Housatonic Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself with advice I would tell myself to go straight into a four year college/university. The reason for this piece of advice is that since I knew what I wanted to do I could have gone and got a bachelors in Nursing instead of trying to obtain a Associates in Nursing. With community college,it states that it's a two year program; however with the pre-requisiite classes people have to take before other classes can be taken, it can easily make the experience to take four years. Also, depending on the degree people choose, the school may have a contract with another school to continue education; such as Nursing in Connnecticut does. Occasionally with this system people may not be able to attend that school after completeing the other classes. This is why I would give this simple piece of advice to myself If I could.


I would tell me past self to not have such anxitey about college life, to not worry about it so much. and to also say its not at all bad like you think. And to also say that, all the thought that you had about college, its not at all like that. Plus to get all of the things that were needed for Financial Aid done as soon as posible, to not procrastinate because it will mess you up in the long run.


to do better in school. Take high school seriously.


PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS! WORK HARDER! and most of all STUDY, STUDY,STUDY! In high school i was more of a social butterfly, i'd rather talk and tell jokes all class then listen to what the teacher was saying, After school i'd rather hangout then do my homework. I wasn't worried about anything academic what so ever. I loved my high school experience, it was filled with alot of fun times and memories i'll never forget. If i could go back to "high school me" I'd say , stay focused. If i was more in to my academics then, i could have been an honor student or even validictorian, which would have prepared me more by instilling good work habits that would help me not only in college, but in life. I'm still learning how to balance my school , social, and work life and its going pretty well, On the other hand it would be going better if i knew then what i know now.


There are many advice that I would give myself if I was able to talk to myself as a high school senior but there is one advice that stand out the most to me. This advice does not only go for a high school senior but any human being that wants to go out in the world to do something that makes them successful as well as happy and that advice is to have a Plan B. I say this because so many people, I myself went into the world with plans already set in their heads but life as everyone knows has up as well as down and those downs may cause conflict to the plans that was made already so a Plan B may be useful in this situation.


I feel that I have done all that it took to be a high school senior and I did all that I could do to get the best grade that I could get in all my classes but, I know that Math was my challenge and I know that I could have worked my hardest in this class and feel that I gave it my best shot.


"Don't listen to anything your guidance counselor has to say! Oh, and ignore all of the criticisms from your teachers and parents, too!" Those would undoubtedly be the first words I would impress upon my former senior high school self. In being financially responsible for my college education, I had decided in my senior year of high school that I would attend community college for two years before graduating with an associates degree and transferring to a four year institution. Unfortunately, to my parents, teachers, and counselor, who had banned together with the belief that my high school years of rigorous academics and extracurriculars would result in me attending some big name college, this was a huge shock. Consequently, they berated me about what a terrible decision I was making, and how much I would regret missing out on the "college experience." This, in turn, caused me to doubt myself to the point where I completely clammed up during my first year at Housatonic. Community College. I wish I could go back and assure myself that going to community college is NOT a bad thing, and that I should embrace it and everything it has to offer!


Kimaya-- When you graduate from Westhill please try to leave their time clock behind. Meaning, you won'y have as much time on your hand as you thought you would. College is not hard as you thought it would be, but the only way you would succeed is to manage your time . Time management is the best way to know how to set your priorities staright; work, chores, homework, and time for loved ones. Continue to have fun and shine like the great star that you are.

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