About Howard University

Founded in 1867, Howard University. is a Private college. Located in District of Columbia, which is a city setting in District of Columbia, the campus itself is Urban. The campus is home to 5,899 full time undergraduate students, and 3,067 full time graduate students.

The Howard University Academic calendar runs on a Semester basis. In the school year the student to faculty ratio was 8:1. There are 930 full time instructional teachers. Degrees awarded at Howard University include: Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree, Post-master's certificate, Doctor's degree.

Quick Facts

Acceptance Rate30%
Application Deadline1-Nov
Application Fee45
SAT Range1040-1240
ACT Range22-28

Admissions at are considered More Selective, with ,203% of all applicants being admitted.

In the school year, of the students who applied to the school, only 5 of those who were admitted eventually ended up enrolling.

0% of incoming freshmen are in the top half of their high school class. 0% were in the top quarter, and 0% were in the top tenth. You can apply online.


We asked, and students answered these important questions about student life at Howard University.

“We”re apathetic”
“We know about current events and vote”
“We participate and encourage others to get involved”
“There”s nothing we won”t protest”
“We save it for the classroom”
“Sometimes, but not often”
“There”s usually intelligent conversation to be found”
“All the time, including weekends”
“I”m always terrified”
“I only go out in groups”
“I usually let someone know where I”m going”
“I feel extremely safe”
“We don”t play sports”
“We play recreationally”
“We bought the gear”
“We live for the big game”
“It”s not really our thing”
“Occasinally we gallery crawl”
“There are a variety of opportunities”
“We”re a very artistic group”
“Haven”t met them”
“Available in class”
“They keep regular office hours”
“They”re always available”
“No greek life, but other groups to join”
“There is some involvement, but not a lot”
“Plenty of people join a sorority or fraternity”
“It”s everything. If you”re not greek, you”re a geek”
“We”re not into drinking at all”
“Maybe a little, but it”s not a big thing”
“We only party on weekends”
“There”s some drinking happening every night”
“Never, we”re here to learn”
“There might be people who do”
“People are known to partake on weekends”
“There”s a huge drug scene”

Howard University REVIEWS

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  • How would you rate on-campus housing?

    421 Students rated on-campus housing 2.5 stars. 3 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate off-campus housing?

    369 Students rated off-campus housing 2.7 stars. 0 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus food?

    430 Students rated campus food 2.7 stars. 6 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus facilities?

    437 Students rated campus facilities 2.9 stars. 8 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate class size?

    438 Students rated class size 3.9 stars. 30 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate school activities?

    435 Students rated school activities 4.2 stars. 47 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate local services?

    440 Students rated local services 4.1 stars. 44 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate academics?

    437 Students rated academics 3.7 stars. 28 % gave the school a 5.0.

What's your overall opinion of Howard University?

186 Students rated Howard University

nia - 06/04/2024

I completed my Bachelor’s of Arts, with a major in Strategic Legal Management Communications, a concentration on Public Relations, and a minor in Criminology. Overall, I’d rate my experience a 4/5. If the administration was better, I’d give it a 5. When it comes to student experience, it is what you make it. The university provides very little opportunities and resources for its students. As it is a small campus, it can be tricky getting involved. However, once involved, everything else comes easily. I wouldn’t rely on the university for food, housing or facilities. The classes are small, which allows the opportunity to build connections with your professors for better resources and opportunities academically. Overall, I believe the students are what makes Howard University a worthy experience. So if you’re comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone and learning how to maneuver the world on your own, Howard is the place for you!

aysha - 05/31/2024

Howard University is a pretty nice campus with friendly people (outside and inside of campus) acceptable food (with themes sometimes), great campus facilities and a great walking distance to many classes. On the other hand, the teachers are not always avaliable and hide from students with no explanation. They also seems to never understand their students. The campus is not the safest, but is getting better and housing/ dorms are not the best and could be better. Overall, while Howard claims to be the prestigious "Black Harvard", they need to do better with caring and catering more towards the students needs.

briel - 04/04/2024

I love it and I can’t wait to go there! I feel that every hbcu has its problems and not everyone wants to go there but the community is everything. You are surrounded by your people and you are constantly being encouraged to be the example of black excellence.

Jonora - 09/25/2023

I am very glad that I chose to enroll here however there is still plenty of room for improvement. Howard University has an immeasurable legacy and reputation and I am grateful to be apart of that. At the same time, Howard needs to make it easier for its students to want to commit to that legacy and still be able to make ends meet.

Howard University FAQS

  1. What is the Acceptance Rate at Howard University?

    The fall 2020 acceptance rate for Howard University is 30%. That means, out of _____ applications received in 2020 , _____ students were offered admission. The number of males who applied was _____ vs the number of females which was _____.

  2. What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

    I would tell myself to do well enough in high school so that you wont have to worry about paying for college. I would also tell myself to never give up, and stay postitive throughout every situation; always be a leader, and go for what you want; anything you put your mind to, you can do it. There are many opportunites that are offered to college students, but they are not handed to you, go out and get them. The last thing I would tell myself is to experience everything possible and enjoy life, while maintaining your academics.

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  3. Describe the students at your school.

    My classmates are well-rounded, focused, and ready for the future.

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  4. Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

    Howard University is the institution of higher learning that places a strong emphasis of one excelling in their respectived fields, and using their acquired knowledge and skills to enhance the local, national, and global communities.

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  5. What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


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  6. Here's your chance: Say anything about your college!

    Howard has a distinctive vibe when one visits the campus, different than either of the other two schools I applied to ( UMD College Park and UVA). There's an immediate connection that you feel with the Howard community from students to faculty, it's like a family bond. The same as family goes, members of the Howard community are genuine in their support and care for one another. The fact that you're surrounded by other minorities who are doing tremendous things with themselves is a source of inspiration and pushes you to succeed just the same.

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  7. What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

    I wish I knew that I would have to have patience with myself, other people, and with the school itself.

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  8. Describe your favorite campus traditions.

    Howard Unviersity is known for being the most prestige HBCU in the United States and employing its graduated students. Known as "the Mecca," Howard applauded for the level of responsiblity and understanidng it inserts into the persona lives of its students. It is also the Alpha Chapter for many of the sororities and fraternities on camps.

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  9. What's unique about your campus?

    The professors and their commitment to the students education and helping them be world changers!

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  10. What kind of person should attend this school?

    A person who loves to get involved, loves meeting new people, a leader, and loves living in a urban enviroment.

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  11. What kind of person should not attend this school?


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  12. What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

    I brag most about the teachers' willingness to help me understand, no matter the circumstances.

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  13. What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

    The most frustrating thing about Howard University is without a doubt, registration. Registering for classes is almost as hard as staying in to study on a Saturday night when everyone's partying, but at the end of the day it's something you have to do. Registration is difficult because of the lack of space in classes so as a freshman the classes you need, often fill fast. While most of the students here can agree, they love the close and interactive environment of a small classroom when it comes time to register it is what we hate the most.

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  14. What is your overall opinion of this school?

    Best thing: The student body, we are so diverse and it's great. Would Change: The Financial aid staff Size is just right Oohhh you go to howard?! (impressed look) I spend my time in the undergraduate library or Blackburn Definitely a college town, there are too many schools in dc to count There's tons of school pride. HU...YOU KNOW!!! (Howard hand)

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  15. What are the academics like at your school?

    Guess we will find out in the Fall

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  16. What are the most popular student activities/groups?

    The frats and sororities also SGA. But also various clubs such as the California Club.

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  17. What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

    The stereotype of students at Howard University is that they are stuck up and not very personable. For the most part, that is untrue. The way I see it is this - in the real world there are many different types of people. There are people who expect others to worship the ground they walk on, and there are people that realize they have to work for everything in life. While there may be a few stuck up people at Howard, the majority of students are not like that.

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  18. Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

    I think that the stereotype about being stuck up isn't really true and is an ideology spread mainly by dc natives who don't attend the school. It is definitely true that some people get caught up in dress up just to go to class....but that is not the majority. I will say however, Howard is not one of those schools where everyone wears pajamas and sweat pants to class.

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  19. What is the stereotype of students at your school?

    The females are all snotty and uppity. We have a superiority complex. We're the number one HBCU in the country.

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  20. Why did you decide to go to this school?

    I decided to go to Howard University, because I grew up in an area that didn’t have that many African Americans. I felt like Howard University would be a great way for me to get in touch with my own culture and history. After visiting the University I felt like it was my calling to go to this university, because of its legacy, history, and the reality of being around thousands of young intelligent Blacks who are working for a similar goal I am working for.

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  21. Where is the best place to get work done on campus?

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Student Body







Total Undergrad Enrollment


Total Grad Students









Student Organizations







On-Campus Housing


of students living on campus

Student Diversity

% American Indian/Alaskan Native
% Asian/Pacific Islander
% Black or African-American
% Hispanic/Latino
% White or Caucasian


All students must apply yearly for financial aid. This process starts with the FAFSA. Though financial aid deadlines vary by school, it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible. For the upcoming school year, you can apply as early as October 1 for the FAFSA. Additional school aid will be dependent on the FAFSA results.

90% of students attending Howard University receive some sort of financial aid. 48% were awarded federal grants. While 54% received federal loans. Many students do also need to apply for additional private student loans.

Cost Out of State


Tuition and fees(Out of state)


Books and Supplies


Room and Board


Total On Campus

Actual Cost By Income Level(W/Financial Aid)

Family Income
$0 - $30K
$30 - $48K
$48 - $75K
$75 - $110K
$110K & UP

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