Houston Baptist University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would have told me about how competitive the school is because as I have not seen and experienced it really is


I wish that I had done much better on my study habits before coming to college.


I wish I would have kmown about financial aid alot earlier than the last minute.


The one thing i wish I had known about HBU before attending is that they have a flat rate tuition system. This means that a student taking between 12 nad 18 hours will pay the same tuition whether they are taking 13 or 15 or even 18 hours. I love this about HBU it allows a student to take alot of hours without worrying about the cost.


I wish I got my prerequisite courses completed ahead of time so that I could get into the nursing program sooner.


I did not have any unknown thoughts because I attended the two sets of information days Soar and Welcome days which answered all my questions and guided me through all the steps that I needed to take to have a successful first year of college.


Over the past three years that I have been at Houston Baptist University, alot of things have changed. I wish I knew what changes were coming before I picked a school. Since I've been here, we've changed from the quarter to the semester system. We have lost scholarship money. We lost our free printing pages in the computer lab. I feel that our school is in the finacial situation were that is the number one priority instead of the students.


How much I would need scholarships and financial aid.


I wish I had known how expensive this education would turn out to be, and how tuition increases over time. Also, I wish I had known about the quality and variety of the food.


The conservativeness of the school, and the preference they have for other students.


I wish I had know what major I really wanted, because I ended up spending a lot of money for a underdeveloped major, and I wish we had better technology.


it aint easy!!!


I wish I had known more about the Nursing program. I chose HBU specifically for that program. I also wish that my Nursing advisor had been more competent. If I knew then what I know now about how the school operates, I would be a few semesters away from graduating. Instead, I'm a junior who just BARELY finished my pre-requisites and got accepted into the program. I now make it my personal goal to inform all Pre-Nursing students of all the things I learned too late. Also, there aren't very many cute guys.


Coming from a highly competitive high school, college was actually easier for me than me previous schooling. I was much more intimidated by it than I should have been. Also, I am an extremely organized individual, but even I wish I had a bit more preparation and education in preparing schedules, course loads, and finishing major requirements in a timely manner.


Exactly how expensive it really was


I would like to have know more about their financial aid process. Also I would like to have more information on transferring from a different college into their nursing problem. Alot of things I found out was at the last minute or two late.


I wish I had known the impact of the freedom you get when you move out, and go to college. Make wise decisions, the things you are doing now really do shape you destiny. Invest time in your friendships, they can last you a lifetime.


I wish I had known that you would have to stay on top of your work and that since this school is small, everybody knows everybody else, which can be good and bad.


I wish I had known how much size effects the atmoshphere of a university. Simply put, size really does matter when attending a college.




It's very expensive


Since the very beginning of my attending HBU, I have trusted in the Lord for guidance and provision. If it were not for my God and for all the wonderful advisors and volunteers who helped me in my transition from high school to this university, I truly do not know where I would be or what I would be doing. Therefore, I have no regrets or wishes of knowing something before attending HBU. I am grateful for what I have, a college education, and joyful that my God with me every step of the way.