Houston Baptist University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are very many different versatile students at my school from so many different backgrounds and I really like that because everyone interacts with one another and gets along pretty well


The students are very nice, especially the upperclassman. For example, when my first days they would assist me just because I looked lost. I also had one student who let me walk with her under her umbrella to another building.


My classmates are usually very dedicated to their studies and have a strong religious background that keeps them from taking part in certain "college activites".


My classmates are intelligent, diverse, and accepting and share the same values of education as I do.


My classmates are very friendly and willing to help. They are supportive and caring. They dont mind helping you when you need help.


Nabila is a very intellectual and punctual student who deserves to be a role model for HBU. .


My classmates are enthusiastic people who love to learn.


The students here are very kind and loving, but are not afraid to let you know how they feel about any particular subject.


Classmates are generally very ethinically diverse and most students want to learn.


They are friendly and they will help you when oyu need it.


There are not fun.


My classmates are very diverse, most of them pretty smart. However, more of an emphasis is being put on athletics at this school, and I think the athletes are either really smart or extremely dumb.


The people at HBU are friendly and very helpful, creating a pleasant environment.


Classmates are very nice and help you when you dont understand anything.