too). Not being diverse enough, and the split between the dark side and the light side.


very preppy, all east coast prep school kids, wealthy


Probably one major stereotype is that Hamilton is very preppy and does not have a very diverse campus.


Preppy, "yuppie" type students from upper-class boarding and private schools with plenty of money and plenty of drugs and alcohol


Hamilton get's written off as a bunch of white old-money preppy kids from New England.