Houston Baptist University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about the class size. I like small classes because they are more personal and your professor is able to know you on a deeper level. At big school, the professor would probably not recognize you outside of class.


I tell them that we are a Division I school with the NCAA and that I play a sport for my school.


The warm welcoming atmosphere, The small classes where you can interact with other students and the professors, and the campus activites.


It's a small school, and everyone knows everyone. It's like living in a bubble.


I brag most about the professors. They were so caring about their students progress


The small and focused classes, each instructed by very dedicated and well equipped faculty. Addionally, the school has incredible connections with businesses, due to its location in central Houston. Also has phenomenal new facilities and living accomodations.


I brag about how personally all the students know their professors and our small class sizes. Also the new dorm building and the proximity to downtown.


I usually tell them about the money that they can offer you.


I brag that the professors are very friendly and helpful. Usually, during the first day of class, any professor, regardless of what they teach, will give thier office hours and a number other than their office number where a student can reach them if they were ever to be needed. The professors help you believe in yourself and they encourage you to succeed.


I brag about how challenging it is. It is much more challenging than the course load at the University of Houston, as I hear my friends talk of the easy classes with no homework.


The fact that it is a double major so I am getting two degrees instead of one, which gives my future employers more reason than one to employ me. Also my living arangement in the campus apartments is convinient and comfortable. Another thing is the size of the school; not gigantic so there is less walking from class to class compaired to other universities.


I'm doing pre-medicine