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What are the academics like at Howard University?


Guess we will find out in the Fall


I am in the School of Communications at Howard University. The classes are not too big and not too small, therefore, I am given an equal amount of time and attention with my professors. Howard as a whole is a very competitive school, with many of its students being at the top of their classes in high school. Howard also incorporates a lot of African/African-American studies in their curriculum, being a Historically Black University. I feel that I not only learn about my field of interest, but also my history and ancestors too. There are many teachers who take pride in what they do, which also makes me want to learn. I feel that while my classes may not always be easy, they are definitely interesting and worth taking.


Academics at Howard have bred a confidence in me that I would never have had without it. The teachers are caring, they know my name, they are interested in meeting with the students all the time, they're so accessible. The education at Howard is definitely geared towards getting a good job. I have learned so many skills that I would be otherwise ignorant to because of my university. I am receiving a one of a kind education that is not only preparing me for success in the classroom, but there real world, too.


Professors know your name for the most part, not so much in large lecture classes Favorite class, Anatomy. least favorite Organic Chemistry 1 studying depends on how many days you want to party, some people start on thursday students constantly have intellectual conversation, we are very opinionated students hustle for everything, we always compete My major is sports Medicine and I love it


Howard University has a lot of great professors. I've only had one bad professor in my two years at the school, but I got an A in the class (Political Science). A lot of my professors encourage class participation by starting excellent debates and discussions. Sometimes we wouldn't even have a lecture because the discussion got so good. I'm studying film production and so far all of my professors in the Communications department have been great. They're all very knowledgeable and passionate about the art. They are also very accessible.


No matter the class or subject, black history will some way be incorporated. The classes are usually 20-35 students and the professors know your name. Talk with other students and use online review websites to help you choose classes and professors. Try to stay away from TBA professors. All of my professors in the past have been accessible through e-mail or during their office hours for extra help in the class. Some professors really try to structure the class for "learning for its own sake" but many students make it about receiving the A.


The quality of academics depends on the department, but the requirements are usually manageable. In my major, Psychology, the classes are intensive (but not as bad as Biology or Chemistry or Business) and professors are usually willing to get to know you. Students here are very competitive - for grades, research experiences, internships, and scholarships. Everyone wants to make a name for themselves. There is no room for slackers here. The education here is geared to prepare you for life after graduation (either a job or graduate school). Most classes are lecture-based and class participation is low. Few classes are interactive and/or discussion based, but students usually appreciate those classes the most.


I feel like the quality of academics at Howard depends on your department. My departments, the School of Communications and the English department are wonderful, and provide the students with more than just classroom success, but also real life professional experience. General education requirements are probably the same as any other college or university, very crowded and broad, but once you get into your specific major, and minor, the classes become smaller, and very intimate. Classes within your major and minor at Howard are very hands on, the teachers get the students involved, and furthering outside knowledge is vital to succeeding in class. Just like any other school, the amount of studying and intellectual conversation that takes place depends on the students themselves. Most students at Howard are very intelligent, and are not afraid to show it, but there are students that a simply there to just get a piece of paper and move on. The students that do care about their education are very competitive, and pride themselves on being the best students and most qualified professionals they can be. Once you get to your major and minor, you will get to know your professors very well, and have them various times before you graduate, it is vital to form a positive relationship with you professors, because at Howard the professors will only respect you if you respect them and show them you are worth their time. If you form a good bond with your professors they will be more than happy to help you inside and outside of the classroom including, recommendations, and extra help. Overall I feel the education at Howard is what you make it. If you are open and willing to learn and expand your mind intellectually, then you will find the education at Howard to be very substantial.


Professors know your name and are involved in making you a better student and person. Class participation depends on how the professor engages students. Students do have intellectual conversations outside of class. Students are very competitive with grades and internship opportunities. I'm a marketing major and dance minor and it has been very interesting. Education is geared to success, in whatever endeavor one chooses.


Academics are pretty standard I would say compared to other universities. So far I haven't received any unique training in classes but the experience you have really depends on the professors you take. Please use It will save you the trouble of having to drop a class midway through the semester. The best classes I've taken since Ive been here are Black Thought in the Diaspora with Dr. Gregory Carr, Priniciples of Speech with Professor Christopher Jackson, and Accounting Principles I with Professor Lesia Quamina (Accounting is my major). Don't leave Howard University without taking a class by Dr. Carr, it will change your life. Take the time to develop a relationship with your professors, it will make a difference.