Hamilton College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


People think that students at Hamilton (and at most small, liberal-arts schools) are rich, spoiled prepsters who like to live within their college bubble.


Preppy, Not Diverse, Lots of Alcohol


Hamilton is stereotypically a very white, blue collar campus.


Frat, rich, stuck up, prep school, preppy, intelligent.


Hamilton students are typically stereotyped as privileged. Other stereotypes break the student body into jocks or brains.


Stereotypically, there are two types of Hamilton students- the artistic, crunchy granola Dark Siders, and the preppy, fabulous Light Siders.


white, wealthy, jcrew cutouts, oblivious to the outside world, Westchester County (or if you are really being 'diverse' you might find a kid from Fairfield, possibly MA somewhere)


While stereotypes are bound to form at any school, there are a lot of stereotypes about Hamilton College and its students. For one, we are believed to be "rich white kids from fairfield county". Another stereotype I have heard is that Hamilton is a very "pretty" school. Despite appearances, I have heard that "we party and study hard".


-Popped collars and pastels -Typical liberal arts school--rich white kids -Lots of binge drinking and drugs


I can't say I have heard too many stereotypes about Hamilton or Hamilton students. If I had to make some up I would say that all Hamilton students are white, doing quite well financially, went to boarding school, and are from either Boston or CT. Most of their time is spent locked in their rooms studying and on weekends things don't get too much more exciting than that.