Houston Baptist University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for its spiritual foundation. HBU focuses on students not only getting an education, but on gaining a deeper relationship with God.


Houston Baptist University is best known for being a Christian liberal-arts school. I love that about my school. When people think of Christian universities, they think of uptight, conservative universities (*cough*Brigham Young*cough*) and when they think about liberal arts schools they think of a bunch of hippies playing guitar and protesting. Houston Baptist University is the best of both worlds. We are widely diverse. We have have morals that keep us accountable yet we follow our passionate dreams of art, medicine, international missions, sociology, etc.


Houston Baptist University is known for my things. But the best thing it is known for is its strong spirtual foundation. This school has strong morals and values and can back them up with the bilble. Its not a bible thumping school but you will learn and get a better understanding of the bible and how to use it to guide you in your daily life.


Houston Baptist University is most known for our work in the community and our religious influences. We have different outreach programs and tutoring for children in local schools. There are also mission trips throughout the year that happen all over the world that HBU attends. There are also service projects to strenghthen the students and to help leadership and work relationships.


My school is known for the nursing program.


It is know to be a religious school . As a private school , HBU really wants their students to experience God. With the requirement of eighty Chirstian Life Worship points before graduation , everyone has an opportunity to hear, communicate , and worship God together.


Being small and having small classes. Also being a school that accepts students from all over the world and of every religion backgrounds.


Our school is best know for being a private school with really great values. Everyone here wants to be here and they are not here because they have to be. It a really great school and all of the people have great values.


This school is best known for it's Christianity, I suppose.


We are best known for our small class sizes and how accesible the professors are.


Houston Baptist University is best known for its high academic standards, faith/Baptist values, and highly centered on maturing students and preparing them in multiple fields for when they graduate and enter the working world. This is a double-major requirement school that trains a student so they will leave with a broad knowledge and many skills with which to offer future employers in real-world working careers.


The humanities and the science classes are very good.


The way faculty and staff interact with students at every level such as academic, social, financial, and personal interest is what Houston Baptist University is known for.