Hilbert College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Hilbert college is best known for Forensic Science and Criminal Justice programs.


Hilbert College is best known for the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science programs. We have stidents from all over the United States, and even different countries, attending our school because of the great programs.


Criminal Justic, Forensic Science, and Law


My school is known for service to the community, respect, and integrity. It is a private college and enables the small amount of students attending to embrace, enjoy, and appreciate the full college experience. Classes are small and most teachers are retired professionals who have had experience in careers that apply to every student's area of study. School events are also a great attribute to the school along with sports, and campus life.


My school is best known for its dedication to the Catholic Franciscan heritage and values, as well as its individual attention and support to students.