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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself as a high school student would be to always set goals in life. Make sure you study hard to try and qualify for some very good scholarships. Always do your best. Most of the time, if you get a high gpa in high school ,many colleges give full scholarships to that student. A full scholarship would mean alot to any student that needs the money. The student would not have to worry about how they would pay for school. I came close,but not close enough to get a full scholarship for college. Prepare yourself to take responsibilty for your actions in life. Remember good actions brings on good behaviors and good success. Bad actions brings on bad decisions and bad consequences. If you need help always ask for help, either from upper classmates or from the staff of proffesors. Many colleges have success centers, tutors and study groups to help students to succeed in college. Be responsible for yourself and never be a follower of bad peoples. If you see people doing wrong don't engage yourself with them. Always watch your surroundings and keep your belongings in a safe place locked up.


The transition between high school and college is very different. We should be more respectful to our instroctors because we are an adult now and we need to be respectful to the students , instroctors or even anyone ,so the other people would be respectful to us as well. College requires more studying and writing essays than high school. I think its usuall because we need to be perfect at writing so we can get a good job and do well. That would give us the oppurtunity to get a good salary and re-pay back the loans we took out while we were studying.


Well i wouldnt tell myself much but to train harder for the upcoming college soccer season and tell myself to be more organized.


From my college experience I've made many life long friends and I've been taught the many different ways to be successful in life.Out of the many experiences that I've had at this school the most valuable would be the individual attention provided by the teachers and also the many academic help opportunities that this school provides.


I graduated from high school at the top of my class. After graduation, I attended Saint Louis University but ended up dropping out after my first semester because I felt like "making money" was more beneficial at that point of time. I waited for four years to get back into school but I am glad that I followed through with my plans. Since I am more mature than I was when I was 19, I see now just how important an education is. I have been able to focus on my work as opposed to going out and having fun with my friends just because "that's the thing to do". Once I am finished, I will be able to look back and proudly say that even with holding down two jobs, I was able to graduate with good grades, leading me to my dream life.


The Frist thing I would tell myself is to apply to everyschool in the US. I would have apply for more outside scholarship I really didnt try to hard on that. I wouldnt have made the mistake as most people do and drop out after the first year of being in college.


When it comes to finding the right college, it depends on the student. For some away from home is better, for me being at home was best.


Being a parent and student and having a child currently attending college; my best advise is to start saving for higher learning when they are born. Currently, there are many ways to save for college. Make sure that you instill how important it is to attend college as well as finding the right fit for that individual. In some cases, the information received is quite different from actually living on the campus, so research well. Once attending college, make sure to become active with organizations, scholarship opportunities, have fun, and most important: study hard and smart.


I would suggest that you do history on the school you plan on going to attend. Go to the campus for a visit and ask the students what they honestly think about the school and then go on line a do research also on the school. Basically dont just go there because its a popular school go with the intentions of graduating on time and recieving your degree.


I would tell the parents that they should let their child chose a school. All parents have a place in mind, where they believe their child could benefit from the most or would be more suitable, whether it be the place, amount of people, or type of people, but it has to be the childs choice. For the student, I know we like the party schools or the one where all our friends are going, but you should pick a place where you can see yourself staying all 4 years. Some where, where you can see yourself enjoying campus life and the surrounding area of the school. You will make friends and enjoy yourself if you put yourself out there. Spread your wings and fly and you will learn to be strong, independent and determined to accomplish all your goals. You will find that the responsibilties that you have as an adult are hard, but worth going through because it makes you a better person and a stronger graduate.


I would say just because the pictures in a booklet may make the college look fun or exciting, does not necessarily mean that it is. Always plan a visit to the college first before u actually decide to go to that particular college. Once u get to college particate in something...anything. Make friends, hang out, just have fun, but not to much fun. Please choose the right set of friends also because sometimes the people that you may call your friends may not be. Also know when its a time to study and a time to party and have fun...because that's the most important!


Make sure you research


The advice I would give parents and/ or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to pick a place where you can successfully grow. Enroll in a college where you can get hands on experience in your field. A college that can empower you as a student but also as an adult in the working feild. Some where not too far but far enough to experience a real college lifestyle.

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