Herzing University-Madison Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say listen to what people tell you. Study hard, not go out drinking, cruising, or worry about what your friends think about you. Don't wait to go school, go right away and go away to school. I believe that my life would be in a completely different place if I would have tried harder and took school seriously then.


Get started now! Yes you are young and you have your whole life ahead of you but time flies so fast that you wont even realize it. Its never too early or too late to apply for scholarships and grants, so start applying and don't stop! The money is out there, you just have to go get it. Don't give up, keep pushing. Remember college is for YOU! Trust me, take all the chances and all the opportunities offered to you. You wont regret a thing. Don't forget to take deep breathes. You got this!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, my life would certaintly be much different. I would explain to myself that I live in the greatest country in the world and that learning as much as I can will not only provide a better future for myself but also society as a whole. It is taking pride in your works that will make you truly satified and will gain the respect from your peers and the people you care about. That there is no reason for just accepting your shortcomings and trying to work around them. Life is about finding those barriers and taking them head on with confidence that you will succeed if you give it all you got. It's the thrill of meeting your goals and watching yourself develop into what you dream of that should get you out of bed every morning. Paying today so you can play tomorrow is the key to happiness within yourself. The sooner I accept that my college education is an investment for mine and my family's life, the sooner I can be where I deserve to be.


School is important, it may seem like a piece of paper won't matter but in the future it is very important. Stay focused, you're much smarter than you give yourself credit for, and you will do great things.


Throughout high school many people assume that college will be exactly like high school, including myself. Well when a person comes to realize that high school is not anything like college it may take a stressing toll on them. If I could go back in time and tell my 17 year old self what college is like compared to what high school is like it would be something like this. Taking your time in class could pay off, although getting out and seeing your friends may be more fun it pays off to pay attention and do your best. College is much more serious, although the proffesors give lectures and expect you to take notes they don't care if you pass or fail. It is a lot different than high school, because in high school the teacher cares about you and wants you to pass so you don't have to repeat that course. Also, studying in college pays off, because college finals there are no curves in grades. What you get is what you get. In high school if the teacher saw everyone did bad they would curve the grade. Pay attention and study as much as possible.


If i had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself i would really emphasize focusing on class and puting in more effort to develope better study habits. My study habbits are awful and i am working on bettering them. I have always done well in school without much effort but it shows here in college. Esspecially at Herzing where if you miss one class you risk failing the course because it is so fast paced. I would tell myself to also save all the research papers and speaches i ever wrote to look back at and get ideas for future papers to simplify things. I really enjoyed high school and had a great time. I was very active in sports which may have played a roll in my choices to not study as much as i should have. Overall i am happy with my high school career and am ok with how things turned out. Just a few things i would have switched but nothing major. I never made any bad decisions.


Considering the fact that I'm supposed to be a senior in high school right now, but am actually a sophomore in college, I don't know if I even qualify for this scholarship. However, I might as well try. I worked my ass off to get where I am today, so I guess I deserve it. Anyway, if I could go back and tell my high school junior self a few things it would be to try to make more friends and join a club. I was pretty lonely for a while when I started college (and still am), so maybe if I had joined a club it wouldn't be this way. I would also tell myself to not wait until the day it's due to start my accounting homework. The transition from high school to college really wasn't too difficult for me and, honestly, there isn't much I would change.


Stay organized. Manage your time wisely and effieciently. Ask plenty of questions. There are people who are more than willing to help you succeed. Nobody's going to be holding your hand through this, so be proactive and take advantage of all opportunities. Above all, enjoy the experience. You will be learning so many new things about an area of study that you love. Remember, college will help to provide you with security for the future.


I would tell myself to "Get a Job" because its takes a lot of money to pay for college and if I had saved money while I was in highschool I would have less trouble paying for it right now. I would also tell myself to start early with Autodesk Maya or some other modeling class.


If I could go back and give myself advice as a high school student, I would have plenty advice to give. First, I would tell myself to job shadow and figure out what field I want to go into. Second, try to save half of every paycheck you earn for school because it is very expensive. Third, make college visits and apply for every scholarship you can. Any amount of scholarship help will make a difference. Fourth, stop focusing on being liked by peers and focus on joining school clubs that will help you in preparation for life. High school is planning for the future, and sadly I feel like I didn’t plan the way I should have. The biggest advice I could give to myself throughout high school would be to listen to the teachers, and think about college right away. Do not hold off on anything because it will come back to bite you in the future. Save your money, study, and have a plan for your future before you graduate your senior year.


I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship and to push myself harder. I would tell myself to push myself to remember the information taught because it will come up again in college whether you think it will or not.


The best advice I would give myself if I could go back in time would be to not be afraid of college and to pursue whatever dream I might have. I did not go to college until I was 28 years old because I was to afraid to. I thought I was not smart enough and that I would flunk out. Going back at 28 was not as hard as I thought it would be. I would also tell myself that going to college will someday change my life for the better. I will be able to live more comfortable and I will be able to provide my family with things my parents were unable to provide me with. I would last tell myself that all the things that I thought were so important in higschool, such as clothes, parties, the best cars and not to nice friends, do not matter anymore.


If I were to sit down and talk to myself when I was a senior, I would tell myself to go to school right away. Because I pay for my own education I worked a year before going to school, but I wish now I would have just started right away and worked on my general education classes. If I would have done this I would be done with school and working as a nurse and caring for people. I think I would have also told myself to focus more on trying to challenge myself to expand my education instead of just doing what I needed to. I would also remind myself to stay true to me and focus on what I want out of my life to be happy not what others expect.


Well, first i would like to say that its was the opportunity of success. it is not easy you have to work hard for it. if you make it to the end you canbe able to face the world. when i enter college i lost a love one. but without that person i would'nt be here. its was the words of encouragement and sacrifice, don't give up so early but strive hard for the future you know when you taste it. but now I'm away from home because of school....i would like to say that i salute my late mother and also my one and only super hero i called my dad for loving me without them i won't be able to see the college life....it is more than enough to explore the world in education than to be somewhere else that you can't be able to learn new things college life is hard but with all my might and my heart into it i can make it to the end.


college life is not easy, we need to study hard and go to school..well in high school life i like to go hag aroud with my friend are doing homework and go to school every day


Hello Laura, I am the seven years in the future Laura and I am here to prepare you for what is to come in college. Relax with people, go with the flow and just have fun. Texas A&Ms’ style of teaching is the complete opposite of how you learn. Just remember to breathe and that you only need to out run the friend, not the bear. They try to scare you into quitting, but don’t worry. You are with the cream of the crop and the professors are trying to separate the men from the boys. You are smart and you can do it. This will be the greatest challenge for you to over come. Take one baby step at a time and know that you will show them you are worth it. In the end, you will earn the ring of generations and be a graduate of Texas A&M University. They will have taught you much and prepared you for continuing your education to become a professor. Congratulations on going to Texas A&M and enjoy the wildest ride of your life.


If I would have the chance to go back in time to my seniors days. First, I would probably would advice to myself to study a little harder but mostly I would say that I needed to have more fun time. Because I was to dedicated to my studies that sometimes I forgot to have a fun time with my friends of high school. Second, I would say to myself to join the sports teams and especially to basketball. Because I was so shy and nervious all the time that i was so scare to reveal my true self. But sadly in that high school there wasent my favorite sport that was softball. Third, I would advice myselft to participate in the competition that involves English. I always love english and even my first language is Spanish I would like to practice more the language of English. Fourth, I also advice myselft to volunteer more and interact with the group that have the high that do activities. Finally, I actually want to go back because I did not appreciate the moment when there was a lot of activities and organizations. If I would participated more I would be more happy.


Sarah, you do not know everything that there is to know aboout the real world. And no matter what you may think, it is best to continue on with your education immediately after high school. The longer you wait, the harder it gets when you have to figure in a full time job and children. Don't wait until you are at that point to finish your education. Finish it up now and utilize your skills, as you have a great mind! Don't waste it! An idle mind is the devil's playground! Aim for your goals and beyond! They may seem impossible, but they truly are within your reach if you are willing to dedicate some time and hard work toward those goals. Become whatever you want to be. If you still want to be a doctor, go for it! If you want to teach, teach! Just please, I beg, quit quitting and stop worrying about what other people think. Think only of yourself, in this case. Take your own advice, for a change. And don't follow in your parent's educational and financial footsteps. The only way out of that rut is through your education!


If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself a lot. I would tell myself to start saving money. I found out a little too late that college is quite expensive. I would also tell myself to be more open with people. Being shy in college is not going to get you very far. There are a lot of situations where being comfortable around people will get you furthur in your education. Lastly, I would tell myself to make time for leisure. Working full-time and going to school full-time leaves no room for yourself. Having a day off to do anything is better than not ever having a day off.


If I could go back and tell myself something I would probably say don't let your dream die, and when all your teachers told you that you would never made it show them that you will. When I was a freshmen in highschool my teachers said i was a failure i wouldn't make anythingof myself. At the same time my Mom was and still is dying very slowly of Parkinsons and dimensia. I would tell the old Travis to not fret you will make it. You will make your mother proud, and you will change what people said about you. You will make it. You will become successful. People will be very proud of you, and your mom can pass away peacefully knowing that she raised her son right.


Paul, Stay in Highschool! Do not leave when you are 18! Just because the Vice Principal suggested you can or should leave because he is a jerk. You should stay and finish the last 4 credits you have left! Life will be a little easier for you if you chose to finish the High School Diploma. You won't be able to go to college until you are 24 because of the laws and rules about the financial assistance based on your parents income. But things will all work out in the end! Just keep your head up and smile! no matter what comes your way You will get through it!


Hayla, I know that times are hard right now, it's something that we have always had to deal with. You've been struggling and finally obtained some form of getting your life together once again with college. I'm going to tell you easily that college will not me simple at all. You are going to struggle, considering our disease, and with all the new meds and injections it will be harder on you than you could have ever imagined. Do not, I repeat, do not tell yourself for one moment that you feel bad and should not go to school because you will need to be there every single day that you possibly can in order to obtain all of the informatiom for the homework and tests. There is no make up work, and you can't have people trying to get your work for you because you were weak. It will be long days, leaving the house as 7am and not getting home until at least 6pm, and then you will have tons of homework and studying to do. Stay on top of things, dont be lazy, and it will be worth it in the end.


My advice to myself would be to work hard and you will be rewarded. Get through high school to the best of your ability and make sure that you are ready to go through a lot of tough and stressful times. Keep in mind that going through these times are designed to help you when you finally get to the real world. There is a time for academics and there is a time for socialization. Make sure that you truly understand the difference. Do whatever you can to succeed. There is always more that you can do to improve on yourself. I made the dean's list three times through my time so far at Herzing and I want to see you do better than that. That is your challenge. Everything will pay off in the end so never doubt yourself for a second. Best of luck going through all of this. Sincerely, Your future self.


Listen, I know you are scared and do not have any idea what you want to do with your life. You are going to get married and you need a good job to support her, and the things that you want to do in life. Those trips to Paris and Japan that you have dreamed about will not be possible without serious money. The school that you will need to go to, will need to keep you focused because you are easily distracted look at all the girls you have dated. Man you need a college that will keep you so demanding with studies; it will also have strikes your passion for being stimulated intellectually. The college will also need teacher that are straightforward to access, You seem to always have question so large class room are not the right way for you to go. If there were a school that was strong on studies and had an arrangement to help get you good job right away when you are finished that would be the right school for you.


Dear Me, Call your Aunt and Uncle and ask how to applying for colleges and Universities since Mom and Dad haven't any advise and encouragement. Since financials are a concern, I'd recommend attending a community college for the first two years and transfer. Tuition at a community college is less expensive than a University. A degree from a well known University will get you further in your career than a community college's two year program. No need to spend $300+ a credit for an English class at a University that can be taken during the first semesters and will transfer. Also, while you are still in HS, seriously take 2yrs of foreign language! While attending a University, you may have the opportunity to travel and study abroad. Mexico is beautiful! Don't listen to the nay-sayers who haven't left Chicago-land area and never owned a passport. Bust your butt studying for a 4.0 GPA. It's a bitch, but worth it! You're true friends will be there at graduation and in the meantime, you'll be meeting stronger, educated friends in the mean time.


If I had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself to take the offered AP classes in high school instead of all the gym and art classes. I would have been much more prepared for what was to come in college. I also would tell myself to try harder in high school, because when you get to college you can’t only study the night before for exams, and write papers the night before they are due. I would tell myself to develop a better study routine, in high school I could get by without reading the text book and mostly just study the powerpoints given to us in class, in college you have to actually read the text book and some what teach yourself the material and not bank on it given to you.


I would tell myself to chose a college that doesnt have a waitlist, instead of focusing on the cost of things. I have found out that i spent more doing my generals and waiting around taking classes i didnt need to take for my program than i would have if i had just went to the more expensive school to begin with. I would have graduated by now if i would have looked at the bigger picture.


If I could go back in time to speak to myself, I would honestly tell myself that you have a hard road ahead of you. I knew it would be hard back then due to my circumstances, because I dont come from money, so affording a 4 yr university was always out of the question. It gets hard at times to even afford a community college tuition. Thats why I need as much help as I can get to keep striving so I pursue my goals and dreams to be the first in my family to earn a college degree and become a computer hardware engineer so I can make a better way of living for not just me but my mom and father as well.


I would tell myself that I made the right decision to go to Community College. Even though it's not a University I need to be prepared to study more. On the other hand, I would also tell myself that there are no worries about my classes. I will do great in all of them. Although, I do get one "B" in a class. I would say that being in college is great and that I have a lot more free time and less stress. There are a lot of great opportunities and I will learn alot too. I would finish by saying the decision was worth it because it was cheaper and I got money back.


High school is important but don't lose focus on what you want out of life and what you hope to obtain with your education. Take high school courses that will challenge you and just dont't take the class that will give you the so-called easy "A". College can be fun, as well as educational. But is is important to think about your future from the perspective of what you hope and want out of life. And just "going with the flow" in high school is not going to help with the bigger picture. I would tell myself that I need to think about my college major from the concept of what I want to do with my life and then look at what the job market would be like when I finish my degree. I would be sure to say that just going for a degree is not the best option, but to look at the whole picture of what I would do with my degree when I am done with school. Finally, I would emphasize the importance to talking to my instructors and advisors when I am not sure about something being taught.


As a high school senior you need to be on top of everything. Get your transcripts set up, explore career opportunities and your interests. Get out and make tons of visits to the schools that have your programs of interests and see what they all have to offer. Start applying to the most appealing universities, get your transcripts sent out and do not stop or slack off from your classes senior year. In order to become fully transitioned you need to become organized, sign up for classes and read what they are all about. There is no one who is going to be telling you what to do anymore, your new professors will not check up on you or ask if you have done your homework. You need to learn how to prioritze. It will be up to you to get your assignments done, it will be up to you to make all of your decisions without anyone besides you. If you are able to get your homework done, spend time studying, you will have fun. There are tons of things to get involved it, and its highly important you do it. Build up your resume. Enjoy college.


If I could go back in time to my senior year , knowing what I know now about college, the life of a college student, and having to provide for myself to go to college, I would have taken more dual credit classes to get my generals for college out of the way, and I would have studied harder in high school to get futher ahead and earn scholorships. Doing this, when I entered college I could start working towards a career right away and not wasting time and money on classes not needed. I would tell myself to stay focused and stick to one major so that I could work towards that career and hopefully make a difference in someones life.


Dont wait for the last minute for any thing not even the easy homework .DONT let any one bring you down because your small and you can be any thing you want. Nothing is easy but it doesnt matter just keep working hard .Youll lose most of your friend but dont worry youll make more. Make more time for clubs get into school dont make is just another school year its not its your last year.Because you dont want to look back and say "I wish i did this or that" instead youll look back and say wow I did so many things and had a great time .


Be focused, certain of what you want, and keep going!


Something I would tell my high school self is to get more involved in school activities and clubs. In college there are so many opprotunities and clubs to get involved in and it's a very easy way to make friends. I wish I had gotten more involved so I knew what kind of things I would like to do before I got to college. Another thing I wish I could tell my high school self is to not take friendships and the social aspects too seriously. I cared too much about what people thought and got too involved in the gossip that spread around. I feel like now I don't care as much what people think and don't take myself as seriously now. Being in college and being able to experience a lot of new things has opened my eyes to what really matters.


Expect the basic classes to be easy. They are just covering your bases and are similar to what you are doing now. But for your degree related classes: focus. Especially in the later ones. Do not dink around during the lecture. I know it seems boring but what the teacher is saying is pertinent to the labs that you will be doing. Your teachers are also very experienced and will add details from outside the course, so take note of them. They will be useful. Finally, actively search for a job/internship and apply for scholarships. They will take some of the pain out of paying the tuition and the job/internship will be invaluable experience. Finally, pursue your Bachelors. Many companies are looking for someone with a Bachelors degree or equivalent experience. That equivalent experience is really hard to come by.


I would have told my self that even though I was joining the Marine Corps, it is still very important to pay attention in high school because it will develop good study habits and just make you a even harder worker than you already are.


You will make many choices pertaining to what you want to pursue as a degree. Choose the one that you always knew deep down inside that you want to do. It will become your passion and motivation. You will meet some of your closest friends in college. Don't be afraid to express your interests. Life is too short to be afraid of what other people think of you. Chase after your dreams, and you'll find that you'll have friends right beside you to help you along. Living on your own is quite a freeing experience. Enjoy it! Be a nerd, it is awesome! I'll let you enjoy the joys of discovery as your life transitions into one of the best chapters of your life.


Keep up the good work.


Ali, don’t worry about the social life, it's overrated, in the end all that matters is your education. Don't listen to what anyone thinks you should do, how you should live your life or what you should go to school for. It's your life, you can take advice but it's your decision on what you should do. Art is your passion. Don't let people tell you it's a waste of time, don't let them talk you into going into a field you won't like. Believe the best in people like Mom and Dad always taught but keep an eye open and don’t be afraid to say no and to defend yourself. It’s the people who are closest to you that can do the most damage. Lastly, don’t forget who you are. You are a strong, independent young woman. Mom and Dad sheltered you from the real world and it’s going to be scary being out there by yourself but you can do it. You are an artist, a writer, a flutist, and much more. You’re even a black belt in tae kwon do. Believe in yourself.


Dear High School Emily, Take you time with things. Slow down. Don't be in a rush to go to college. Enjoy the time with your friends, and summers off. Go to a four year college, live in the dorms, do the "typical" college thing. I have learned that at 24, working full time, and going to school full time, there isn't much time for anything else. It's hard financially to give up working full time, but want to focus on school. Follow your heart and make your dreams come true. Enjoy your teachers, and ask questions as much as possible, and absorb everything they tell you. Prepare yourself for college. Don't always do what others expect of you, do what you expect of yourself. Save. Save your pennies, they'll come in handy. Learn. Use this time to learn as much as you can. And most of all, enjoy it. Enjoy every minute of life. Enjoy you college career.


I would tell myself to not change too much. The experiences I have gone through are definitely interesting and some rewarding and some not. I wish I would have known what I wanted to do right away though because when you go to school undecided you can stray away from general studies. If you are committed to something right off the bat that is good but if you don't sometimes finding yourself while in school is the way to go.


I understand that you are a very confident individual and very acomplished already as a highschool student, however don't let that fool you. There are lessons in life that you can only learn by completely experiencing them. Do not take for granted the natural ability you have to connect with people, it may cause you to lose sight of what you really desire and want. School may seem like it isn't offering new learning materials and challenges, but keep in mind that it will provide you with a significant tool that will be crucial to your future success. Stick with it and pull through the first time around. Most importantly, there is an issue with financial aid and finances. Look into it more deeply and find help as this society and economy will set up students to be completely lost in debt. You will be in so much debt by the time you're 20 that you won't want to stay in school anymore. Look at what school will give you the best value for your education and money. Good luck and work hard, you have great potential, don't take it for granted.


If I could go back and tell my high school self about college I would tell myself to really know what I want to go to school for. I would tell myself to go to school for what makes you happy and not worry about anybody else, it is your life to run and yours alone. In addition, I would tel myself to look around and different school and really make sure you pick the right one that will be the best fit. Lastly, I would tell myself to do an on-campus school and not online. You should never pass up the chance to meet new people and make new friends. However, I cant promise my high school self would have listened...she was pretty stubburn!


The advice I would give to my high school self would be to critically think about what I really would want to do for a living and find the institution that best suits those educational needs. I would tell myself to think realistically and find something that motivates me and excites me to succeed and flourish as a person. I would advise myself to think about my strengths and weaknesses and evaluate my future based on what is important to me and what I enjoy doing. Once I decided on a career path, then I should seek the educational environment that will nurture and promote my talents and strengths and improve my weaknesses. I would tell myself to be diligent in my search for an institution that satisfied all of my educational needs and always be mindful of what is important to me, as an individual. I would stress the importance of accreditation and accolades that are attached to every university and the importance of qualified instructors at every university. If I follow all of these advice tips, I will be successful and I will have the foundation for a quality career and life.


The advice I would give myself would be to work a little longer before jumping right into the college life because it is tough at this point to find a good paying job.


I can't tell you to go to college right out of high school but I also can't tell you to go back later. There are pros and cons whether you go straight to college after high school or if you wait until you have some professional background behind you. But however you do it, take charge of your education. Learn as much as you can while you're in school. Don't wait to be assigned something as a homework assignment to learn about it. Use your resources while you have them. Ask as many questions as you want because once you're in the workforce, your employer/customer/patient will expect you to be knowledgable in your field. You have teachers at your disposal, textbooks rich in information, peers to study with and bounce questions off of. Use every minite to your advantae. Always strive to go above and beyond and challenge yourself. And once in a while, take a break otherwise you'll get burnt out. With that said, be sure you have a healthy way to releive stress, whether it be excercise, catch up on movies or hang out with friends.


You need to work harder in highschool and try to retain the information so you will do better on entrance exams. Take more challenging classes your senior year of high school not the easy way out. Do more research on different careers. Do not think your hobby will turn in to a career. It is just a phase you will eventually grow out of. Work less and study harder. Your social life should come second to studying. Every minute is precious, do not wast them.


I would actually call myself an idiot for not going through with it and actually finishing school the first time that I started. The fact that because of my education now, I have been able to buy a house, new car, take trips, and I have a job that was attained with my current employer before I even graduated school.


If I could go back in time I'd tell myself to better prepare myself. Going from high school level classes to college level is quite a change. I'd tell myself to challenge myself more and possibly even take some college level classes during my senior year. Not only would that give me college credit, but it would have helped me transition easier to college life.