Houston Baptist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think that the oppurtunity to grow in Christ is the best thing about Houston Baptist. They provide you with a lot of ways to get involved in such things.


I would have to say the best thing about my school is that I have dedicated professors and advisors. I'm pretty lost in this whole college thing, and as cheesy as it sounds, without the help of my advisor and my professors, it would be hard to adjust to the college life. Besides that, the professors are really dedicated in what they do. Even though my english professor was hard, he made me become a better writer. I thought I was going to fail his class at the beginning, but I received a B, so I was pretty happy.


The Christian-faith it was built on. I am surrounded by others who believe as I do and though at first I thought it would smother me, it has actually helped me become closer to God. It is a peaceful environment filled with teachers who are there to help and pray for you. It's amazing.


The encouragement of developing a student-teacher relationships with the professors. Convinient


The best thing about my school is how small the classes are. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to attend this school.


Honestly, the best thing about my school ould be the professors. They were really nice to me. I could go to any professors and they would give me advice and help when I needed it. They really cared about a student's progress and would offer study sessions and make up days to any would wanted it. I felt that I was lucky to attend their classes.


The classes are very small, even the basic classes. You really get to know your teachers and class mates. This makes the learning environment more enjoyable and easy. I have had classes as big as 35 people to as small at 8.


The best thing about HBU is the size. While it can be a little too small at times, the fact that it is small makes learning better here. The class sizes are smaller allowing the professors to be able to interact with students on a more personal level and cater to the learning needs of students. Having more one on one time to be tutored by the professor really helps.


The best thing about Houston Baptist University is that you can be yourself. There is freedom in HBU to be who you are without any pressure to conform to others.


everyone is so nice and friendly it makes me feel very comfortable.