Houston Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Houston Baptist University is a religious, liberals arts private university. They incorporate Christian related activities and beliefs into the university as well as some Christianity courses. A person who is non-religious and has a negative attitude toward religion should not attend this university due to potential religious conflicts. Also, since the focus is more on liberal arts, those who want to major in business or engineering will not get the full benefits of attending the university, since those majors are not the primary focus.


If you are against growing in Christ, you shouldn't attend this school.


A person that enjoys drinking, sororities and fraternities, or someone that wants a really school spirited student base should not attend HBU.


One that feels, he or she cannot participate in worship/ earning clw points.


Someone should not attend this school if you are close minded. Also if you are wanting the large University life-style then do not come to this unviersity. If you want to join Greek Life, you can but will not be able to live in a house.


The kind of person that should not attend this campus is someone who is looking to have, "fun," during college and who does not want to concentrate. This university is very high on academics and a person needs to be focused while attending.


If you absolutely hate God or the prospect of there being a God then this school is not for you. This is a Christian-based University and many of our core values are biblically related. There are non-believers and persons of different faiths that attend this school, but they are willing to learn about the Christian faith. It is a requirement to take 9 hours of Christianity, so I a prospective student firmly abhors the Christian faith then do not attend this school.


Really all types are welcome here. The student body in particular is pretty laid back and we have people from all walks of life, whether you are a typical teen fresh out of highschool, young married person, middleaged person returning to school or even older adults who just enoy learning, they are all welcome here.


The people that should not attend this school are those who are not Christian.


A person willing to be open to new things. A Christian based school , prayers and the mention of God is well heard. A mixture of people can help broden people experiences.The person that likes to experience the word of God and meet a variety of people are going to fit in.


anyone who is well rounded and very diverse.


If you don't like to get involved in school or be apart of a school... If you want a foot ball team.


anyone who likes it


Some people feel that our school is very conservative. I which case, sometimes people should evaluate that prior to attending this school. Also, keep in mind that with smaller classes, it is difficult o get away from professors if you do not like them.


I think that every type of person is welcome to attend Houston Baptist University. After attending there for one year I learned that there are very many different countries and people who come here and thrive. I would not discourage any type of person to come here just because of their race, religion, or orientation. There is a spot for everyone on this campus, and certainly makes things more interesting.