Hillsborough Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to get started on scholarships and finacal aid asap. Then I would also take more challenging classes in high school to better prepare myself for college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would definitely tell myself not to be afraid of the changes. Schooling is going to better my quality of life, and I will regret it in the long run if I make any delays in going. I would explain to myself that college life is an experience that everyone should have, and I would regret not getting to have it.


If I could go back to senior year in high school and give myself advice on college life I would start with the importance of finding the right community. A small knit community with a lot of one on one time has always been benificial to me and part of why I love Franklin Pierce University is that it is a small school; you know the professors and you know the students and in turn there is always someone you can turn to. Also I'd tell myself to keep an open mind about fields of study. In high school I knew I wanted to do nothing but English, when I got to college I learned I wouldn't enjoy it in a professional setting. I was lucky enough to have picked a school with other options that worked for me but I've met many other students that were far too narrow with their intended field of study and ended up transferring or quitting altogether because they didn't pick a school with more than one major that might fit in with their personality. People are ever changing and you never know where the next door may lead.


Knowing what I know now about college life, if I could go back in tim and give myself advice I would tell myself that even though I feel I want to take a break and not attend college right away not to do it. It's so difficult to start college and go back to school when you've taken so much time off. Plus by taking a vacation progress towards what you want to do with your life is postponed. I regret not staying at USF when I attended right after highschool. If I would of stayed I would have my 4 year degree by now. I'm 22 and only in my second semester of college. I plan on getting my masters in Business therefore I won't be done with school until im 28. Even though you don't want to start college right away well tough! Don't take a break, stay focused on your long term goal of what you want to do with your life and get college done with so you can acheive your goal!


In my senior year of high school I moved to Tampa, FL from New York. It wasn't like moving to a new city it was moving into a new state where I didn't know anyone or anything. When I met my guidence counseler and she told me most of my credits from my former high school will not be used, I had two options be a junior and graduate the following year or be apart of a performance based program and graudate in May of 2006. After graduation I would have told myself to apply to all the colleges in Florida first, to not take the easy way out and go to community college. If I didn't get accepted to any other schools and still made it to HCC I would have told myself to not miss days of school for work or the boyfriend. To buckle down study on designated days, do homeowork te day it was assigned and use the schools resources more.


If I had the opportunity to go back to high school and talk with myself as a senior I would have plenty to say. The first thing would have been to attend all my classes every day! The second would deffinatly have been to apply for more scholarships in order to recieve more money for college. The advice I would give myself, is that men do not matter, and making choices in your life based on them is the worst thing I could have ever done. Moving to a new city just because of a boy is absolutely ridiculous. I may be happy with my life as of right now; but, in August through November of 2009, I was simply miserable. I believe if given that opportunity, my life as a college freshman may have been easier.


Procrastination is the absolute best way to ruin any chances of succeeding in anything one wishes to accomplish or achieve. Having experienced the destructive powers of procrastination first-hand, I can honestly say that I have missed various opportunities and chances that could have made things easier than they are at the current time. Knowing this, if I could go back in time and converse with with myself as a high school senior, even if for a second, my one plea would be "DON'T PROCRASTINATE!" Then I'd most likely go on in saying how procrastination, in itself, goes about dismissing future possibilities and closing off pathways that could ultimately lead to success in life if not completely banned from the schedule of one who is aiming to do grand things in their lifetime and not just in college. Otherwise you're left at a standstill, wishing for a way out that may never come. All in all, keeping up with the times and working hard to win it all is the best guarantee to a successful and smooth transition into college life.


Life in college is by far the easiest schooling you will ever have, so prepare yourself for the relaxation of college life: study often and absorb all the information you can, because there is a lot of it. Admire the people in your classes, because they will be curious, just as you are. And don't forget to look for scholarships and grants! You don't realize the potential that you have, and basically anyone is entitled to the almost free money they hand out!


I would tell myself to either go to community college first until finding out what major I wanted to do or while going to the community college and/or university- take it seriously and not as a joke because it is very easy to lose a scholarship or have your gpa drop very quickly. Also to utilize every part of the college experience and have fun...life is too short to work and go to school only without any fun added to it.


If I could travel back to my senior year, I would tell myself that the first year of schools is difficult. I should focus on studying because it gets difficult to focus when I have so much extra time on my hands. It becomes slighly overwelming so I should be prepared to get stressed out. I would also tell myself to plan. In order to be succesfull I would need to come up with a "game" plan for the year. Being prepaired is important.


Keep doing what you're doing. Keep striving to be the best at all you do. Dont let anyone around you tell you that you're not capable of getting and staying on the right track. Try your best to stay focused at all times and don't pay any attention to the distractions life is going to throw at you. Keep ypour friends and family close to you because they will be the ones to love, support and motivate you. When life knocks you down, they will be the people to come by your side, dust you off, and encourage you when you can't do that for yourself.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice to prepare for college, I would definitely tell myself to LEARN HOW TO STUDY PROPERLY. It is a big wake up call for new college student to walk in their first year because you don't realize how huge the difference is compared to high school until you're there. The classes are no joke. If you don't pass, it doesn't matter. You're going to pay for it whether you get a good grade or not. I would've paid more attention in high school and tried harder to pass the AP exams. I would've done alot less socializing and alot more busting my bottom to get my work done. I would've done more than just get by with a B in my classes. I would tell myself to have learning as my first priority rather than making friends and having fun; it would've absolutely helped me in the long run.


Susan, I know you're eager to get out there and prove to your family and the world that you will be something, that YOU, the baby of the family, will be the first to go to college, and that's great! There are so many things that you will see and experience that you may not be ready for, but I have no doubt you will handle yourself with the utmost grace and dignity. The one bit of advice/precaution that I can give you now, that maybe you just need to hear someone validate for you is this- go to school for what you want- not for what anyone else thinks your smart enough for, or good at. Follow that feeling that you have gnawing on the bottom of your heart. Follow YOUR dreams, not anyone elses. You're a talented, intelligent young lady and you know that whatever you do, you will be successful. You'll find your way back to your true dreams and your adventures will be many, it's up to you now, on when and how your journey begins. But save valuable time now and follow your own path and no one elses.


If I could go back in time and talk to myseif as a senior, after experiencing the "college life", I would go way back to first semester and tell myself that I need to make sure I have a to do list for college. The things that would be included on that list would be, applying to many community colleges or universities to view my options, making sure I take the CPT and I am satisfy with my scores and that I sign up for my classes and apply for financial aid (scholarships). I would also say to myself that I need to take those big test, ACT and SAT. I would also tell myself to change some of my classes to more challenging classes like advance placement, honors. I would tell myself to stay focused and to try to do the best I could to get all A's. I would also tell myself to get involved into more extra curricular activities, that could be a big help in the future. The most impotant thing I would tell myself is not to be nervous, that gets to many people and you want to start your fresman year off right!


I would go back and tell my high school senior self to jump in there and participate in those activities that are present in the honors institue. In addition I would tell my self to STOP procrastinating, because even though the work gets done it does not get done to your fullest potential.


Pushing myself back in time as if I stepped into a time machine two previous years will set me back in the year 2008. I am a senior at Land O Lakes High school in Florida and I am preparing myself for a two year college in Tampa and then transferring to a four year for psychology. There are so many heads up and precautions I could have taken in this great chapter and transition in life. Putting myself back into senior year I would provide significant advice to myself, preaching the ropes of school life. It would be a great idea to take pre-college courses or evening summer classes. Just because you?re senior and so close to graduation please do not slack nor get senioritis, push through hard academically. Yes colleges do pay attention to your senior year and your g-pa could be easily affected due to be carelessness! Lastly, make sure you get a great feel for your new school! Attend all informational meetings and campus tours, and even freshman clubs where you can meet others and be active.


You must make and follow your plan and don't allow anyone influence you. Attending College and Universities are unforgettable experiences for every student in which you can have fun while being responsible at the same time. My best recommendation will be to always keep your priorities in mind and to find the balance between your academics, work and social life and I am certain that you will be successful. Good luck and go get it done!!!!!


If given the opportunity to go back in time and advise myself as a high school senior i woud stress the importance of applying for scholarship money. Education is very important, however not free. The money is there but you have to search for it. Waiting til already having started college is not the time to start the search. Senior year is the perfect time. When you have a little less of a work load and a little more freedom. In addition i would mention the importance of registering each semester as early as possible. You are then given an opportunity to create a schedule that best works for you and in harmony with any other obligations you may have.


I would tell myself to pay attention. In high school, low attendance is a slap in the wrist. In college, missing more than 2 days could mean failing. I would tell myself to always do my homework, and never slack off. I just barely made the grades I needed to get where I am but I could have done so much better if I had only pushed myself. I would tell myself to search for more scholarships and to always do well in my job. More freedom means more responsibility. I would have been more prepared for the transition from high school to college if I had only stayed focused. This scholarship would help me greatly. I'm currently paying for school with a low interest loan. I work at Game Stop and pay for all of my other expenses with my paycheck. With this scholarship, I would be able to pay for school and books combined for a full school year without a loan.


If I was able to go back in time and speak to high school senior self there are many things I would say. I would tell myself that AP classes are helpful in preparing for college because they are more of a challenge. I would also tell myself that good sleeping and eating habits make for better test grades and studying is more important than going out with friends. Most importantly I would tell my younger self to relax and take a breather because stress is the enemy. Moving out onto my own and starting life as an independent adult was one of the hardest things to do. In moving you have to leave your family behind and stand on your own two feet. Whether its moving to a dorm or into an apartment off campus the transition is hard but well worth it. I would tell myself to be prepared to feel home sick but remember that your family will always be there for you whether you are a few feet away in the other room or thousands of miles away on the other side of the country. Your family will be with you and you will be thankful.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is that that maybe you should have filled out more scholarships and gone to the 4 year university. Community college isn't bad but that job you got right out of high school that offered to pay for all you school, doesn't do too well in the recession and you get laid off. No more schooling, you get a good job that pays decent but when your family starts, and trust me it will start sooner then expected you would have wished you got a higher paying job and you can only get that with a degree. That is what i would tell my high school self about college life and the transition.


I would tell myself to make sure to do everything I can to get an A in my prospective college courses, and to not let working wear me out enough to not do my homework. I'd also tell myself to learn to relax, and take my time and do my assignments correctly so my grades actually reflect the work I do.


Do you not ever sleep on your classes because C's will get you absolutely nowhere. Save and use your money wisely because the books are not cheap. Do not write or highlight too much within a textbooko because it makes the value go down. If you have a deadline, so everything you can to make it because you mostly likely will not get a second chance.


As a 40+ year old woman returning to school I could give myself the lecture of a lifetime. I would tell myself exactly what I have told my children, who are both starting school with me, do this for yourself not for anyone else. You need to have college to advance in the workplace, to open doors for you to become successful, and to begin a career that will offer you, your spouse and your children stability and security. Don't give up and definately don't quit. You can work, go to college and raise a child if you put your heart, soul and mind into it. Without college you will struggle with meaningless jobs that do not fulfill you because you are always looking for something more but it is out of your reach because you do not have a college degree.


The advice that I would give myself is to work harder. The College life is hard, but working hard in high school, it does give you a great advantage. I would tell my self not to worry about the money issue, and not to worry about anyone else. I know that i would have had the ablilty to make a great deal of myself. And to always Look up. Things will be hard, but things will get better, just stick to what your heart tells you, thats always the right path.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and give myself advice about college life and making that transition, I would tell myself to stay focused on what I need and to use every bit of my time wisely instead of squandering it with my own desires. I would tell myself that time is a very valuable gift and how I use it will determine my future. If I choose to squander my time with my own desires, I would find attending college successfully to be one of the hardest tasks I would ever have. On the other hand, if I choose to stay focused on my needs and seek counsel from my parents and other elders who have gone through my experiences in life, and if I choose to put aside my heart's desires for a while, I would have the time to prepare myself for what could be the most difficult time of my life. I leave myself with these words: "What you do right now is not for now; it is for later."


Study engineering seriously, that is where all the money and most of the jobs are.


I wish that when I was in high school I could tell my self... to always read the course description to make sure you are intrested in and the second thing is to always GO TO CLASS. The first taste of freedom often plays with the students mind and we tend to not go to class, but this is a mistake that I have learned from and wish I would have known my senior year in high school.


I would tell myself to take as many AP and dual enroll classes as possible. Not only will they count towards your degree thus making the cost of college less, they really prepare you for the self discipline needed to succeed. I would also tell myself to learn how to study correctly. Many of the classes only have a few tests which may encompass your entire grade for the class. There are no homework checks like in HS where extra points may be given so knowing how to study will get results. Finally I would tell myself that not everyone is well adjusted enough to live away at school so returning home to attend the local community college should not be looked at as a failure.


Every time I think about the things that I did and did not do during high school I say this to myself: If u had the opportunity to go back to high school you should not spend your time doing nonproductive things. College is a really serious matter, it is almost the beginning of your new future, and it only depends on what you do to know what you would obtain. Heidi, you should work on building that new future now that you are a senior in high school. Do whatever it takes you to start and finish college knowing that only with your and God's help, your life could change forever. Do not be the passive student who just live the moment, be the terrific student, not thinking as a student but as a builder, the builder of your life.


Get education completed before moving on with other important things in life would be my advice. I am a 40 yr old mother and wife and now full time student. I don't regret my time at home with my kids but this will be more challenging now than when younger. I am definitely ready for the challenge and look forward to each step.


"Take it serious. Is a whole new world college life. It can be scary at first but never loose hope, never give up because at the end this whole experience will be what defines your future. You'll learn many new things through it and even learn a few things about yourself too. Responsability, maturity, and dedication are the key points you'll need to have, and if you don't you'll find them in time through this whole experience. Have fun with it because is only going to happen once in your lifetime and at the same time be organized. Learn from past experiences and especially learn from teachers because they were once in the same position we are now. Be ready to grow up and live your life."


I wish that I could go back and advice me go to college inmediately finishing high school because I decided go to college 10 years after I graduate and now it is more difficult organize the time between my famili, my kids, my job, and attend college. It is reaally difficult , but my I am 100% that I will acomplish my goal when I graduate as a Pharmacist.


My biggest advice to myself as a high school senior would be to relax and prioritize! As a freshman I was amazed at how many things are thrown at you and it is up to the individual to pick and choose what is important to them. To me, prioritizing is one of the most important things to a college student, especially a freshman. Choosing the social scene over academics is a detrimental mistake that many college freshmen make, that I really was unaware of before freshman year. One must be able to go to class without someone pushing them, do their homework, study, and then distribute times as desired. Not the other way around. The excitement of being on your own and having an academic overload is more stressful then I ever imagined, that is why my advice would to be just relax. It is crucial to success to relax and take things one step at a time to get things done. Nothing is ever accomplished when one is worrying, and that time could easily be used to do something much more constructive. Being able to relax and be calm after properly prioritizing is truly when one can succeed.


I would tell myself to be better prepared for college. Make sure to have all the necessary documents when you apply. I would say to be better prepared for larger class sizes. College is one of the big steps you will make in your life and it is a big adjustment and some obstacles will come up but do not get frustrated, keep going because the end reward it worth the hard work and frustration.


The jump to college can be stressful. You're leaving behind your school, friends, family, and home, and going off to explore a new place, make new friends, learn new things, and set your own priorities. Courses are at a higher level than high-school classes and the material is presented at a faster pace. Plus, professors are likely to assign more reading, writing, and problem sets than you may be used to. An advice i would give to myself would be not always doing what's easiest at the time, I would make smart decisions. For example, when it comes to money, I would stick to a budget and use credit cards wisely. When it comes to my health, I would get enough sleep, eat well, and pay attention to what my body tells me. College students and as well i, need energy to enjoy all that college has to offer!


Now listen up, I need you to do some research on several careers you may be interested in, not just one by the way because the one you may be interested in now may dissapoint you as you learn more about it in the months and years to come. When you come up with a list of careers you may be interested in, find people in the profession and interview them. Ask them questions like what are the positives and negatives about their job. Why did they choose that profession? How can I and others benefit from me choosing this carreer? What is the work environment like? and come up with as many more questions that you think are important. Also get involved with the community and/or school volunteer groups and such that will benefit you in the long run when setting up your resume and applying for a job. The first semester in college may be the hardest because you have to get used to the transition, be ready to do work and face new challenges.


I would give these advice to myself, study more, stop partying.


I would tell myself that community college is completely passable and not difficult but you do have to apply yourself. Also, that the professor makes the class, not the school. It is not like highschool where the instructors are controlled by the school. In college there is the material to be taught, but it is completely up to the professor as to how every aspect of material is taught. I say: look up your teachers on ratemyprofassors.com and research before you register for classes. Also, complete all your work. There is not as much wiggle room with instructors as in high school. Just do every assignment and study and you will be fine. Also, meet as many new people as you can. Make connections and network.


Take the college experience very seriously. If the student has to take any placement college test, they should take them seriously because if not, they may run the risk of taking classes that they never needed to begin with.


I would tell my self that when you have a deadlint to do something do it because its not like in highscool when you could make up an excuse and get an extra day to do it. And also its not as hard as you think it is in college. Is easy if you dedicate yourslef and do evrything in a timely manner. The professers dont want to hear any excuses about anything. When you are in student services please come prepared while standing in line becasue if not they will put you to the end of the line. Always pick you classes early so you can pick the classes you actually want and not whats left behind. And order your book soon after regeristingfor your classes because the books will run out and you will be very behind in class. And most of all attend the school events becasue they are always funand they almost always give out free food. And that comes in habdy for someone who doesnt bring money to campus everyday


Knowing what I know about the college life I am living in the present, I would tell myself, as a senior in high school, to take seriously the choice of where I would like to attend. An education can be attained anywhere a person finds themself provided they have the desire to succeed. In order to make that educational experience more enjoyable, careful consideration should be taken to choose that school that can offer not only a social friendly atmosphere but also one with a good interactive atmosphere between student and teacher. This, I truly believe when coupled together, can and does lead to a successful educational experience and an even brighter future in todays world.

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