Howard University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about the community atmosphere and environment that promotes togetherness and unity.


Howard University is the Mecca. It is one of the first Historically Black Universities in America. Howard University is home to many profound students and alumni. To date, Howard University is one of only 48 U.S. private, doctoral/research-extensive universities and produces more on-campus African American Ph.D.s than any other university in the world. It is an honor to be a part of this legacy and tradition of academic and professional greatness.


Although it is a Historically Black University, the diversity is more than you think. Students from all over the world. The tradition and cultural awareness is great!


I brag the most by saying Howard Univeristy produces the most black doctors than any other school. Saying that everyone here is friendly and this environment is none like any other college campus out there. By saying that Howard University is THE Mecca of black education.


The openness of the school, and how interactive it is. I love the fact that you can make it as far as you want and be as successful as you want at the University, all you need is a work ethic that matches your ambition.


Our homecoming is always very fun.


I brag most about the historical significane of Howard University. This historically black college is one of the leading HBCU's in the country and continues to educated and prepare African American students to be global leaders.


The campus life and the opportunities we're given here.


I mostly brag about the opportunities my school has to offer.


Howard University's reputation for molding successful Black men and women precedes itself. While these success stories make for good bragging rights on their own, I mostly brag about the frequence with which successful Bisons and otherwise visit campus to give inspirational speeches or just to "hang" on the Hilltop. My firends still cannot hear enough about former President Bill Clinton's address at this year's (May 2013) convocation.


I brag most about living in DC, Howard Homecoming, ResFest, the family atmosphere, and attending the top HBCU in the country.


I don't normally brag at all about my school, but when I do I bring up our social events such as Homecoming.


Whenever I talk to my friends about Howard University, I let them know how much I love my school. I feel like Howard is where I am supposed to be. I do not believe I would be happier at any other institution. Howard is in the heart of Washington, DC. It is a metropolitan city. Howard University is so diverse. There are students from literally all over the world that attend Howard University. Plus, Howard University is the number one Historically Black College/ University.


When talking about college with my friends, I tell them that Howard University provides students with a sense of belonging and a sense of who they are as an African American. As a historically black college and university, Howard University prepares African American students for the real world. It helps them understand that because we are African Americans we have to work twice as hard to achieve what we want in life despite all the stereotypes out there.


The legacy


Howard University, otherwise known as “The Mecca”, is the number one co-ed Historically Black College/University. However, when it comes to bragging I tend to focus on the Alumni and how they are always giving back to the students here. I’m not talking about money; I am talking about time spent. It seems like every week there is a different graduate speaking on campus about how Howard University helped them to lead their successful lives. Not only do they speak on how Howard influenced them, they recommend different programs to help all of the students here succeed.


I brag most about the teachers' willingness to help me understand, no matter the circumstances.


Theres not a day when I do not express to my friends and family that I am blessed to be going to school with so many famous alumni. I never fail to tell people that I go to Howard University, the University where people like Patricia Bath, Alexander Darnes, John T. Baker, Harold Ford Sr., Phylicia Rashad, and Sean Combs famously known as "P. Diddy." I too, always make sure I tell my friends about the wonderful people who have spoke at graduations like Martin Luther King Jr. These people made an effort to be part of the bison culture.


When you think of Universities in the nation’s Capital, majority of the time the first institution a person will think of is Howard University. They are known for the achievements of their students and staff as well as one of the Universities with the most exciting homecomings on the east coast. These are facts about my school I do not have to brag about to my friends because most of the time they explain the greatness of my school to me!


I have the most resources in finding a job right from graduation. I will not be an unemployed graduate.


Howard University is the Best HBCU in the Country, due to the vast number of PhD and JD graduates that come for here, Homecoming, the DC social scene, but most of all, the Political and Civil Rights activism that the university participates in.


I brag about the culture, the history of the school, and the school spirit. Howard is located in a great area in DC. The school and the area contrast each other: there are students in the school that are about career and reaching goals while in the community are a people who suffer from poverty and other social ills. It can serve as motivation to be the best that you can be and also help community. There is also a great alumni network. Everyone can be involved in extra-curricular activites. The campus is beautiful. School spirit is huge.


The social life and alumni. Howard University is located in the heart of uptwon DC. There are endless possibilites concerning nightlife, concerts, resturants, ansd so much more. The students know how to work hard but also play very hard. The univeristy also has a amazing alumni list. From politicans to entertainers, the University is highly respected amoungest the black community.


The networking community of students and alumni at my school is amazing. No matter where you are or what the opportunity consists of if you mention Howard University, at least one face is bound to light up.


I mostly brag about hoe we have graduates every where. That every fortune 500 company knows about Howard and networking is a must in order to succeed. I tell them that we all want on thing: SUCCESS we strive to help each other get there. I tell them that being a BISON is a way of life and there is no school like Howard. Even when the cons are against us, we push through because the pros outweigh them. Basically, I tell them that my school is better than theirs.


There are so many different people from different backgrounds although this is an HBC.


The first thing is always Homecoming because it is widely talked about and then that lots of greek organizations are founded on our campus.


My school is ranked the number one school in computer science. Bill Gates funded the computer program there, donating billions of dollars towards the growth of the Gates Computer Center. There are also Google offices in the the Computer Science department.


I always tell people about how popular my school is among the intellectual community and even throughout mainstream icons. Many artists, vocal and otherwise, have either graduated or attend Howard University. In the end, what students end up gaining is a strong tie to pop culture, fashion, and social movements. The university's history is one of its greatest attributes. Howard is a place where icons from John Legend to Stokley Carmichael have walked. They are a few of the many who commit themselves because the school's history coupled with the promise of its students, is worthy.


The pride that is found with being a Howard University Bison is never insufficient. While a position of being a student to a school holds a great amount of responsibility, Howard offers so much more. As a student our pride is developed as our relationship and love for our surrounding community becomes stronger. The University has a wonderful staff that embodies the idea of educational motivation. Personally, when I step into a classroom the environment is more than a learning environment but one in which our minds are able to evolve. The professors are what make our University great.


I brag about the dynamic lifestyle HU students live. Not only do we have an alumni that consist of scholars, but also many celebrities who make appearances all of the time. I also boast about the enriched history present throughout our campus, through stories, and our alumni and past staff members. HU is in an area with many other schools in our nation’s capital making the opportunities we have here endless. Most importantly, I brag about HU being known as the Mecca of black intelligence as well as the Black Harvard.


When talking to my friends I usually brag about the fact that my school is the highest rankes [accredited] HBCU. I also brag about all of the different events that go on at Howard University.


That my school IS THE BEST. The best connections. The best marching band. The best school logo apparel. The best professors. The best homecoming on the east coast. The BEST. The BEST. The BEST!


We have the most alpha chapters of the Divine 9 Greek organizations. Our homecoming is world renonwned. Our caampus is full of tradition and history.


For Many years, Howard has been known for it phenominal alumni , but also, the school can validate for its extrodinary adcademics. Being an HBCU a lot of student feel that competting against others schools is intimidating, however, most of the world looks to Howard for help. Altoegrther, I would brag about that fact that students make their marks in the world be shocking them with their knowledge and not how we look.


I would brag most about the campus its self. It is a beautiful campus where students are close like family, no matter where you go people are joined together, working or studying together. I must admit there are lot of good looking guys at Howard University, they take pride in their school which makes them look great.


I tend to brag about how my school is a networking haven. The connections you make at my university are priceless and may well be what you need to get where you want in life. I also brag about how we are the #1 African American university in the COUNTRY.


Howard is LIVE! There is always something to do on campus, there are symposiums ranging from health care reform to charity going on daily. Game nights and plays help allow for a break between all the number crunching and late night cram sessions. There is never a dull moment with all of the clubs and organization sponsored events, and since HU is located in our nation's capital you can be assured that HU makes its presence known in the running of our country.


When i brag about my school to my friends i mainly talk about our extremely large homecomings or our status as an elite HBCU.


I like to brag about my school's cultural diversity. Here at Howard University, there are many different people with different backgrounds. People here bring their own culture and experiences to Howard University. It seems like Howard is a mlting pot for cultural diversity.


Something that I brag most about my school are the outcomes of our homecomings. We are pretty known for our homcomings.


I usually dont brag about my school to my friends.


The one thing that I brag about the most about Howard is our school spirit. A majority of the divine nine fraternity and sororities were founded here so we are truly original in our greek life presentation. Also, when i converse to my friends back home, I always tell them about the unique role that Howard plays in DC community. We are not located around the corner from the White House. We are right in the heart of the city, learning the culture and giving back.


When my friends ask me about my University, I brag about the diversity that most people believe HBCU?s lack. Attending such a nationally renowned university, a student is privileged to interact with an abundance of cultures. Each area of the country talks, interacts, and lives a different way. Although society and the media may bunch us together as one group, Howard University allows Black people to respect the differences in one another. This is something that friends at other schools may not understand, because they are brainwashed by the thoughts that all Black people are the same.


It is a legacy school. It's name is its own talking point and having attended it, I am associated with its legacy.


The social life, and all of the great friends I have made. Also, the connections that help me later in life.


The alumni


I always brag about Howard's Homecoming...everybody knows about it!! It has been mentioned in various songs/by various artists over the past few decades, i.e. Notorious B.I.G and Ludacris.


I brag about my ability to navigate the "red tape" treatment that many students on financial aid recieve when they attend Howard. I really do love Washington, DC, however. The residents that live near our campus are beautiful people. I met this homeless man who told me to appreciate my time. He really changed my life and shed light on the fact that I was taking advantage of my education.


I do not brag to my friends about anything.

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