Howard University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school I must say is that there are a lot of students. That is great for developing relationships and for networking, but when it comes to simple things it can become overwhelming.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of care for the students from the faculty and administration. When something goes wrong, it's expected and the students simply just 'have' to remember, "it's Howard." To be as presitgious of a university that it is upheld and known to be it does not represent itself as such to its students.


Not knowing about events(i.e. sporting, theatre, social) till the day of. Info is not spread quickly and on different mediums. During oreintation there was a list of the events, out of the ten I tryed to attend three did not start on the time posted ,and one was completely cancelled. The events are entertaing and informative and knowing about them ahead of time would make them even better.


The most frustrating thing about Howard University is the lack of consideration for the students. From unreasonable cafeteria hours to incredibly last minute communication, Howard has repeatedly shown that student morale and wellbeing is not a priority. One major example of this is the failure to put down proper materials to prevent thte freezing of precipitation on campus. After one snow, the walkways of both the Upper and Lower Quadrangles were completely frozen over as students trekked to class. This was a very hazardous situation, as many students and professors slipped and fell.


The most frustrating thing about Howard University is the financial aid department and the Administration Building.


The most frustrating thing about Howard is the Administration Building. Everytime someone goes in their related to financial aid or validation for classes they will always get the run around. Also the employees there always have an attitude with you like you have done something wrong, but it's there job to answer your questions. There is no type of organization in the building and sometimes they even lose your financial aid.


The poor leadership will ultimately be the downfall of Howard University. From the president resigning, to the subpar professors; Howard is in big trouble.


From the outside Howard University almost looks like a metropolis, a utopia for the most elite and well driven african americans and other minorities and although there is no perfect college, there are plenty of faulty things that one will see though the years of attendance at howard. For one, communications between the student body and the school can somewhat be hastle at times, and secondly dealing with fanancial aid and student benefits is tough as well. Money, money, money is the name of the game here on my campus.


Financial aid and adminstrators not being totally helpful.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I pay thirty-five thousand dollars and year and do not see the benefits of my tuition compared to a school I could have attended in my state and paid half the price for better conditions. The buildings are outdated, the university is in financial turmoil, and my tuition goes up every year as the prestige of the university goes down.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the administative building


The visitation policy is extremely restrictive. The friends that I made lived in the dorm right next to mine. This would have been okay except that meant that I couldn't go see them whenever I wanted. Vistitaion was often limited to certain times of the day. Also I couldn't see them before noon or after midnight because vistiation was over.


The administration doesn't seem to take the concerns of the students very seriously. They're not very professional and extremely impatient.


The most frustrating thing that I find about my school is the fact that they are slow-moving about almost everything that happens on campus; however, when the time comes for bills to be paid to the school, administration is quick to place holds on accounts for having a remaining balance. Essentially, it can appear at times that the university is solely focused on getting paid.


The most frustrating thing about Howard University is without a doubt, registration. Registering for classes is almost as hard as staying in to study on a Saturday night when everyone's partying, but at the end of the day it's something you have to do. Registration is difficult because of the lack of space in classes so as a freshman the classes you need, often fill fast. While most of the students here can agree, they love the close and interactive environment of a small classroom when it comes time to register it is what we hate the most.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the decreasing of assistance that is given once the school year starts. When it comes to housing and financial aid, they seem to have the most problems with being able to keep students, new and continuing, from having to take the semester off or leave the university. They always say there is nothing they can do and it doesn't make any sense to me as well as other students.


Administration and Financial Aid. There is a lack of communcation between those who operate the university and teh student body. The lack of communcation causes fustration, confusion, and some hostility.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid


the thing that frustrates me most about my school is that they are not good with information, you have to be on top of everything ecause they are not and they lose things.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the housing process.




The financial aid service can be so much better. You will have problems talking with people in the administration building, but it is one challenge that if you can get past you are looking at a bright future. You will also have to be ready for the professors. They will be trouble sometimes, but nothing to bad.


The administration can get very frustrating at times.


The most frustrating situation I have experienced at Howard University is the registration process. I advise all of the students to make copies of their financial documents and their class schedule. Try to pay your tuition and register for your classes before the next semester begins. The lines are extremely long in the Student Accts. department and if you wait too late to register for your classes you will have to hunt down the academic advisor to approve an override.


The most frustrating thing about the institution is that some teachers may lose students' coursework or grade it at a later inconvenient date than desired. This could be a disadvantage for students who are not well organized and do not keep u with their own work.


Some of the classes are using new textbooks. That is not a bad thing but they don't offer rentals or used books because they are brand new. Now I have to go out and buy those books, which are quite expensive, and when I try to sell them back I'll probably get less than 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the money I spent on the book back.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the horrible administration. The faculty is not helpful with the most important aspects of college, such as, financial aid. This past year numerous students protested against the Administration Building for being inadequate and unfortunately not processing their financial aid in a timely fashion. The poor conduct of the Administration forced many students to drop out because they were unable to pay for their classes due to their financial aid not being processed.


The most frustrating thing about Howard University is the Administration. In order to ensure that one's grades, money, and records are correct and up-to-date, one must practically hound the Administration Building's employees. This may be the case at alot of other schools and many people may argue that mediocrity from others teaches us to be more punctual and attentive. However, the Administration Building's mediocrity is still a major issue and many students complain and even protest the building.


The most frustrating aspect of my college is the small amount of money available for students in need of financial help, or even for students who just meet the requirements for scholarships but still do not get them. Many students are losing their validation because of the limited monetary resources. Also though many of us are able to pay our tuition, it is still a strain for our families to keep up with all of the little charges that seem to constantly show up. Even the smallest amount would be greatly appreciated to any Howard student.


The lines in the financial aid/ Student Accounts Office can sometimes be very long, so there can be a long wait.


The customer service is the most frustrating thing about my school. The adminstration needs to be made of educated individuals and not random people they found. The people need to ne more patient and professional. The staff needs to focus more on the needs of the students rather than allowin things to slide simply because we are a university made up of mostly African-American students. We should have the same customer service as any other non HBCU.


There is an apparent liberal bias.


The most frustrating aspect of my school is the lack of administrative organization.


What frustrates me the most is the Financial Aid, Counseling Center, and tuition faculty. They are very slow and disorganized and even sometimes forgetful. They tend to lose a lot of your papers which is quite annoying because I have to copy every document given to me and make sure I have a receipt. Their lack of organization and structure causes many students with no housing, late payment of financial aid, and sometimes transfer students credits do no always transfer.


The administration is awful!


The beauracracy at Howard far exceeds that of the Republic of China. Procedures are given precedent over the people they are put in place to serve.


The lack of customer service.


The most frustrating thing about my school is having enough money to attend school.


The administration building can be unorganized at times.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of help that comes from the administration building. They only send you around in circles and never tell you the right things. The most help you would get is from the students around your campus they know more than the administration.


The administration takes a long time to address and correct a problem from the students. The campus police are always absent when a student is being robbed but are present when there is no threat.


The thing that is most frustrated is that the campus buildings dont mirror the legacy that Howard University holds.


The most frustrating thing about Howard is the Administrative Building. There is hardly communication between the students and the administrative team. Another problem is housing. Howard accepts more freshman each years, being that freshman are the only ones guaranteed housing, leaving the other classes screwed. Stop accepting more freshman, set a certain number and stick to it!


The Fin Aid Building and the teachers that do not speak very good english


Teachers don't seem to want students to be successful. They are just there for the paycheck. They are not passionate about what they are doing.


How unorganized the adminitration building is and how they handle their duties.


The administration helping with financial aid.


The faculty! They are very hard to get in touch with adn most teachers arent really in their office during their office hours!


Dealing with financial aid


The administration building is a total mess but with our new president things should change